The moment I sat down to see the fifth of Your Faces, I was met with a flow of lively images.

I knew already the name, `Healing'. Not related to wounds but as mover to more wholeness.

You let me know that being Healing means 'ever expanding'. Another name does also apply;

It is the name Builder of Bridges (in Latin it is 'Pontifex'). You expand with always 'arriving'.

I know this fifth name, but I am alert to not limit its range to the healing of human illnesses.

You jump into my vision as a young man, dressed to travel; whistling and strong, loving life.

You seem to model for me and all life's journey's participants as an happy, reliable traveler.

You radiate that life moves on and never gets old or tiresome. Your nature is adventurous.

I've many questions. Above all, I realize that to see You blatantly happy is quite shocking.

I know I must get used to it that You, while I am confused, have a firm 'hands-on' identity.

You tell me our miseries are not outside life's process that's not fixed and free to develop.

Your being Proper and Healing shows all life's structure and process. We can mirror this!

Good and wisdom illuminate Your path, though I cannot fully imagine their crucial status.

You now promise I can travel with You. You'll show life's ins and outs and my involvement.

I have a question for You. I hope it's appropriate to include it in these writings.

These last days, I am in pain from minor surgery. It makes my moving around

uncomfortable. I know that millions of people do hurt hundreds times worse

than I do. Physical needs easily can overwhelm us and preoccupy our minds.

What do we do then? Force our focus on You so that discomfort goes to the

background as long as we do this? Or use our closeness to ask You for help?

Or must we separate any physical ordeal from the peaceful sphere that Your

visits bring, hoping that those indirectly become the decisive healing factor?

How far can we go in asking for a miracle as an instant fix for making things

work again? You know, when I visit sick people, there's often this little voice

in me prompting You to cause healing for that person right there and then.

While I write this I remember You offered me a long time ago some ways to

see ailments, those of myself and of others. First of all, I should realize that

You are always changing, moving on and ever unfolding to more wholeness.

This can, of course, on earth mean that our moving on goes toward a form

of deterioration. All here is upside down. Yet the real process of life is not.

I wish to hold on to the image of You as a happy-go-lucky youngster, being

everyone's friend. You can jump rivers, mountains and time. And You will

always wait for me! Your company lets me feel as if I did finish my journey.

You mention it is good that I see You this way, and not as heavy or vague.

All life bristles with routes to explore. Externals, matter, body and things

are the scenery for an all-out worthwhile unfolding of my life's adventure.

The process of life cannot be changed. So even if our journey is sad, narrow, painful

or fatal, it remains part of the process of moving on. On this road the negative loses.

The second thought You gave is a reminder that on earth no perfection is possible.

The nature of the 'hell's' and their dependents is being fraught with falsity and lies.

They show up in all sorts of malfunctioning. It happens in our bodies and in mother

nature. Things aren't just reliable here and will never be so. By being born on earth

'bad' things are to be expected. It's what the 'hell's' are about: portraying results of

being disconnected, displaced and isolated by focusing primarily on life's 'outside'.

A third thing You said hit me the most. You said that in this, or in worse things we

have to go through, You will always be as close as You are now. Even if we `lose' it

under duress of because of circumstances, You, being Who You are and being that

forever for me and for everything, guarantee that our person will never be in truly

mortal danger. It's our limited perception of life that confuses us. I think about my

question what to do when in pain, and how to share with others the comfort from

knowing Your name Healing. Your answer is that, indeed, we can focus on You and

have Your image in the front and back of our minds. If darkness overtakes us for a

certain time or reason, it be so. Yet Reality doesn't change. We do travel with You.

I love You, God of now, God of all and of my person, Who is the one I AM.

I also am, as unit, center and part of a moving on in which I am easily lost.

'I love You,' I say. Is this true or is it out of fear? Just a word or some need?

Whatever it is. I know I do love You! How? Because You tell me that I do.


You look at me as if to test me how I'm going to write about You being Healing

while I myself am in pain.

'You know that I am Love,' You say. 'Like My other aspects, also this aspect called

'Healing is nothing less than that.'

I, indeed, wonder how to reconcile what I believed yet now know as real truth

and the many miseries in life.

Again, You look at me, but now I feel a warmth going through my whole body.

You're so close, so caring, so real!

I say that I will keep writing what You reveal. Today it is that Your expanding

means more love will take place.

