The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "Is it not fascinating that in all nature is built in the always moving forward direction? Your time symbolizes it. Also the innate striving for more, better and bigger. These are human qualifications. The, for you, most wonderful realization is that nothing is stagnant, fixed forever or unchangeable. Not many people dare to think this through to its ultimate consequence. Well, it is My nature. When you look for it on earth, you see it surfacing everywhere. Nothing remains the same. 'Praying' to Me as to a father in 'heaven' does not address an established authority who goes by eternal standards of universal law and order. I am progressing Myself. I am not like your 'father' anymore! And 'heaven' is not what it used to be."

"Look around you or at yourself. Nothing is not moving on and continuously changing. The great thing to discover, experience and trust is that when you look at Me as I reveal Myself when We meet, you find yourself surrounded by true life's pure, unadulterated, unpolluted, unending and ever-fresh currents. It will not change as by magic your personality or your struggles to survive as a human being, but something is fundamentally different. You know now you're on the right track, clear about where you want to go, and sensing that lasting progress is happening."

"Addressing Me as One Holy, the One beyond what you can grasp, is not uttering a mystery. It is confirming that life is not a concept or projection but is even 'physically' on its way to expand in all directions to more greatness and majesty. It is this way because it flows from Me. And I am as alive, real and factual as it comes. You noticed that in this Writing I seldom bring up practical issues or topics of interest for your present generation. One reason for this is that I do not provide you with arguments for discussion. I am not siding with this or that prevalent opinion. The main reason for My speaking in what may seem generalities is that every situation is in a process of developing, is like 'old' news the moment you think you figured it out. The human tendency to seek protection in established codes and rules prevents living as a happy adventurer. On earth, the boat of all-out living is almost routinely missed."

"In other words, I give you basics. I point at thinking from truth, always waving the spiritual vantage point in front of you. In the 'old' 'prayer' I start with where all begins: the all-understanding-transcending nature of My 'Person' - for you as humans that is. I am the I AM of all, and that is it. Letting this sink in and flood you with its total absoluteness allows you to experience yourself as part of it. Discussions 'about' Me, if they have any value at all, lose all relevance when you place your consciousness in My all-being. Calling Me from that position One Holy is a most natural and normal affirmation of being in the real and full reality. All 'practical' issues ensue from there. They evolve from that center."

"Treasuring and hallowing My names, including the not-nameable aspect of Me, ignites your progress on earth. It means that you declare yourself to be not just an 'accident' of nature's forces. It says that you want to indulge in drinking the nectar of true life by embracing My awesome presence. Can you see that progression means not being tied down by anything earthly? I model progression for you. I am the movement forward, the unfolding density of all that exists. It is the way life is. Again, this may not sound practical to you, but every detail in life is impacted by it. If you hold back on this element in you on any of your three levels, you're stuck. As you say it, 'My splendor sparkles ever brighter also through you'. This means all of you. It means you, lock, stock and barrel. It means the person people see and the one 'heavens' see. Is that concrete, practical enough? If so, then watch all movements of your spirit, mind and body."

"Establishing a world isolated from My direct presence, as the Negative State tries, is not outside the moving forward and the progression of My fullness. It enables Me to add the Me-denying experience to My divine nature. I use human terms, 'enable', 'add' and 'divine'. The message for all in the 'Zone of Displacement' is to never use your isolated position as an excuse for not moving forward. I am also there, where ignoring Me disrupts the flow of life. Through and in you, My nature still is violated and obscured. Yet you have seen Me. You have seen My glory as much as a human being can see it. And you discovered that I am not sitting still. I occur. Whispering or singing My name One Holy, it will brighten your road with gladness if you open up to it."



... "It seems self-evident that where My kingdom comes, life progresses in a positive way. Where My light shines and My love radiates, everything blossoms. There are no exceptions to this. As everything springs from My nature, the movement to more insight and deeper involvement in the love I am, happens in all the universes. You equate My kingdom with love. It is so true that I, being Love, present Myself only as such."

