"It's a most wonderful thing I can tell you that all space is filled with and by love,

and not just filled; it has love as the very reason for its existing in the first place.

You realize the same is true for you? Your being alive is part of love happening.

Love occurs not in a vacuum, in one's head or as physical drive. It's life volume.

Loving is a state of being as well as action. In both cases, it's space 'happening'.

It's like when you're in love; all over, you feel or act as if you're twice your size.


"A seed, even when seemingly dead, still exists and is taking up room, as all else.

Nothing that is is idle or not functioning in the totality. Well, a seed can sprout.

When you plant and water it, it grows into an observable or tangible presence.

So is your presence sprouting from a seed of life that always originates in Me.

You develop according to all kinds of laws and potentials specific to your race.

While at no point in your branching out you're operating as a disappearing act.


"The whole unit of your person on its three levels adds to love's eternal volume.

Well, so it is meant to be. But people on earth fall woefully short of normalcy.

Yet, do take yourself as a presence of love anyway, as a space that can sparkle.

Being isolated, out of place or turned inside out doesn't mean you're not there!

All that lives has a purpose for existing with freedom to function well, or not.

Even if non-love is chosen, or one's essence as person is violated, one still 'is'.


"You can conclude that on the basis of My talking to you now, I never withdraw.

I negate all physical and mental iron curtains, drawn to keep out My closeness.

Even in the heart of hearts of evil is My presence; if only because it does exist.

Just taking up space, as you clearly do, has My nature knocking for recognition.

It's because space's character is defined by it being the room for love to occur.

My love is always present, even when denied admission. Space is love's castle.


"This fifth element of life gives you a comprehensive view of everything around.

What you observe, think or desire, you place it in the universe as your creation.

So watch your thinking and observing! Do it with the mind and eyes of a lover.

The volume you do create and fill has the same purpose as all else in existence,

which is to illustrate the joy of an all-involving love affair between all around.

Those that do not want to participate, as perhaps parts in you, prove defective.


"When entering an area filled with the coldness of non-love, you have choices.

You can join, smile, fake, confront, lie, leave, or however you'll choose to react.

I am not giving any advice. I want you to be aware of your individual responses.

Are you aware of dark or diseased spots within yourself caused by not-loving?

The fifth element in you never reduces its bright scope even if walled in by fog.

You can say that the non-love parts of you are all consisting of hollow gestures.


"There's no possibility for your human societies to reach a peaceful co-existence.

Any sharing of space, possessions, money, sex or land would mean love is winning.

You are conditioned to be territorial, to think in terms of mine, of rights, of 'more'.

It's alien to humanity to see space only as facility for loving. This poses a conflict.

You take up a particular space; you've to fill it and then must protect it as yours.

Still, your core is also loving and sharing. Well, seeing this conflict is a first step.


"Being pessimistic or optimistic about your planet's future is beside the point.

Your and others' space serves the same purpose of augmenting My splendor.

Earth's tyranny of time enslaves people in thinking in terms of future or past.

The less this is honored, the more you enjoy the 'secret' of eternity's volume.

Allowing love's glow to permeate your system now will expand your volume.

Your spirit eyes will see boundaries totter, as love just doesn't permit fences.


"Outside the realm of what's negative, space soars, as does love, as does freedom.

It means that no limitations are ever in the way of going back or forth, left or right.

All comes from love, from joy, from a fullness that becomes ever more substantial.

In Reality, past or future and here or there are not mutually exclusive. Think of it!

All that is, unites in the excitement of representing the one wisdom of My nature.

It's a reason to not think too small of the grand universe you are already a part of.


"What I am saying with all this is that your place in the totality of life is secure.

These words tell you, on your level, I care and like to share your life intimately.

I evidently speak within the space you occupy, the one you created being you.

You can wish life was different or better. Yet what about My visiting you now?

You can set Me up as a guest of honor. Rather, I share your space as a partner!

In all the worlds, loving Me is 'the' happening that puts one on eternity's map.


"Several times I mentioned casually that all existing happens on three levels.

I stressed this applies to My nature, to yours as a human being and to all life.

Even rational human minds do agree, as you see it in everything you observe.