Even we here, stuck on an arduous path, are still part of that process since we

can tune in to Your wavelength.

We can lift up what fills our mind. Yes, also our pain, to have it immersed in the

soft safety of Your healing dance.

It may sound pious, yet I know that I am more centered and real when first I'll

check in with Your presence.

Such a wealth of encouragement You are. Always inviting, inspiring. And for us

here, always healing.

You cannot be not Yourself. Your 'outside' also is included in this as it is part of

Your actual embracing us.

In the full reality of the 'heavens', the dance goes on for all living there. It sets

off ripples in all directions.

This is love: a never fully saturated desire to be positive in any circumstances.

With You in us, we're truly ourselves.

The dark spots we call the Negative State is a temporary abomination of normality.

Earth people who suffer - and who doesn't do that somehow - can be comforted, as

it is never outside of Your attention or outside of the solution You see for it. In the

'hell's' and on our earth, the all-power of Your love is blocked out hermetically and

efficiently. If nevertheless it surfaces, it is dismissed as a luxury, as just an emotion.

Two forces seem to rule: the one of the 'hell's' that pseudo-created earth, or

the one representing true Reality with the 'heaven' of Your caring presence.

'Avoid the word battlefield', You ask me. 'Love doesn't figure in shedding blood or

'any form of fight. Think in terms of what I always am: the mobile force of healing

'and joyfully blessing. The positive forces are always involved in making more love,

'more beauty and wholesomeness. They make Me proud that I am for all the I AM.

'The dark side that controls earth has power but it's on its way out. It will let go if

'you live from love. The more they will feel surrounded by My full reality, the more

they will frantically try to hold on. For them, that will prove to be totally in vain!'

These words sound as if You do sing: 'Come, go with me. Walk in My footsteps. You are

'welcome to travel with Me. Joy always increases, insight deepens and hearing sharpens.

'Trust that the road you take is the right one when you're aware walking together with Me.'

Now You point out that throughout earth's history, many did and do healing acts in

Your name. Results can show when there's illness, pain and confusion. The agents of

the 'hell's' were quick to gain access to human 'treatment' modes. And in love's and

healing's field, though repugnant to their nature, their control is firmly established,

so that the link with You will be ignored or denied. They can take care of healing's!

Healing in itself isn't a sign of becoming whole, however much we like its outcome. It

is used by negative forces as disguise for their true ugly nature, which most humans

instinctively reject. What they like is that their healings create expectations or hope

that has people feel being let down when next time there is no 'success'. Many then

will lose faith in the 'higher' powers or divine saviors that they thought helped them.

Religions fall for this trap. They become enmeshed in many external forms and rules,

rituals, symbols, doctrines, 'sacred' texts or prayer routines as avenues for healing.

Even if those sound holy, are faithfully adhered to and believed in, they do not signal

Your personal closeness. Except when first pointing at Your intimate presence in all

humans, religions are handy instruments for our fabricators to lead away from You.

This also applies to things of beauty or to activities in the name of love: art, marriage,

family, patriotism or nature. What looks right on the outside can be unhealthy within

its core motivation. It depends on what is the intention and inspiration. If there's no

recognition of You as the source of beauty and health or if the joy derived of it isn't

shared with all, the seemingly so-positive pursuits are a cover for who knows what.

Only Your face, Your spirit, Your candle, shows the range of Reality that's total love.

Insight, change or improvement can only be measured by holding those up to that.

That You became the bridge to the 'hell's' and fortresses of darkness, is hailed by

the universe as an unsurpassing act of love. For us, the only way to make progress

and be truly healed is to, at all times, make sure we're welcoming Your closeness.


You're the One Who's mobile, on the go.

It's the way I see You now: ready for new

roads and spaces, to fill them with Your

happiness and splendid manifestations.

You nod and say, 'That is right, there is not

'anything in Me that is not alive with life.

'I'm the life of all existence in the first place.

'All that lives is therefore participating in

'Me expanding. You all are partners in life's

'dance; your hearts do beat on My rhythm.

'You can share with the universe that each

'moment is positive and fresh as past ones.

'I know that many equate My nature with

'being solid, unmovable, the same forever.

'Out of fear, earth people and those in the

''hell's' project in Me non changeability.

'Yes, I am a place of rest for those weary,

'an oasis of peace for all confused ones.

'Count on Me as life's love-filled essence.

