SPACE Writing 6

all occupies space

As claustrophobics are religionists, when they take their myths literally.

That mindset is: sit where you sit, little children get hit: don't move a bit.

Their temple a castle. Their piousness a cell. Their doctrine their prison.

Their fear of God a hell.

We all are within the boundlessness of I AM as all-space.

Nothing is empty. Except perhaps our cross-wired mind?

Nothing isn't filled with I AM's spirit. Nothing is nothing!

I'm a space, a volume, temporarily here.

My body, as slave of gravity, is crippled.

My psyche, poor psyche, it really tries.

My spirit is out of touch with the rest.

Still, today I'm living; well, say, sort of.

We live in space, being caged as well.

In all, I AM dwells as in Her/His own.

I AM's presence gives all of us a face.

So our spaces have really no frontier.

The universe's center is the universe

as the I AM is in the 'all' of existence.

I, in open space, am relative to I AM.

No distance. So I'm always at home,

if I desire that! Even while still here.

I am body, I am mind, I am spirit.

I am space, I am waves, I am life.

I'm fully alive; my mind is aware.

My spirit can see the All Who Is.

At times, my spirit takes off; I transcend my physical self.

I feel more than my feelings allow, but don't ask me how.

I then kneel as well dance; I am 'there', yet not in trance

I am still grounded, yet float also, but don't ask me how.

Is this a memory, or my future, that time can disappear?

My space seems an eternal 'now', but don't ask me how.

It's priceless to 'be' space. I take it as learning, as grace.

Not describable, it occurs anyhow. Yet don't ask me how.

'I am' is spirit; 'I am aware' is mind.

'I am aware I'm aware' is the body.

Am I the I AM?

Of course not! I mirror His/Her divine nature.

Can we be in existence and not reflect God?!

True Reality, it is said, occurs in no-time and no-space.

Only 'hell' and earth are bound to time and one place.

Of course, this is so. In the I AM is not one limitation.

All that occurs functions as prime eternal illustration.

Space is the sole huge theater for performing our lot.

On its stage, we can represent the greatness of God.