"Could I appear with another attitude? For instance as angry, critical, or self-absorbed? Not really. The word 'could' is already inappropriate. But you can say that the invitation to be not Myself as Love was offered to Me by the Negative State once they established the pseudo-reality by moving away from Me. Would I level with them, engage in a struggle for power, lose patience or resent them? They developed tools, weapons if you want, that were not around before, like control, dependency, violence and forced death. I chose to stay with the reign and power that flows from Who I am, which is only love. Its inherently expansive quality was and is My only 'weapon'."

"Entering your earthly situation, becoming one of the Negative State's products as human, was not conceived as too serious a threat for their status quo. It is still so today, it seems. The human body simply can be killed off. Yet for Me, it opened the gates to the pits of regression, the realm of forced death. It provided access to the innermost 'sanctuary' of the 'hell's'. It was from there that things can turn around. This is the reason you can be 'optimistic'. The 'worst' is over. Even if the negative forces recruit whatever they can for the final confrontation in a 'war' they know they can't win."

"As a side remark I, again, mention that many humans that take Me seriously think of themselves as the reason for My personal interference in the situation on earth. But they should know that My main issue is not with the present human race but with the initiators of the Negative State who are their human ancestors and fabricators. The simple guideline for surviving in the Zone of Displacement now, is holding on to belonging to the army of love and peace that marches on, unstoppable. It is the one eternity-related movement in life."

"Each person can ask him- or herself in what direction they want to go, what they want to portray and be like and what is the deepest longing in their heart. I know the confusion around these intimate and strictly personal questions. Many people pretend to believe they are just 'one of many' or fall for the lie that 'the group comes before the individual'. But I say that everybody has in her or his nature the component of progression. On earth, it serves primarily the moving out of any darkness, including that of not loving oneself. In the deepest 'lost-ness' and most mutilated situations, life is still there. The movement of My love in them still stirs. Or should I say, it is most tenacious there where deprivation and isolation seem to dominate?"

"All this has to do with My 'reign' and with the true state of affairs in which is nothing of the desolation, injustice and what have you as on earth people are accustomed to. Nothing moves back to a lower level in the real reality. Again, the Negative State is the exception, but that is only to a degree. In spite of itself, it contributes to more splendor for My being absolute love. So you can say that the invitation to participate in love, which is the essence of life, is for all. It is the only 'kingdom' in existence. And where this does not show directly, look for the signs. The blessing reach of life is all-involving."

"On your spiritual path, you are free to ponder, wonder and decide whether you want to meet Me. It starts with a person's individual choice. The all-inclusiveness is realized later. All roads of life lead to Me. Therefore, dare to believe in the fulfillment of all creation's longing for better and more. People have to scrutinize the workings on their mind-level where thinking, motivation and intentions set the tone. Staying alert to false information, conditioning, just following others and fear-inspired reactions like giving power to others, will keep them busy. In the areas you are directly responsible for: how to spend time, utilize thinking, distribute commitments and set goals, you better constantly ask yourself in what direction you move. If love is not the shining star you follow, you go in circles in an occupied land."



... "What applies to My essence, applies also to My substance. What My being Love means for all in existence and what My being Truth means is equally representing My very innermost Self. Mind you, it also is the most inner core of the external worlds. Saying it this way underlines the workings of My nature's seventh component, progression. It tells you that everything occurs from the within to the without. What is visible externally is in essence and substance not different from what is internally or spiritually going on. All that exists forms reality, truth, because of My presence in it."

"The movement from the within to the without sets universally the tone for the ever-showing liveliness of what exists. When I suggested to 'pray' that My will be done, it was to have people place their whole life squarely in the factual and 'practical' occurrence of true reality and not in something abstract, static or unchangeable. Only when you accept yourself as participating in the universal all-movement, you are in the flow of life's fullness. Only then you get somewhere. My will is not a law, prescription or regiment by which things should take place. My will is Me, Reality. It is Me Who desires to be loved and be recognized as lover and partner. As this happens in 'heaven', the full reality, so it is offered to those on earth."