'I always spread calmness and a sphere

'of safety and welcome. Yet, real peace

'has little to do with an absence of stress

'or taking a rest after you labored hard.

'The calmness I exude has the quality

'of life's process as an adventure for all.

'Please, ponder it. Then tell Me....' I do.

In theory, I grasp nothing is fully fixed,

as even atrophy or dying is no ending.

All past and present shout,' we move'.

Yet practically, I don't see my life so.

I experience life as muddy molasses,

not as happily sparkling clear water.

We, I, always compare, eye the past,

worry about tomorrow. Unlike You!

You interrupt me by saying, 'Yes, you live

'at the opposite side of the full true Reality.

'You humans live far away from perfection.

'You hardly can enjoy the swing of things.

'I keep telling that for you and all humans on earth, the

'most reliable connection with My true reality is in your

'deepest longing to be part of something that is 'more'.

'That yearning is real. You can count on it anytime, any

'place. It reminds you, correctly, that you're moving on.

''Real' living is a viable option and yearning is its guide.

'When you think you have arrived and know it all, you

'actually are stuck, regardless of any good feeling and

a 'gratefulness or excitement for now having 'found'.

'It's easy to go with popular make-believe sensations.

'Going with Me, Healing, is a moving towards 'more'.

'It is an adventure and a desire to show more loving,

'an inviting newness, a seeing personal ideas shared

'in trust, becoming visible, viable, do-able and alive.

'What on earth is called resting, sleep or even dying,

'is in 'heaven' just a willed transitory moments that

'allows changes from one mode, direction, to others.

'It's like a metamorphosis at one's personal request.

'You know, the negative forces boost death as their

'own invention that puts them on My creative level.

'For you, death states that a life is forcefully cut off.

'This, indeed, is so alien to My and real life's nature.

'You now grasp that their 'success' is a total failure.

'Yet, it is very evil that earth-death cuts into life in

'the most unjust ways. It's their one 'original' step,

'not'adopting', but perverting My-positive nature.

'Yet I used it! No human dreamed it can be done.

'It still 'chills their bones' when realizing I submit

'Myself to their grand feat. On their own turf I do

'show I cannot be contained. Some doubts arise.

'Still people on earth, in general, do no believe it.

'Systematically, stories about Me are distorted.

'Yet I tell you that I added earth's death to My

'nature. And this is breaking its authors' teeth.

'Evil's volume is more dense now, as it is being

'compressed and encircled by the aliveness of

'true existence. Evil efforts to strike back with

'more violence or with faked goodness begins

'to look more and more pathetic. Also to you.'

I tell You that I do not think Your message will

ever be heard by religious organizations, good

and noble acts as they can do by serving some

positive causes. But Your truth is too scary for

them. You nod and say, 'Each person can make

'the step to trust their deep longing and become

'My co-traveler. No validations from outside are

'needed 'for the rightness of one's path, or the

'lightness of one's' walking with Me. Those who

'avoid a choice now, must decide when their life

ends on earth: they can stick to the affections

'they have chosen up till then. If they still 'wish

'to shun My presence, they can.'Until this cycle

'of rebellion will end.'


When I first met You as Healing, You looked a firebrand,

a young fellow bursting with happy energy, eager to be

on his way; radiating an unstoppable zest for adventure.

Now writing this down I see You again strong and sharp.

Your physique and aura invite me to go with You. I trust

You on the road We'll travel. My spirits soar, ignited by

Your glow. You nod and say that this is right. As Healing

You are as a gentle fire that burns the flats so that they

can bloom again and color the seemingly barren world.

In empty spaces You ignite lust for life; like the spring

here wakes up landscapes to beauty. You state that by

going inward to be in Your presence, we'll see further

and sharper. Anythings then makes much more sense.

So many of My ideas still come from polluted sources.

So many falsities and delusions are in them that they

deceive me. Yet, when the sun shines, I do feel good;

when all goes well and life is pleasant it'll remind me

of and gives me sometimes a foretaste of an 'heaven'.

Yet those feelings may originate in unconscious or twisted

motivations. I know You don't let me see this to put me or

earth down or incite pessimism. You're too happy for that.

But You don't lie to me either, as You are the fire, the light,

the Spirit of Life Itself on all levels. All is alive because of it.

The moment we'll analyze Your light, it is gone.

This applies to Your speaking also. It's for now.

I have to remind myself over and over again, if

I do not walk and live with this, my life is none.

