Part 3



"For any product of the Negative State it is impossible not to question Reality, or Me. It is not your fault. Your generation humans is put together that way. These Writings explain why and give extensive information about how crucial it is for the 'success' of the human pursuit. Those who read these words know that literally every subject or situation mentioned as negative and broken up is illuminated by the fact that My light is still gloriously expanding. Your visits add to it. So whoever reads your reports can take heart. The beautiful thing to know is that the real reality takes place now, in the midst of so much that for so many is so dark on earth."

"You were told several times that all you saw adjusted itself to the level of your perceptive ability. This in no way compromised the essence and substance of their appearance. The same applies to your hearing My voice and being aware of My presence. It tells you that even if you only can experience it on your level, the fullness of life is in force; now, always, everywhere. Unbeknownst to most humans on earth, they operate in the midst of it. Reality is not something of the past or future. You could almost say that the full reality is hidden within what you call reality. I say 'almost', because the word 'hidden' hints at something static or secretive, while true reality is one of exuberant showing off and transparency in every respect. It is your world that is constricted, tight and cryptic as it takes place in isolation. Are you still living in isolation when meeting with Me? You judge for yourself. Many people throughout earth's ages have honestly sought to understand the connection with what they do not understand. Many people, without thinking about it, have found and acted from eternity's frequency within them; they have chosen to act from love and honesty. They were connected, aware of it or not. What makes positive desires and efforts fail so easily is the looking to external sources, to other people or to cultural gods or ideals for validation and seeking ongoing support there. Can I say it more clearly and strongly that, like you, every human being on earth is invited to uncover My closeness within themselves and to learn that the everything else overruling fact of life is that they are within My oneness. Now!"

"Do realize that all human beings are confronted from moment to moment with My reality. They are a piece of it. Humans on earth are masters in ignoring or mocking this. But you saw what it does to those who opened their eyes and embraced My presence. Did you notice that none of those you met, the children included, showed any neediness, seemed to miss out on anything or were waiting for something to happen? They all are like Me. They reflect My fullness. We are one in joy and happiness. The information now being released in these words tells why fragments of true oneness and its glory will always be present in the midst of the Negative State."