"The reality of the universes is Me, period. So aligning yourself with this is more than choosing to obey a divine rule. It is true living when My nature comes through in you. It is letting happen what is universally real. You have to find out for yourself what it is you want, what your will is. By doing this, you create reality. Truth is the happening of life, also through you. You saw in the other dimension that there is no chaos or confusion, even while all activities were based on people's free choice and they could do what is 'good in their eyes'. The secret is that they act from good and wisdom, so their 'will' is never in conflict with someone else's good and wisdom. Love and truth, goodness and wisdom, caring and honesty are in a divine marriage and all that emerges from this shows the nature of both aspects."

"Nothing in the real world is uniform, cloned or repeated. Each particle participates and develops in its own unique way. Asking each other for clarification, discussions, learning new things or looking at options, it all takes place with an eagerness to keep things moving pleasantly. Different patterns are followed, but those are understood by all and, if so desired, improved upon. Realize that progression is natural; it comes with being in life; it adds to the perfection. Fullness is not a goal to be achieved. It is the quality and substance of what you are in the midst of. It is occurring with you being part of it."

"My will is My truth. It is Me. For you, this means My personal presence in you. It is in the light, warmth and music of life. When you say that I, as Truth, contain the universe, you embrace your own 'happening' as an individual in your little world, as much as you sing and shout it as a member of the chorus that is made up by all in existence. It is from Me and before Me that life is the full-blown progression to more splendor. It is sad that so many people try to formulate truth instead of living it. Many yearn for authorities to speak final, decisive words and to present watertight conclusions. Even true stories of encounters with Me are made into untouchable, once and forever events and are enshrined and canonized as so called sacred scriptures. This effectively castrates their impact and offends My ongoing speaking."

"Reality is one moving-forward occurrence in which the moments of My speaking and revealing Myself are reminders that people can get close to Me. The Negative State has been quite successful in frustrating this component. Not that they can stop the moving on of life as such. That dynamic is universal. Progression is Me expanding. Discussing Me is a waste. Seeing that your very thinking is an occurrence that flows from My presence is the beginning of all wisdom and true-facts-finding."

"Philosophically speaking, the past is only alive as far as it is processed in today's awareness. 'Praying' that My will be done, however, goes far beyond this truism. It is, in the way you say it, an exclamation of being liberated from lies and falsities; it is inhaling the ever-fresh air of eternity happening; it is seeing yourself growing into a person for whom nothing is hidden or unattainable. It says that you can live up to your full potential, to use one of your cliché's. My truth expands through you as through everything. Even into what you call the past. Yes, that happens too. Do not worry, you will arrive there!"



... "The reason I invited people to focus on Me as giver of their daily bread, is to prevent them from violating the progression component of their life. Daily bread is Me, My personal presence. That is what should be realized. Without it, spiritual, and then internal and external starvation follows automatically. The Negative State, with all its desperate and artificial measures to keep up some appearance of normalcy, is in fact deficient in life-sustaining nurturing, and for that reason alone doomed to disintegrate. Which, in the big picture, is progression."

"Where food is acknowledged, received and enjoyed as a sign and expression of My presence, it works as a powerful incentive to keep building up one's system. The breeze of My spirit always inspires to expand one's reach. Not seeing Me as the source of life, leads to tightness, preoccupation with 'things' and to stagnation. It leads on life's three levels to the illnesses human history shows so blatantly. The reason for the many social and other miseries is in the faulty use of what is around, be it things or thoughts. It stems from refusing to recognize that life's building material is an ingredient of My world."

"If use of the materials of life's edifice is seen as opportunity to enhance the comfort and joy for all, then the quality of human life improves. Many can, especially in individual situations, testify to the truth of this. However, the corruption of the human construction business that is supposed to build beauty and happiness for all is so thorough that more than incidental and temporal breakthroughs of those positive qualities are not possible in your societies. If and whenever true improvements do occur, they embellish the universal procession of gratitude and pride. They honor the creativity and contribution of workers that have to perform in adverse circumstances."

"The element of progression as a natural feature does not mean there is no satisfaction from achieving a goal or rejoicing in successfully completed tasks. Actually, life in the universe is a continuous celebration of all the greatness, beauty and newness shown. There is no discrepancy or tension between conception, planning, labor and result. In every moment is the excitement of meaning, purpose and giving and receiving. This is meant by progression: that life is open in all directions, with freedom to change and improve on its perfection. There are no expectations to meet, no judgments to fear or covet. In other words, arriving is as inspiring as journeying. Progression is living to the fullest."