Therefore, a sharing with others what occurs

in Your visits with me in this so intimate way

must be a sober, personal and simple relay to

prevent that words abuse this phenomenon.

Who formalize, prescribe, or will broadcast

spiritual connections with Your in person are

on the wrong track, as pawns of an evil force.

Only in private settings we can directly relate.

Smiling, singing and dancing can express the love for You.

We can share our joy with other people who love You too.

That way, the story of You being I AM will always be told.

Your new nature now fires up what has felt old and cold.

The Negative State cleverly uses information about You

as that is discovered in nature, arts, religions or science.

While those control the dynamics in all things external,

what escapes them is the warmth of Your fiery alliance.

I'm so grateful for Your bold presence, with an enticing

twinkle telling me how You see me. You want me to be

like You: on the go to more joy and more daring. Like all

humans, I am challenged to follow You wholeheartedly.

Your unity as Healing and Proper is the summit of Your

elegance and strength as Your fiery embrace keeps life

going. It is as brilliant as it is firm. We need an eternity

to keep up with this Your hot-blooded determination.


'Think not too small of Me', summarizes My name

'related to space. It says, no boundaries are in Me.'

It's mind-blowing: wherever my mind goes, even

to extremes, or when facing obstacles, I can say,

You're there!' Strangely enough, it is liberating.

I do not need to grasp it but only to relate it to

this fifth name's realm. All is so grand and wide.

Nothing 'is' that isn't within Your healing space.

I take it that Your sharing Yourself this way with me

isn't exclusive. It sure doesn't occur just for my sake.

Or maybe it does! Since each earthly individual will

one day personally be exposed to Your seven faces.

I guess it's Your nature's nature that we all do face

the source of the love that expands in abundance.

To me, it remains awesomely great that You allow

me to see all this. Writing it down doubles the awe.

Most people guess living is more than what can be

observed. Arts or worship try to catch that more.

You say You like it when we take it as children do,

playfully cutting through layers of intellectual fat.

I ask You about our space travel and the ideas of

science fiction. You laugh and ask me to use logic.

You say new findings of physics or biology may

add insights. But, as dressing, not as substance.

Future-focused fantasies are mainly inaccurate,

like most insights and philosophies of the past.

I ask, 'Are all our discoveries neutral or a waste,

'uninteresting to You or any other dimension?

You say that nothing is neutral; always You are

involved. Even 'hell's appearing has a purpose.

You say, 'Your thinking today is influenced by My

''new nature'. I do build bridges to 'hell's' territory.

'It took the human generations eons to come up

'with a 'hell'. Dismantling them also takes 'time'.

'Taking time or space as linear won't define the

'future. Life is happening now. I 'happen' always.

'Some have a hard time realizing they're not the

'hub of the universe. Their pedestal is high! But

'this shouldn't make you a cynic. My grandness

'overcomes ills and mutilations. The human era

'and its place outside Real Reality is temporary.

'Yet so much has been at stake! My 'war' is not

'with earth now. It is with your fabricators who

'still operate as leaders of their Negative State.

'I'm not neutral toward your ordeal. It can't be

'enough repeated you should not misread Me:

'I only make whole. I'm the blossoming of life.'

'It is said that people create their own reality.

'Yes, space is filled by the acts of what exists.

'It is true, all people create their own volume.

'Being child or genius, it is a personal choice.

'By Me not destroying they negative presence,

'the fullness of being includes its own denial.'

Allah will grant us, Jehova must be praised,

Buddha engulfs, from Brahmin we're raised.

Science can enlighten, children know more.

Mystics turn inward, most people explore.

Spirit, mind and body float in sacred space.

Yet, their secret tells Your seven-fold face.


'By now it must be very clear to you that each

'moment of communication is an act of love.

'It's also true the other way around. Love only

'exists as always inspiring touch and contact.'

I'm very grateful to hear this again. I learn

many things, but I am not capable to over-

see or master all information You give me. Its

scope is so extensive. Yet for sure, it's by now

crystal clear that meeting with You did open

my understanding of what true life is about,

also how it looks in the other human world.

That You speak - and You do! - means You

desire to do so. In a multitude of ways You

express Yourself. When You speak Your words

become 'flesh', ignite new life, add to Reality.

What comes into being is all of Your nature.

With us it's the same. When desire awakens,

it forms ideas that proceed to be acted upon.

