....... 'ONE HOLY'

... Even before he spoke, a hush fell over the gathering. The councilman in the back was standing up. His appearance, as his voice, was voluminous, stern, that of a leader. "You have guts, Jesus. You challenge people and unlike other prophet phonies, your heart speaks. But you are an impostor anyway. Only to the holy law of the Most High we a accountable. Your mystical innuendos belie that." Friendly, Jesus remarked, "The One Holy always speaks. The law is given on the earth level to show what corresponds with the heaven reality. So how could anybody not love the law?"

- "The secret of life as such is anchored in this component 'freedom'. But the word 'anchored' is already misleading. Freedom means, to have all directions accessible for change for everyone and everything."

- "In freedom, I choose to share Myself by letting come into being what is called the multi-verse or 'creation'. Did I allow Myself to come into being? This, I cannot explain to you. It is a dimension of Me that sets Me apart from what I emanate."

- "Be assured that in My not-thinkable 'part' is no hidden threat. The universe sees to where My choice leads Me when I deal with those that in their freedom chose to deny Me. You know now where your freedom to seek Me brought you!"


... The councilman moved closer, towering over Jesus. He waved a finger in Jesus' face, but, to the great relief of those who feared a fight, it looked playful. Loudly he said, "Something in me likes you. There is wisdom in your wild ideas. Tell me, young man, which school do you belong to?" Jesus said, "The law was given to people in bondage and slavery, in order to show them the road to freedom. That is so because the law giver, the Creator, is free. My school is the true reality, that has love as its essence. If all people see and follow up on that, everything would function beautifully."

- "Does love limit freedom? It seems so on earth. If everybody did what is good in their eyes, chaos would be the result. So, in the name of fairness and protection, laws are made that by definition set boundaries for behaviors."

- "In the rest of the universe, love inspires to not follow others but to search for one's authentic contribution to everyone's happiness. If there are what you would call 'rules', they have the quality of welcome guidelines."

- "Extending love to Me is always done by free choice. I treasure it! I do not 'have' to love you. I do it because I choose it as My nature. That is the reason it is present and operates in the nature of everything: sentient, matter, spirit and all else."


... The councilman said, "I prefer to speak about the One Holy as being just and righteous. Your family problem shows that love does not keep society together. Justice does. The law does.". "How wise you are!," Jesus exclaimed. "Justice is love in bloom. Righteousness is the fragrance of truth. Please, see it this way: the essence of the One Holy, and therefore of all life, is love. And the substance of the divine nature is truth, reality, the totality of the universe and beyond. Love and truth are one; they are married, so to speak, unified. Freedom and justice celebrate that."

- "It's hard to conceive for you that being attentive to others actually increases the scope of your free choice. The joy in the pursuit of common goals never interferes with the joy of seeing that goal as a personal project."

- "There is no price to pay for giving up one road in favor of going another. Freedom means that all choices are valid and all roads open."

- "Put out of your head all sense of doom or resignation to the fact that I decide your future, possibly even against your will. The only true and unchangeable position I take is that I am love. You, evidently, have been invited to participate in being alive. What you do with it is up to you. I will not judge you."


... Jesus continued excitedly, "Has any of you ever asked the question why the Lord of your fathers is the way he is? Does he have to be loving, or just, as you say his law is? Let me tell you that the only reason the One Holy is so stems from his freely wanting it that way. Nothing forces him. The same it is for you. Liberation from slavery is also based on: if you want it. One can stay in jail, if one so desires. But righteous living heralds that any non-freedom or injustice is unnatural. Your exodus keeps taking place on a daily basis. Again, if you desire it to occur."

- "Being born on your planet means that full freedom can hardly be experienced. On all levels dependencies dominate. But your fabricators had to leave some tiny free will in their products, otherwise their experiment would not be valid."

- "The deep-seated longing for safety and meaning in humans is a direct result of this remnant of free will. However feeble, fleeting or vague it may be, hold on to it. In the area of your yearning you are truly free."

- "Of course, the Negative State will do anything to corrupt and confuse this yearning for My unpolluted nature. They promote anything that leads away from discovering, or if you want, 'remembering', the true structure of life."


... "Now I got you," the councilman triumphed. "You are one of those free spirits that promote everybody should do whatever they want. Well, I subscribe to the idea that authority and a strong hand are needed to keep a nation going." Jesus nodded, "Right, on earth no real freedom exists or could be handled well. Society is held together by law-enforcing rulers. But, my friend, in your spirit you can fly. Within yourself, in your inner sanctuary, you can embrace the One Holy and be completely honest. Trust me, the One Holy is aware in what direction your deepest desires go."

- "Freedom is only there, where you are close to Me. It means a constant 'checking in' with Me because away from the spiritual connection, earthly life is prone to self-destruct."

- "All positive healing acts on earth add to universal wholeness. They are, more than you realize, the tiny but crucial hubs that make your world still go around."

- "In each person something is working right. This may be taken for granted but it is the 'saving grace' that has life moving forward. It is Me, traveling with you. Recognizing this, starts and speeds up the process of dissolving your confining boundaries and limitations."


... One of Jesus' friends, a usually quiet person, remarked, "When I am by myself and pray, I feel I am a good person. But when I look at what I actually do, I see another picture. I allow my temper to be in control, or my catering to other people, or I let circumstances take over. Especially I worry about how to provide for my family; it dominates my thoughts. Is that bad?" Jesus laughed. "Bad is that dependency and fear rule on earth. Good is, however, that you are honest about it and that you long for deliverance. In the midst of your troubles, you sense heaven. Great!"

- "The powers of the negative realm treasure their prime product, the craftily designed and altered offspring. It is indeed so that their pseudo-creation answers the questions about what life becomes when not manifesting Me."

- "No one born on earth escapes being born into dependencies of all sorts. Only the ability to freely desire, to ponder and to long for the truth shows that humanity belongs to the real world."

- "The original humans in their several generations are aware of your situation. They are interested in vibrations coming through when people on earth question and reject things negative. It is appreciated and celebrated."


... Jacob ventured, "When we pray for a happy solution with the tenants while it does not look good....I mean, when do we stop wishing it will turn out all right when it does not?" Jesus looked sad when he answered, "All energy going into wishing the best and in doing the best should be as one flow. But many sincere efforts often do not pay off. Yet you can hold on to what you believe in and to what you can pray for. Desiring the best shows spiritual wisdom. That makes you a blessed one. It connects you with the power of the One Holy even if the desired outcome does not seem to happen."

- "Life's open-endedness, in terms of depth, direction and growth, is what thrills all in the universe immensely. You could say that if they would practice sleeping as you do, they could not wait every morning to get up and get going again."

- "Are not all dependent on Me? And if so, is that not a form of being restricted? Yes, in the sense that outside of Me is no existence. But no, because My nature has freedom as an integral component! Freedom leaves no room for non-freedom."

- "Time is not confining either. It is the measurement of progress and change. It causes no pressure or feeling unfulfilled. Realizing things can be done or said better leads to laughing, learning and improvement. Only earth knows slavery."