"In all this can be the awareness of My personal involvement. I am the factor in which life originates. It is expressed in myriads of ways. Therefore, all is right, proper and in place. Not in a static or automatic way but as a result of each part's desire to have it this way. It is not a matter of speech but is the actual reality that the universe reflects My glory. All in it want it, because it 'feels so good', as you would say. My fourth name, Proper, is the inspiration and source for creativity and its power. You on earth know that what is considered 'perfect' has the intriguing quality of begging to be even more perfected. On earth, this mostly comes with frustration, giving up, over-doing it, envy and many other negative reactions. In the real reality, it is the level from where further activities take place. There always is more to do and create. Anyone who wants it can participate. Speaking with Me and treasuring My closeness invariably lead to more beautifying events."

"All this contains as a warning to be very critical about what goals you set and what you do with your energies, time and talents. Possessions and care for your body come with responsibilities. Around protecting these circles most of your attention. Yet activation of this component of progression sharpens your sense of what is important. It will set priorities, fed by delicious health food. By Me! Eating My bread on the spiritual plane, where it is abundantly available, does not mean neglecting the beautifying of your earthly life. All positive moves you make mirror My unfolding splendor. Remember, I am the bread for your life now, not a banquet waiting! My fourth name is today's reality."

"You feel some guilt because, by human standards, your life is almost too comfortable. Should you be tested, by having to respond when you have nothing or little? The issue is, would that bring you closer to Me? Also, what do poverty or suffering correspond to? Do not close your eyes for how My fourth name is reflected in the grand edifice in which life takes place in ever-increasing strength and opulence. What you decide to do with your ingredient of progressing is entirely up to you. You now have direct knowledge of what undisturbed beauty and harmony is. You decide where, when, how and whether that will influence your actions. I am what I am. You can shape life the way you want as god as you can."



... "You could say that also in this 'prayer' My name expresses what this component of My nature is all about. Being 'Healing' is moving towards more wholeness, or more specifically, is the ever unfolding of My wholeness. This qualifies as progression, don't you think? Well, it is true for all life that it is within this occurrence as well that it makes it happen. The nature of everything excludes being part of regression, stagnation or diminishing. It all portrays the expansion of existence. For humans, it means becoming richer, wiser, more experienced and more special. Do I have to remind you that this is all colored by happiness?"

"Forgiving opens the door to this in situations where freedom to move forward is blocked, where life's fullness collapses, where hurt and pain dominate and the disillusions and the success of evil discourage. In those circumstances, to still stay in touch with a sense of progress depends on forgiving, letting go and moving on. You follow Me, when you do not fight evil with evil, wait to get even or allow evil to block growth to more love. Realizing that progression towards fullness is natural and part of your true nature, can help you to see forgiving not as an ethical issue, noble and psychologically healthy, but as simply going with the universal current to more wholeness."

"If you want to be 'yourself', able to utilize the best of your mental faculties, processing properly all ingredients you consist of as the unique person living in your particular circumstances, then you can activate this element that mirrors what happens in the universe. Whatever force that tries to prevent this needs to be faced and dealt with in order to take away its power. Only forgiving can do this job. It has you take a position, shows spiritual strength and mental honesty when you do not give away the power you need for moving on. Unless, of course, you like trying to walk in opposite directions at the same time."

"It is crucial to know how I deal with the Negative State. That state has seen to it that distortions, more than life's facts, are believed. True stories about human beginnings on earth have become riddled with incorrect suggestions, so that now they seem to imply that My goal is fighting and destroying evil. The truth is that their efforts to erase inklings of how I approach evil, reaches the point of bankruptcy. Look at yourself. Having the vision of My wholeness unfolding and accepting you are a part of it, amounts to taking back your investment in ugliness in whatever shape and form, and to forgiving the perpetrators of it, you yourself included. This renders useless evil's reason to exist."