In us are, as in all existence, the three levels:

external, internal and most inner, mirroring

what You always project in every life-form.

These layers everything has. Everything is

moving on, connects, adds new events by

authentic deeds and feelings. As love and

truth provide the energy, those additions

inspire impulses to ever more wholeness.

You ask my attention for Your name 'Builder of Bridges',

as the One moving on and connecting all. Yet You know

we can only grasp all this in our innermost spiritual self.

My question is, 'do worlds exist that are not yet 'alive'?'

'Of course not,' You laugh. 'And that does include

'that I always am the potential for new presences.

'Remember, I, life's I AM, am not a concept, an 'All'

'by adding up, or a primal force. You resemble Me.

'From your center as an 'I am', you move and touch

'the universe. That I always expand is through you

'as you unfold traveling with Me. By being 'as' Me,

'you gain insight, you change and begin to feel and

'grasp the scope of life's Reality. So becoming real.'

I ask, 'Where are life's potentials before they

'show up?' You say, 'In you, sir! Life'is' potential.

'Only I am the fullness of what is, was or comes.

'I use distinctions you're becoming familiar with.

'I am involving you and all I emanate: individual,

'entity, form, shape or thing; they represent My

'boundless, always-connecting healing touch.'

You mention that You realize that the depth of what

You say is hard to fathom. Nobody can do that who

is not You! Yet because of our aliveness from and in

You, we sense it. The earlier humans experimented,

went awry with their pursuing the 'impossibility' of

disconnecting completely true life from Your love.

That crisis may be over, but not the pain it caused.

'My fifth name, Healing, indicates earth's sickness.

'Wholeness sets the universal tone. Reconnecting

'with My closeness puts people on the right track.

'You can as daily routine practice asking yourself

'by all you do whether it heals, brings together or

'connects in love. Ask, 'Will my connecting bring

''heaven' closer'? I can speak through everything.

'Life 'is' My word. Its sounds may be blocked out,

'yet all My words are exclusively an healing force,

'are inner lights, kisses, assuring that all belongs.

'It is 'deadly' when My words are taken out their

'healing setting I spoke them in, or are abused as

'weapons or tools. All negative forces do cleverly

'use My words against Me! I'll trust you realize

'My words are not given as general statements.

'I prefer talking to people on a one to one basis.

'I encourage them all to trust Me as companion

'on their journey. I remain the same for all alive.

'I'm also there, when in their 'hell's'' the people

'feebly hear their inner cry as any crack in the

'insulation facilitates their personal contact

'with Me. And trust Me, the cracks do widen!'


Your names Healing and Builder of Bridges clearly illustrate life's seventh element.

It's all so wonderfully open-ended and exciting. You keep surprising me. This 'All is

Progression' means not just that nothing is stagnant, old or going to lose its value.

Those show earthly concepts. Progressing is whistling on our journey through life.

'Seeing Me as a young adventurer who portrays Me as healing, a whole-making force, is

that not appropriate?' You ask and add, 'Hold on to this, there's so much more to learn.

'Wholeness in 'heaven' is not just contrasting the earthly brokenness. It is the unfolding

of everything I emanate. All are participants in the movement forward to more beauty.'

'You still doubt if I can expand, while being already the fullness of all life that exists.

'I tell you, My all-ness never stops growing. It expands inwardly and in all directions.

'Of course, I cannot explain to you 'how' I am the I AM of all existence and how this

'expresses itself in ever surprising, beautiful and innovative ways. Through you, too!

'The secret, lost to earth, is to let this, Me, happen, by using your freedom to choose.

'You then find yourself as part of the flow of life. Doing this is based on trusting Me

'as the I AM. You don't have any reason to doubt that, after all Our talking, do you?

'Am I right?'

I tell you that my problem is that I don't see clearly all the time what

I see now. I wished I always had heard Your music leading my parade.

But still, as far as I can be sure of myself, I, indeed, do not doubt You.

Your appearance is transparent. It illuminates what I think or sense

that I am, amidst still much confusion, definitely on the right course.

I still see You as the youthful traveler, self-assured, eager, already

underway and inviting all who want to join and accompany him.

It cannot just be my personal situation that looks important now.

Are You selective, have preferences? I don't see myself as special.

Any reader will have his or her own ideas about life's why or how.

We cannot explain it. It is probably not even helpful to discuss it.

Yet I do know You present Yourself within my range of imagining.

