"All is one. And this 'oneness' always has the quality of loving. Love is life's essence.

You, as part of the 'all there is', are from, in and through love. It's your very essence.

In other words, everything's identity is solely being a 'materialized' love-segment.

It constitutes the oneness in and of the myriads of shapes or functions that exist.

All can respond to finding themselves alive by accepting they're love 'happening'.

I provide what comes into being with a chance to become partners in making love.


"You, whoever you are or whatever you made of your life, are part of love occurring.

Later, I bring up love as a component of your nature. Now, I paint its general picture.

Wherever you look or whatever you think, you can see it as basking in love's glow.

There's a single reason for this. Love is My second aspect and reveals My essence.

People may take oneness as vague or abstract. Yet as love, it is as exploding light.

Still stronger, one can simply equate the 'all is one' with universal love and truth.


"Nothing in life hasn't its origin in Me. Therefore, all existing will show My features.

With the freedom those who live possess, they cannot change the fact I am all-Love.

Everything in existence originates from love. And love's volume does only expand.

You can deny this fact or suppress it. Obscure it, it remains the core of everything.

That is happening in the isolated zone in which you dwell, disconnected, confused.

But even there, love appears all over as a most powerful drive or tool to connect.


"In the rest of the universe, everybody and everything thrives on love's presence.

All entities experience it as a never-ending source of joy, individually or together.

They feel, sense and see the power of My love's radiance and so they do respond.

They think, act and react in terms of wanting to follow My all-inclusive passion.

It is their deep desire to do and to be in every way as I am: an active form of love.

You can say that the whole purpose of all existing is enhancing love's pleasure.


"I won't specifically formulate what love is for humans, or could and should mean.

Get used to it that, for Me, love isn't just an activity or emotion. It's being Myself.

Love is My identity. Where I am, love is and happens. What about your situation?

Listen carefully. As in all, in you is the oneness ingredient, disfigured as it may be.

You fit in life's totality. How you 'treat' that, depends on the choices you'll make.

Your person may be, like all else is, a partner in the universal love affair with Me.


"Everything of Me is love. The fragmented human incidents of love express some of it.

Nothing in and of being in life is excluded from oneness, as all being exists within love.

On earth, this sounds pathetic or unreal, as it contradicts what you humans observe.

Yet remember, the words you now read offer insight in all of the eternity's realness.

And on earth, too, love still functions as a motivator, with terrific power and impact.

At the same time, nothing seems more prone to abuse, dissatisfaction or decaying.


"Human ideas, expressions or goals in regard to love need constantly corrections.

Yet love isn't here or there, or once in a while; it always operates all your systems.

A splitting up of love into physical, moral or some other parts is totally unnatural.

It is a result of obscuring the unified nature of all existence, defying life's oneness.

I stay the unifying factor; I, as being only love. Right now, I, Love, want to hug you.

You can join the eternal dance in which I share Myself with you and all else in life.


"Human lovemaking can include moments of giving unique experiences of oneness.

'Being in love' makes boundaries irrelevant; its glow or excitement enters all levels.

A sexual climax transcends confinements momentarily, shows glimpses of eternity.

A warm, loving closeness between parents and children negates time and distance.

What you call rapture, euphoria, ecstasy or bliss can point at the ultimate oneness.

You may still recall well some incidents when you felt immersed in and one with all.


"Being able to have at times some feel or sense of fullness, has a natural source.

Forcing the 'transcending' moment can be tried as escape from life's grayness.

Yet love, as core and color of life, is in every action's origin, process and closure.

High points, you see as extra or exception, are in the real reality regular events.

Well, even in earth's displaced dimension, true love has nothing stale or boring.

It expresses all central driving forces; its touch is all over. Love is Me, alive in all.


"Do you understand in what a glorious existence you and all in life do participate?

Feeling the presence of love in your mind, body or spirit, don't take it for granted.

Love represents the one true reality, in which all is filled with, and is portraying it.

Because of love, all entities always work on showing off their special attractions.

Love is a never diminishing motivation for serious actions, as well as playfulness.

It is a far cry from what happens on earth. But do get used to the whole picture!


"It's hard for you human beings to imagine a situation in which there is no disturbance.

Do you see a togetherness of all people, based on respect and unconditional sharing?