A most inner core, internal processing and external expression form a unity.

I am My Innermost as Love and Truth. Proper and Healing are My Internals.

My Outside flows from My within; it's Me as 'Manifestation' and as 'Energy'.


"The names are completely what you call 'operational'. They're Me 'happening'.

I give them, not to be discussed, judged, compared, set in stone. They hug you.

I use your words to outline the reality in which you occur. Reality is My Being.

All being space includes you. In it you're a life-form, before and relative to Me.

You are on three levels. They're distinct yet not separated and always as one.

Only the negative state is set on tearing them apart and putting them at odds.


"Your thoughts and feelings can be quite different from what you publicly show.

Saying one thing yet thinking something else is human. It's illustrating isolation.

Deep within you a yearning for Me can pulsate but can be effectively shut off.

Private beliefs or hopes are often hidden. Most efforts invest in the externals.

The reason I do stress this is that true living is always done on all three levels.

Your fifth ingredient houses the volume of all three. It sanctions your fullness.


"Relating the space you are to My second name marks you as symptom of love.

Life can be harsh. For many, talking about love is painful. Externals easily hurt.

The luxury of 'being' only love seems a dream better left to the realm of fantasy.

Yet, My words address the three layers of the person who is 'happening' as you.

True space is the volume of love erupting from the deepest sources within you.

However diluted, poisoned or trampled on in your externals, it stays positive.


"It was counted on that, when externals monopolize love, your spirit would shrivel.

In many ways this succeeded; people are still lured away from their spiritual core.

Humans' ego, sense of self, pride and goals are mainly related to outer successes.

It is living in reverse, not from within but from without success is being defined.

If you let Me dwell in you as I do in Myself, your space beams eternity's wideness.

Expecting a validation of your worth to come from outside cheapens your assets.


"To most, having goals, desiring success or making positive marks sounds good.

Everybody is free to create and fill his or her time or sphere the way they like.

I don't judge anyone who chooses to do it for negative or for not-love reasons.

Don't forget, the appearance of planet earth is as abnormal as it is unnatural.

All earth's outside's portrayals are supposed to exclusively add visible beauty.

All things not transparent for love's essence are showing a grotesque facade.


"The purpose of these words is not to criticize any external manifestation of people,

even if it clearly portrays injustice, cheapness, violence or obsessions with 'things'.

Earth life shows the consequences of choices obscuring My sphere and presence.

You, being born in the midst of this, cannot shake off your inherent earthly defects.

Yet as a sentient being you can take a stance, defy evil and build up only positives.

These words can validate this. They'll nurture your spirit, intelligence and actions.


"Letting Me love you and welcoming that I desire you fills your spirit to capacity.

Then, on that level in you, you can feel the universe's vastness, as it's your home.

Love just has no boundaries, limitations or reservations. You're always included.

From this source within you, you can refresh your goals, intentions and dreams.

Drinking it in, thinking of this as often as you have time, is cleansing your psyche.

This way it becomes unavoidable that love also begins to radiate to your outside.


"The flow of life comes from Me. My river feeds yours on its arduous course.

Yet in you are pieces of life's volume as place for universal love still present.

They're building blocks shaping your appearance as a Me mirroring human.

People are forced to downgrade love in many of society's non-love systems.

Yet, it doesn't have to distract you from any effort to enhance love anyway.

Be proud of this ingredient. Being it and having it makes you into someone!


"Love and passion for external things can often produce magnificent works of art.

Love and care in families can blossom during many generations, showing decency.

Does it require acknowledgment I am the source or can it be appreciated 'as is'?

Again, My speaking doesn't intend to categorize good or bad, or right or wrong.

I, speaking to you personally, intend to have you focus on your actual behaviors.

What presence are you? The one you want? Do you dare live by My standards?


"The volume of My being, My sphere, like My unfolding is exclusively positive.

The negative state's room to maneuver is limited; it's just a one-time challenge.

You live amidst a flood of 'impossibilities' that still are crucial for life's fullness.

Whatever love comes through, take it as a signal of the true world, in you, too.

What's degrading or dark will not last; neither will any present exposure to it.

Your option is: to be your volume whether it resembles love and truth, or not."