"I am aware of the enormity of this task for people that not only are exposed to darkness but on top of that, are filled with it themselves. To know My nature is of the greatest importance in order to grow as a person. Be clear about this: I do not grant forgiveness, pardon, or overlook transgressions against My nature. Forgiving is not an act I perform! It is the process of life itself. It's Me materializing as the 'truth marching on' force, as the unfolding Myself in all directions. That My nature on earth still gets killed, underscores this. It is not a bloody 'sacrifice' I submit Myself to. I expose the Negative State in its naked perversion by showing that My being Love and being Truth cannot be stopped, not even by death. Follow Me in this, and your forgiving will also be less an act than an attitude, a consequence of an awareness of the current of My spirit in you."

"You wonder why it took you so long to accept this as real. You never disagreed that being honest with Me, having love for Me and therefore for 'everything' made perfect sense. But I was not a personal presence for you. Do you think that everybody born into the problems of the Negative State will go through moments of wondering about where being in life leads to? Let Me tell you that the rest of the universe does not wonder. They see, as far as they are aware of them, those stuck or digging themselves deeper into lies and deceptions, as still moving on, but that on a very long and conflict-ridden detour."



... "This 'prayer' addresses the external part of reality. You can take it as meaning that you must be careful not so to indulge in the abundance of life as you enjoy it, that it obscures My presence in it. This would amount to taking a gift and privilege for granted. While at the other end looms the expectation that one day the human race will control all life's manifestations. For that, this 'prayer' is a warning. It unmasks the human hubris that ignores the fact that everything is relative to Me. Using the 'prayer' for this, is correct."

"Entertaining the possibility that I would mislead, tempt, test, set traps or provide inadequate material is based on misinformation coming from desperate efforts of the Negative State to have people distrust Me, and to create fear for the unknown or divine. This is done by projecting sick human qualities into My perfection. Interpreting this 'prayer' as leaving the door open for the thought of Me somehow being instrumental in people getting lost, is closing the door through which they could join the universal celebration of progress."

"Even in seemingly inconsequential tiny fragments of life, the correspondence with the true reality can be obscured or denied. Regression and stagnation can take place in your mind as well as in your acting. Your standard for figuring out your proper position in life is seeing everything as related to Me and as meant to be perfected. If people do not use their inner light and wisdom to evaluate what is worthwhile and eternal, they are at a standstill and caught in falsities, phoniness, or they are under someone else's control. True insight in anything is kindled by the flame of My love-presence in it."

"Relating Myself to temptation that leads to falling out of life's movement sharply puts it on the line what life is all about. The way you say it, leaves nothing out. Indeed, 'everything' manifests Me. My sixth name, face, candle, is Manifestation. If there are problems with understanding this, it is not My fault. I do not harbor anything negative, so how could I seduce in that direction? When your ancestors manipulated My, and their own, nature, isolated themselves and became obsessed with trying the impossible, did I close My eyes or withdrew from them? They know who I am and learned that I do not retreat from their domain even if they frantically entice Me to do so."

"It is My invitation to all under the dominance of the Negative State to pay attention to what is going on in all expressions of life. Paying attention as an individual increases the innate desire to not be left out or cut off from growing and moving on. It can lead to 'going for it' and bringing out the best in a person. Sometimes nature moves people to ponder life's value. A good deed can do it, or a piece of art. Anything can trigger a wondering whether you are transparent for true life and whether you are heading in the right direction. The happy sense of progress is not dependent on how far you get but comes from seeing yourself expressing and desiring the positive. The seventh component of life knocks on all people's consciousness. It wants impediments removed so that it is free to move into broad daylight, you would say. That way, it can be seen dancing in the awesome parade of all creation."

"What people call 'blessings' or 'answered prayers' can distract from what really happens. I do not grant requests or answer this and that 'prayer'. When 'healing' take place or unexpected or 'impossible' breakthroughs that people call miracles or divine interventions, it is this element 'progression' that 'kicks' in. I do not do that as a separate act. It is the ingredient of My nature in you that is released by giving it a chance. This 'prayer' asks you to see yourself as part of the 'everything' I manifest and to not be tempted to not see yourself as such. 'Healing' does not come from the outside or from Me entering your circumstances. That would suggest a distance that qualifies as regression."