Dreams of utopia, of paradise, or justice in a united world, are part of human thinking.

But what about nature and cosmic forces? Will they ever benefit all, without a threat?

I say it to emphasize the 'all' being one. This oneness includes nature and the cosmos.

All life has love as its meaning and power. Its force you'll face when you keep reading.


"It does not take much, does it, to come up with an exception to all life's oneness?

In theory, you can agree that somehow all takes place on the universe's one stage.

But practically, you only deal with what's important for your personal well-being.

On earth, people are forced to select, reject, make choices, judge or erect fences.

'You can't have or do it all', you say. But what if that is a platitude, or worse, a lie?

Seeing yourself as part of all-including love, means seeing all else the same way.


"It is therefore wise to continually go back to what's the essence of your person.

Circumstances may present you with many unpleasant situations or hardships.

Human wars can ravish what was in peace. In relationships, trust can turn sour.

Alienation occurs on every level in your human societies; a loneliness abounds.

'Surviving' seems life's essence; with maybe a serving good causes on the side.

This is a lie. I am the essence of life; so My love loves to be all in it.


"I am stating that the meaning of any life, its very purpose, is in love's interacting.

Your portion in the oneness creates, as do all other parts, its own personal world.

Yet relating to Me, or the love relationship with Me, that all do have in common.

This constitutes oneness: everything, in its own way, taking part in making love.

So do you see that life's essence and your person's importance lie in this realm?

Present circumstances, happy or bleak, can't decide if life is being worthwhile.


'"Regardless of the size of your struggle to survive, you are all part of life's fullness.

Whatever can be taken away from you, the all-goodness I am will never leave you.

On the external levels of your life is My love so contaminated, it may seem extinct.

The cold violence in nature, among people or in your bodies doesn't show My joy.

Each part must fight for self-preservation; innocence is as an illusory commodity.

People can't 'save' your world. My nature's features are intentionally destroyed.


"The principles by which the visible world hangs together seem to barely function.

In many ways they're caricatures of the magnificence of My all-around perfection.

You can look at your exposure to them from outside, or by the light that is in you.

You can't step out of given situations, like your pains. But you can always wonder.

While wondering on your mental level, you can critically ask how life 'should' be.

The wondering leads to contact with what in you yearns for uncomplicated love.


"It is on your innermost spiritual level that love shows her face with bright colors.

Nobody else can reach that place for you. But I am always there. It is the way I am.

Whatever obstacles you must overcome, My unconditional love does wait for you.

Not one piece of full reality exists outside My second name's glow. Be not fooled!

The words in these twelve booklets are given to give insight in what truly goes on.

Through them, a sense of oneness will be rekindled, if situations do change or not.


"When love does overcome disturbance or strife, some original oneness is reclaimed.

As humans you need laws, contracts, customs and rules to regulate a living together.

If in those is a respect, fairness and caring for all, they mirror life's normal condition.

When you banish negative thoughts and take care of yourself, you mirror real unity.

The safety and power of My second side can deeply seep into all possible situations.

The reason is that 'occupied' territory like your planet, is still part of oneness in Me.


"Words spoken, read, heard or listened to serve as communication among humans.

As My presence is also on your human level, I communicate with words like these.

I love all participating in existing equally. By all, in their own way, I am loved, too.

This also says that what's not human in your world, is as relative to Me as you are.

It applies to matter, nature's many faces, to cosmic forces and all dancing atoms.

The way they 'tick' has as ultimate standard: joyfully functioning for and by love.


"There's no obligation to belong to life's happy oneness. All do have a choice in it.

People can give up the privilege of taking part in the dance of being alive with all.

The phenomenon that the isolated zone is there relates to precisely this option.

In it, freedom to choose against My loving nature is explored to its ultimate end.

It shows that, however far one can go to deny it, I am Who I am; and that always.

Parts of you can scoff at this or couldn't care less. They are free to go that route.


"In this segment, I explained life's essence, including the 'detail' in it that you are.

It's useless to think of anything as if it doesn't participate in the love affair of life.

Even clearly ignoring or violating this factor of love won't tempt Me to retaliate.

Love, by definition, is incompatible with darkness. I stay true to My eternal Self.

You take part in love's oneness. It's in you. Remember it when being challenged.

You can affirm in all moves you make that you're a part of universal lovemaking."