Story & Conversation

Writing 7

Conversation. Seven.

A question was on my mind and He/She addressed it. "You want to know how I felt about all this, and how the rest of the universe reacted?" I was relieved that She/He understood me. She/He explained, "When the events on planet earth took place - mind you, I use your linear time concept - all, on their particular level, were aware of the dramatic departure of the common way of thinking and acting. Look at it this way: when you've always been in the light, you can fantasize about there being no light and how things would look without it, but the thought would have only marginal relevance. However, actually seeing the light dimmed in your environment would immediately be felt as an intrusion and as not right. Nowhere was and is any desire to support the change. That's how the rest of the universe reacts. They would prefer that the people of the human species stopped their experiments. They looked to Me for insight in order to understand the meaning of this strange phenomenon that some self-aware entities didn't share anymore, isolated themselves and eventually came up with horrifying, all kind of 'light'-threatening products and behaviors. Now, do you see the enormous challenge for all? They could have insisted on attacking what they saw as an unacceptable threat to the fullness of life as they experienced it, a life of harmony with each other and with Me. So all sentient entities, including the earlier humans, had to make a choice! Would they opt to support the experiment, join the humans in their isolation or let fear or resentment surface; by that becoming negative themselves, or ...? "What do you think is the alternative?" The words floated already in my head. "The alternative was that they unconditionally trusted You," I answered. She/He nodded. "They saw that what the human race, in its fifth generation, fabricated and held up as novel and promising, was nothing but a manifestation of something completely unnatural and therefore undesirable. No one hesitates to reject the absurdity of the new model of living, human beings try to set up. This, as I mentioned before, was the reason that their - your - planet had to be placed and insulated at the 'outskirt' of the universe in order to protect the rest of the cosmos against contamination. Be assured, though, that the by all felt indignation is far overshadowed by the joy because of what also occurred. For one, now nobody has ever to fear about what could happen in a negative sense, because it has happened. Now, everybody knows what not to choose. The full range of options in the process of being in life is illustrated. And even more, their love for Me is more than complete, now that they see how I react: that I integrate what happened with the human race into My nature and person."

He/She looked straight at me. "You also can trust me, Pieter, if you want!" I'm so grateful that I could honestly respond that I do.

She/He went on, "At this point in your story, death enters; violent, forced death. It manifests itself on the physical level of the fifth generation, but factually, it's the result of what happened within their hearts when, lying, distortion and fear took hold there. What happened within them mentally was the result of their closing off the link with My energy and My spirit, which always function as love, honesty, truth, goodness and wisdom."

He/She paused, then said hesitantly, "For you, it's all a mystery. You ask, 'Why does the misery on earth continue?' 'Why don't I do something drastic about it so that it ends? 'What can you personally do about it?' and above all, 'Does now knowing the real story make any difference?' Let Me tell you that you cannot grasp the truth unless you realize that right now, this moment, you're in the same position as all other entities in the 'positive' part of the universe! Yet for them, the negative state is 'out there'! You are in the midst of it. You are still, unlike them, isolated, with all the ugliness that comes with it. However, your position is the same as theirs because as I am with them, I am here with you, in your circumstances, in your living room and during your walks. I talk with you and I am personally interested in you. That should tell you that I am not a 'mystery'. I never was. Your questions can be answered precisely, but only when you hold on to My closeness." It was much to digest.

I wondered if we were not digressing too much from the story. I told Her/Him so. He/She looked at me gravely and said, "In your society, when parents let their children move out of the house, even if deep down they know that eventually love will prevail, it still is like dying a bit. It changes a parent. You may see this as happening in Me, when the freedom I install in what is in existence turns against Me. Even though I knew this could should happen. When killing was initiated by human beings, they indeed became creators in their own right. They created an anti-world, a negative reality. Causing death manifested a choice that had never been made nor considered. They came up with something entirely new."

"In its ultimate sense, of course, the real dying happens to them, the perpetrators, when they deprive themselves of the fullness of love and togetherness with Me and all in the universe." Because of the human era, My nature changed. If I had stopped or destroyed them, it would have been out of fear or anger. It would have meant that they succeeded to have Me react on their negative level. It would signal the end of Me, which," She/He said with a smile, "is quite impossible."

"I act according to what I am - only from love. I expose Myself to the full range of their 'pseudo' power by entering their territory. That experience is now integrated in My new nature. I am not the same as I was." Reading my mind He/She said, "You're right! That's another story! For you, that is."