You respect my limits in grasping it all. So for me it's all very real.

Could You give a signal as proof? And what if I'll try to reproduce

Your sounds? But no, this kind of thinking is just silly and a waste.

I realize You have given me already so much. It's now such a part

of my person that, with You, I really know I taste the full Reality.

In the progress of all life, this Writing seems just a minute part.

Whereto it leads, I don't know; don't have to. Your travel route

isn't my business. Yet I like You to trek through my brain, so that

even my dormant cells get activated. I'll just move on, trusting

You will reveal also Your first face and the last two, so it all will

fall in place. For me, that is.

Like children put their little hand in their father's,

we can put our mind into the stream of Your love.

As earthly fathers gladly pick up the youngsters

when their little feet can't keep up with his pace,

we're carried by the currents of eternal progress.

This is not dependent on how much we can face.

Feeling safe, the child can giggle and asks questions.

The father will answer, tease or sometimes explain.

So is my journey with You, one that moves forward

in spite of my little insight in Our journey's terrain.


You ask attention for the process of birth. Each entity born

is a result of actions on life's three levels.

Newborns effect their surrounding in unique, unrepeatable

ways and vice versa: others influence theirs.

In order to grow, we push air away and we take in oxygen,

food or what is life-sustaining on earth.

It's important to realize how we sentient beings only operate

from our own center, our own 'I am'.

Matter has its own rules in joining the process of performing

as a specific function, form and force.

Even while we individuals know the dependency on what is

around, we take it that it should serve us.

We know our body's limits. We also accept that our minds

are only able to penetrate so far.

Specifically, we're at a loss about the mystery of life itself:

why are we born here, and why now?

We accept we're a unit, a combination of countless levels

and parts that function by themselves.

We must indeed treat all life around us as Your world. We

can't avoid interaction. It is a given.

You tell me effecting is close to Your heart and rewording.

All relating is natural, so like You.

Being together s the key to life's meaning. The ability to

effect makes for mature lovers.

We all participate in trillions of ways shaping what exists

before You. All express You.

Each participant has an identity, as You have. How could

what is from You be different?

We dwell in the common space You 'are'. We 'move and

shake'; we've creation happen.

I and all who want this can realize, desire and give in to

the richness of this all-effecting.

A sense of ego unites body, mind, spirit; in all persons'

driver seat it sits comfortably.

As being real is being in love, it is unimaginable that in

'heaven' life is not lived together.

Earth's or the 'hell's' dings are alien to 'heaven's sphere.

No one there relates to those.

Protection is in place against all the poison from here,

They're effective, not destructive.

Seeing how You react increases only the love for You.

All are impressed and in awe.

They Idea of replacing You was allowed to be tried out.

You did expose Yourself to it.

By all it is seen as being the apex of Your majestic Self;

always all life will celebrate it.

It can be the strongest factor in our wanting success on

our mission as Your agents.

I need time to wonder and ponder about all that's going on. It's

so much and so always. From before being conceived and after,

I'm the result of choices made, however concealed they can be.

Now this observation sinks in, peace rises up in my awareness.

Everything points at the fact that I myself am cause and effect.

My responsibility never ends, as I can function as Your mirror.

All becomes well in my heart and in the working of my psyche

when on my spirit level I'll drink the silence by the still waters

and see Your green pasture wink. My walk now is so tranquil.

My shouts of joy may come later or my outbursts of laughter,

and the bubbling of gratitude and of pride in what I achieved.

Yet seeing already results or not, I am involved - as I do exist.


The word freedom is shouted all over planet earth.

Freedom from or freedom to; a human right, a goal.

Seeing freedom as part of Your Healing, makes clear

that often we don't know what we're talking about.

Speaking for myself, I can reject all the restrictions

put on me by culture, religion or past conditioning.

Yet, dependency on gravity, food or people and on

what I need is part of our earthly society's fabric.

My body or mind function together with all things

around me. That says, I am not free. It is a slavery.

I am able to manipulate some to avoid servitude,

shape some ruling forces after my personal ideas.

But You, when I'm with You, give me inklings of a

freedom as immeasurable as universal life itself.

In Your sphere just are no limitations, boundaries

or dark corners. All is in the open, free, accessible.

With how You look at me, address me, You share

Yourself, freeing us from living up to expectations.

The twinkle in Your eyes tells the choice is all up

to us: whether we travel with You, or walk away.

