Part 1



(The basically daily routine for the visits was interrupted because I decided to first concentrate on editing the three printed Booklets in order to put them on a website. Some, mostly short, visits still took place. I only made a few notes.)

Once, I asked Wisdom about his or her relationship with I AM. How does he experience it?

He was sitting, facing me, not as the 'usual' older gentleman.

He did some explaining, but what I clearly remember as standing out was that he said something that I also experience, "I see I AM, yet I cannot describe Her/Him. I am too close."

Another time, I wanted to talk with Achmed about a presentation I had to give about the concept 'Heaven'. I saw as my problem not so much what to say as to get my point across.

After I explained this he reacted with, "I have no direct knowledge of the ins and outs of religions as I was not exposed to them. Here, you are in a realm that is not 'a' place or situation, or a dreamed up heaven, nirvana or paradise. You are awake in the one Real Reality. Can you let it come through in what you're going to say that the option to access this reality is available for everyone?"

In the same 'breath' he said, "It is not a matter of getting here. It is uncovering within oneself the presence of I AM. What more 'heaven' is there?