The group, under the leadership of the ten on the launch pad, faced an insurmountable problem. They needed information about the layout of the lands on the other side, about what to expect, where to land and what to take with them. Most crucially, how to cross with success in the first place! They had no compass, they had no maps. They faced the massive power of the waters, the towering waves and the turning tides. Violently, storms beat the surface. What perils did the Great Current hide?

Asking the Grandparents about it was out of the question at this point. It would be like asking permission to go, and being humiliated if they were denied information. No, finding the way by themselves would be their declaration of independence.

It was regularly mentioned what a relief it was that the two had left and that the rest of the family was out of sight. They felt free and different. They loved to think about the uncharted life ahead of them. Earlier, with pride, they had called themselves the storm troops, vanguards of their wishy-washy family. Later, with contempt, they ridiculed the ones that had rejected their way of exploring the new frontier. Out of fear, the cowards! They fed on that rejection and were determined to leave nothing untried to make those so-called 'negative' notions come true.

Now this is what freedom is all about: not counting the cost but counting the goals. Eventually, their path would be trodden by all too timid to choose it now!

In a meeting where they pondered this, without being asked, one after another raised his or her hand and said something like, 'Count me in,' 'Finally,' 'I'm all for it,' 'It's about time,' 'We'll show them.' After that, talking about the family was avoided. If names were mentioned at all, it was in a cutting or hateful way.They were on their own and on the road to toppling the existing order.

But they still didn't know how to cross the Great Current. Many ideas were considered and then abandoned. One had potential, but it required such a different mind-set that it took them a long time to settle for that option. It would turn their whole value system upside down. Yet, finally, they adopted that plan. It meant that a few of them would go back to the Grandparents' home as an official delegation. They would drop some clues about wanting to restore close ties. That would provide for a warm welcome and the freedom to snoop around. They would play on the naivety of their relatives, pick up any bit of information and find out if there were maps. They would talk reconciliation, until they got their hands on those.

So they did. A well-rehearsed and 'humble' delegation left. The plan worked even better than they had hoped. One day, at dinner, a young niece asked them to tell her about the Great Current she had heard about. She asked if she could visit it one day. In the general discussion about how dangerous it seemed there, her father mentioned that he believed there were some descriptions and maps from their Grandparents' trip somewhere in the old library. How lucky can you get! That night they found them, and were gone. "We suffocated there! Literally!," they complained after their return. "What they call friendliness over there hangs as a wet blanket on you. You feel watched every minute. Horrible!" Now, their plans had the green light. While the ten were bickering over how to divide the responsibilities in regard to the perils the maps revealed, only one of them noticed that there were exactly ten segments with specific descriptions. But she didn't bring it up.

Back home, Grandmother thanked the little girl and her father for playing their roles well. "We've never had to do a sneaky thing like this, but it was for a good cause," she commented. They all felt relieved that the group with their obviously deceitful attitude was out of their space.

The dissenters took ample time to prepare for the crossing. They systematically destroyed the buildings and structures they, their siblings and parents had built, even the deserted and empty ones. They wanted to be sure that in case their offspring some day would be able to cross the current back to here, they would find no indications they had roots on this side. This idea thrilled them. They truly were on the verge of creating a new world. Their world. It struck them as highly comical that they fulfilled their destiny to the letter. 'Were human beings not supposed to show the world what real freedom to explore entails?' "So let the old folks be proud of what we're achieving for them," they boasted and spit on the ground. It was them against the others. After going over everywhere they had lived with a toothbrush to make sure nothing betrayed human life, they made the crossing.

It was a bad one. No lives or goods were lost, but it was a nightmare. Without the maps, they would a hundred times have hit the rocks or been sucked into the tidal waves. Day and night, thunder and lightning surrounded them. If they hadn't prepared themselves so well, it would have been one big calamity. All the way they moaned and cursed and shouted at each other. At times there was no up or under. Everything was soaking wet and icy cold. The elements had gone wild. Still, they made it and found themselves stranded on a barren beach. For hours, they lay there exhausted and numb, but gradually they were able to function again. When they walked around, they got more and more the impression that this land seemed not much different from what they were used to, which confirmed Grandfather's statement. They had to get organized. The youngest of the cousins suggested that the first thing they should do was to mark the place where they landed, so that it could function as a memorial for this historic event. The others immediately jumped on him.

"Don't you realize, you idiot,

"that we're on our own?

"That history is starting now.

"Our time is the only time.

"Here is life's center.

"There is no past."

He tried to say something in his defense. They looked at each other and, without a word, started kicking him till he didn't move anymore. He was dead.