That You enter my space is real as my computer,

though it will leave how I use it totally up to me.

In Your world, nothing is ever forced on anything.

All in life treasure freedom. You let us be as You.

How it works is a mystery, as freedom on earth

is thwarted and portrays the human mutilations.

You say that too often we give up on the remnants of it

that are still active in us all on our inner spiritual plane.

It's not easy. Little full freedom is left in our externals.

Attacking that is still obsessing our pseudo-creators.

When we travel inward and are in touch with the

stirring in our soul, true Reality will dawn upon us.

'When seeing Me as you do now, as on the go, inviting

'you to come along, places you in the center of freedom.

'My company, even if at times it seems just a nice idea,

'can still release you from many of your nasty shackles.

'So see yourself in Me as the young invincible traveler.

'My world's reality is truly that for all: 'free and easy'.

'The irony here is that the great triumph the Negative

'State offered was total slavery: they had humans die.

'It's their 'triumph' because I couldn't create an event

'like that. But this victory becomes their final defeat.

'The curse inflicted on your generation lets Me enter

'their realm on that level, which they never expected.

'They hate that their coup of causing physical death

'gives people choices which way to go before death.

'The best you can do on earth is claiming freedom to

'make up your mind, trusting I respect your decision.

'On earth, you only full freedom is the spiritual one.

'By walking with Me, you'll find a directions that is

'productive. The process of life and all happenings

'make only sense if you know Me. Any other focus

'is a waste, is false, is a deceiving lie. You can grasp

'My nature as all-including, also what, from your

'perspective, didn't yet occur. Do claim it as yours!

'You can't escape being part of the slavery on your

'planet or being born into its miseries. But you do

'teach a lesson. One, about unmasking forces of

'darkness. You show how even in the 'hell's' I can

'be welcomed. It is easier to see where evil hides

'now it is penetrated by data about My being so

'close to everyone, at any time, in all situations.'

All is so light, clear and festive in my head

when You tell me all these beautiful things.

How awesome is the friendship You offer!

Tyranny, Tightness, Darkness, Religion, Ego, Tension, Gravity, Power,

Restriction, Culture, Dependency, Control, Fear, Tradition, Death or

Laws, they tend to strangle freedom. Even love seems able to do this.

What a confused bunch of people we are when catering to shadows.

Yet, there are moments of beauty, of longing and efforts to be right.

Often we happily sing or work together. These moments may signal

a reality that's mostly out of reach yet it hides somewhere in all life.

Meeting with You enlightens, gives insight and joy. It liberates even

if life here keeps kicking back. You do not have, like us, another side.

No darkness is hiding in You. We can be fake, but not when with You.






The incredible thing about You is that You're absolutely and unconditionally

available for all that's in existence.

It assures us humans that our lives happen within this individual unit that we

as persons are. You level with us.

Your presence is in all that exists and You let all know that You enjoy to dwell

in them as within Your own.

We're used to taking for granted we're conscious of things. We see ourselves

as the center of our field of vision.

You don't take this from us when we're with You. On the contrary, it's a relief

that this is for everyone the same.

You know us all and see us as family. Compare this with our earthly paranoia

forcing us to defend ourselves.

What a madhouse shows our earth; joy an exception, trust a rarity, openness

absent and tensions thriving.

Instead of gladly accepting and experiencing You as caring center, we clutch

to our domain as babies to their bottles.

Drama, trauma, crisis and fear are rampant in our earthly societies. And that

while nothing of this is in Your nature!

It was induced in humanity's fabric by our 'makers'. If happiness would be in

control, they could as well give up their projects.

Yet You are here, are close, with the friendly radiance of Your nature as Healing,

making whole. Each realm gets its full share of the beauty and pleasure of living.

So I experience it when with You. My mood may be full of worries or still be sad,

but I see You sparkling and not condemning; beckoning me to journey with You.

Right now it's here again, this sense of Your gracious and happy companionship.

Of Your nature I am a willed-by-You part. In living Your nature, freedom means

joining You, and be ourselves as silvery sparkles of joy. We can laugh, tease and

joke and be, surprisingly or not, an healing force wherever our path brings us.

Humor doesn't originate in pain or is a way to handle our negative situations.

Those can trigger jokes to serve as a balance. But You say over and over that

lightheartedness is natural, normal. Joy is oil having machinery run smoothly.