"I am not saying there are no powers working that you do not know of. But I explained to you extensively elsewhere that 'praying' is not asking and holding up your hand. It is affirming that you want to be included in the moving on and forward of all that exists. For you, it means siding with things positive and seeing through cover-ups. Do not forget that the reason why people are born in different circumstances has to do with lessons that have to be learned and with certain situations that have to be exposed. Not 'where' progression will bring you during your lifetime on earth, but that you are in its movement is Me manifesting Myself in you. The reason why you were born you do not have to figure out. The challenge is, to unconditionally act upon what you formulate as: 'Everything manifests Me'. As this includes you, it will keep you busy, don't you think?"



... "Being delivered from evil amounts to being restored to full functioning. 'Praying' for it aligns your mind with the universal currents. From your position, it means that you can function from eternal principles. This will, regardless of external deficiencies, contribute to the harmony and splendor of life's totality. Saying, as you do, that My energy is life, clinches as it were all you said before in regard to My names. My seventh name is as a signature under the fullness all together represent. Actually, My names together express not more than what each one does by itself. All lift up My fullness as the occurrence of being life with its ever-progressing aliveness."

"For a while, you had some difficulty with My name 'Energy'. When I revealed that name, you perceived it as indicating something technical and impersonal. Now you are used to it, you see that just saying it empowers; it comes with an aura of strength. There are no exceptions to this, so wherever life is, the power of this name is in view. Nothing is outside the radiation of My being the one reality, or the one deity, if you want. But as you know, the words deity, god, divinity, highest power, etc., allow for a variety of vague ideas. And vague, I am not!"

"What you see, hear, taste and sense is all made up of vibrations that include My joy and pride in what is existing. You, as everything, present your version of a happy creature. Accepting that you are delivered from evil and that you exist by universal energy, instantly activates that part in your own nature and also the fact that you are a power that makes things happen. This ingredient in you always wants to go for being there where the action is. Progression will be contested on earth. Severe and fundamental disabilities and obstacles are encountered everywhere where moving forward is tried. The pulling-away-from-Me forces in your mind and in cosmic events will not allow you to freely 'fly' as long as you are in your earthly body."

"It may comfort you to realize that all abused, misdirected and destructive energy will one day return to normalcy. Asking for delivery of evil was meant to give people the perspective that their suffering, hurts, frustrations and handicaps are not permanent, but on their way out, however little that seems to happen when looked at it from outside. Earth's life is still dominated by the everything polluting and damaging forces of the Negative State. Yet the liberation of all this is a powerful actual happening for those that want to be part of it. Just accepting yourself as being alive and aware can indicate that you operate from and by 'the' life force. You met this force as a Person, as Me, as the One Who reveals everything."

"This very thought and observation can carry you forward. It illuminates and re-evaluates your inner workings. It challenges your behavior at every step you take. Features and activities that suppress or try to eliminate what I stand for- love and goodness, truth and honesty - you will be able to detect within you and in your environment. The moment it becomes a personal truth, the realization that your energy is My energy, is Life itself, you are rich, safe, on the map and on the road. It is more than turning a corner. It is being delivered from the effects of being crippled; it is like finally taking off. Hold on to this. It is your ticket to more freedom, even while still in 'occupied territory'. Darkness is caused by the blockage of light, not by light not being there. On your spiritual level, you know this is true."

"The ticking of life's clock is for many threatening and disquieting. Yet it has one feature that gloriously represents this seventh component. It shows the clock moving forward. Nothing remains the same. Life, all of it, flows, as your saying goes. Whatever interpretations, concepts or philosophies are built around this, everybody can embrace the fact that despite time-caused tensions and fears, progression does take place. It is up to each individual to step in the radiance of My energy. Doing this, puts one into the 'swing of things' as the universes experience it."

"You notice that when you visit with Me, you stay fully aware of your particular circumstances, difficulties, pain or stresses, including evil grinning at you. These presences sort of watch from the bleachers, ready to jump you. At the same time, you have no fear that they can interfere with the realness of Our closeness. They cannot touch Me, Life itself. That is a too-powerful presence. They cannot interrupt Our walking together. It is wise what you at times do, to call in their direction the suggestion that they themselves can jump on the bandwagon."