It was the first dead person they saw. When as youngsters they picked fruits and vegetables, their parents explained to them that when humans were ready, or ripe, so to speak, they would be transformed in order to be of greater use. When they found a dead old animal, they treated it with great respect because they were taught that the body had served the soul and spirit of that creature well. Seeing one of them laying there stiff and bloody, their minds went blank for a while. Until a new awareness crept in.

'Causing death, is it good, is it bad?

'Is this our ultimate strength

'and the secret of great power:

'Killing the ones that don't fit in?'

They pulled his wife away from the corpse and told her children to take care of her. The warning was given: 'Don't stray from the set course!' It frightened and threatened them all. Yet it also fascinated them, the ability to cause death at will, to eliminate a fellow human being. They started to practice killing by doing it to other creatures. They cut into the lives of plants and animals before their cycle was up, disregarding the course of nature. When they began killing at random for fun and not just for food, they were rewarded with a sense of superiority. For the first time they realized they didn't have to take the way nature was set up as a given fact. Nature itself could be changed by manipulating the principles that held it together. They diverted rivers and undermined mountains. Underground caves filled up when streams were channeled into them. Energies from within the internals of the earth were triggered into erupting. Lowlands were flooded and forests burned. Wherever they could, they interfered with the rhythm of the seasons. Plants and greenery were cross-fertilized. Genes from different species were injected in animals and insects for closely-monitored experiments. Most efforts led to nothing, but once in a while a new breed came into being.

Great success they had with isolating as many animal species as possible and then, after a substantial period of confinement, food control and genetic experiments, they allowed them to mingle again. Most of the time it led to extremely violent reactions. With satisfaction they observed that in a relatively short time nature itself lost its balance and predictability. Killing and its derivatives like violence, antagonism and retribution became the norm for behavior in the interactions between nature and creatures and among creatures themselves. And they had caused it. They were in charge!

Yes, their dreams soared. Freedom, if it was worth its name, meant going all the way. Meant, ultimately, being in control of everything. Their successes thrilled them. However, they had to work under pressure. Some of the children born after the crossing approached already the age of discernment. They needed to have the structure of the new living conditions in place for their grand experiment. That project involved that new offspring. Very carefully they influenced the chemical balance in the newborns, 'rewired' some connections in the babies' brains and injected them with genetic codes from animals and other living organisms. According to their data, this should produce a brand of humans completely mixed in with, and therefore dependent on, the environment in which they were born. It would block, or at least maximally distort, all information coming from their human past. As fabricators of this breed, they saw to it that it was conditioned to serve their ideas.

It was surprising to the men that the women in their group were as intrigued with the plans as they were. It seemed that the prospect of being a mother paled in comparison with the chance of giving birth to an experimental hybrid. The expectation was that if the children would search for their roots, they would accept their condition as normal and natural. Grandfather and Grandmother could not have foreseen that the freedom they allowed their offspring was going to replace the innocently lived lifestyle. The new species of humans would trigger a universal shift in power and glory. It would shift towards them. "They will learn to speak our 'language'!" they often sneered.

So it proceeded. They made themselves as invisible for their newborn children as possible. They set out food for them, had them sleep and play in groups, far away from where the older ones lived. This way, the children didn't even realize they had human parents. The young 'humanoids', as they called them, gradually developed their own way of communicating with each other. They formed clans and established behaviors and rules in order to survive. They were in the dark about the possibility whether other creatures like them existed. Although they did tell each other stories about spooky appearances, ghosts and giants; tales that had, of course, more than a grain of truth in them.

Out of those children's sights, the parents and older siblings kept distorting the face of the land. Less and less it looked like the other lands, which was precisely their reason for doing that. It took a good many years, but it was amazing that nature seemed to pick up on their intent and started to develop its own laws of causing waste and destruction.

The day came that the 'new creators' as they called themselves, retreated from the territory. It happened in secret. Their offspring didn't even notice any change. Like earlier, signs of their human presence were carefully erased. When the humanoids would branch out and explore this world, not even a hint of earlier human life would be visible. They would have no idea that they had ancestors!

To where did the cousins go? Again further away. On the far side of the island they had settled on, they found a tremendously intimidating Great Current, much like the one they had crossed earlier. If they could cross that one, they definitely would be, for all practical purposes, on the other, opposite, side of their family's world; with the two Great Currents and the land with the special breed of humans - their project of pride - in between. They took the risk of being swept away by the warps of storms and tides when making the crossing but again survived. They found a seemingly endless land. With gusto they started building their society, their permanent home and, as far as they were concerned, the capitol-to-be of this part of the universe.