It's also the fabric of the wheels of life itself. I wished I was poetically inclined,

my words could then paint the wide open space You provide for us, with in it

only enjoyment and playfulness: for me, us, him, her, them, with no exception.

Pure happiness is the common sphere in which a full and true life takes place.

But I have no alternative to dryly reporting my findings from being with You.

Its enormity could have me shout or act crazy, so much happiness I feel in me.

But I react reserved, my feelings seldom get out of hand. Later, I guess, I will

not hold in, when from a less polluted mind and place, I'ill be able to respond

freely and eagerly to the cheerfulness of Your grinning face.


Starting to write, I felt something is wrong. You point at what I wrote about

visiting with You regarding joy. I wrote that I wished I could write poetically,

or something to that extent.

'Why,' You ask,' you say this while going to write about all being different

'as a universal element of life? It is not useful, comparing or wishing to be

'what you clearly are not. What you are now is your contribution. I don't

'have expectations or judge. I don't compare. All living can equally enrich

'life, if they wish. Not being alike is only problematic for humans on earth.'

Yes, it caused annoyance or worse when I realized others write better than

me. Letting it bother me does violate the joy of letting You meet me 'as I am'.

It's hard thinking on Your level. Many parents are guided by fears that their

children won't fit in. We can't trust other humans: we need protective laws.

It is sad that being different means that as such it's a potential threat. Yet I

grasp now that trusting You as Healing, Bridges Builder and as adventurer,

requires focusing on moving forward as 'me'. Missing out on things or not.

All that exists contributes to enlarging Your splendor.

Uncovering my part in this process is an exciting goal.

I am a configuration of millions of parts and functions

and in each of them a multitude of actions is going on.

My being a part is as a drop of water forming the sea.

My contribution has the wide ocean also become me.

No emanation from You is useless or has no purpose.

My only question is therefore, where I go from here.

My value and situation can't be correctly measured

unless I do realize that I can bravely travel with You.

I'm living here in this foggy world as positive as I can.

Relying now on You talking to me is challenging me

at every step. I want progress in all my thinking and

behavior, so I can undermine all lies and falsities by

handling varieties in the way You so very clearly do.

I want my insights into life's true Reality to expand.

In the process, I'll then be able to reflect You better.

Actually, I do feel good seeing people who respect

honestly the all-variety, in minorities or in general.

We've no choice, You tell me. No copies in Reality.

Grains of sand provide lessons putting to shame

all fears of variety. We may travel on as a specific

facet of the beautiful body of life that You want to

make love with You, just as we all are.


I ask what now I must write. You answer that it makes not much difference.

Placing myself close to You, will make all I say and think fresh and a reflection

of the universal harmony.

I feel Your density and closeness, now again I'm seeking Your personal presence.

You're here now, powerfully solid. Your young fifth face still glows. You ask me if

this is real, not my imagination.

When I said, while You looked at me, 'You're more real than what I ever encountered',

it came from the depth of my soul.

'Would You come with Me now, if I asked you?' You said. I felt no hesitation when I

answered, 'Yes, I would.'

Except, for practical reasons, it would be awkward. I would like to round off the

responsibilities at my work.

It wasn't as a test that You asked. It came from the realness of You as life's I AM.

You say that all humans are free to move to where they believe they belong.

Harmony isn't in special spots or configurations. All true nature is balanced,

always radiating awesome colors and rhythms. How can one feel left out?

Life's twelve elements shine. Their impact gives true Reality eternity's glow.

Whatever occurs, it enlarges the harmony that all universes share for ever.

On earth, we're self-centered, focused on what is in it for us. It's irrelevant!

We are already part of life's fullness and can learn to think more as You do.

Looking back, I don't like at all the times, places and people I harmed

or fooled by games I've played, without insight in my dishonesty and

being self-centered. I was, and often keep being, a disturbing spot in

life's harmony. I wished I had earlier invited You to comment on my

struggles and wondering. I did wast time! Yet I'm grateful for those

showing by actions their sincerity. I see those acting in Your sphere.

In them, You've a beachhead that they always humbly make available.

Amidst many ugly disturbances, things can still fall in place and show

what in 'heaven' is normal. No wonder harmony will be attacked and

abused as cover for evil vile actions. Having seen Your face 'Healing',

I'll never again waver in desiring to join Your unfolding nature that's

one golden, lively, all-embracing, harmonious and adventurous show.