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Dating Website Celebrates 2000 Users

by Pan Diman

Picture of kfarwell presented on the creator's own VRLFP page.

A dating website made specifically for VR consumers, especially including VRChat users, just reached the number of 2000 registered users and shared the news on their Discord server.

On July 21st, kfarwell made an announcement, “We're holding a party in VRChat at 9PM EDT today (Saturday) to celebrate reaching 2000 registered users, and you are all invited!” After that, he shared a link with the community to reach an agreement on selection of the world used as a location of the party.

In about 10 hours after the announcement got poster, he edited the message, and now its last paragraph says, “Thanks for being with us these first two weeks and for all your whining feedback. We've been overwhelmed and humbled by the response. Hope to see you tonight!” Eventually, we asked the owner of how the party went, and he said that “the turnout was a little low, but they had fun.”

Apparently, VRLFP haven’t reached their final goal yet, as they are still going to expand their project and turn it into something bigger for everyone. “Our next steps are offering paid subscriptions and messaging,” kfarwell said during the interview. “The goal is to be able to employ ourselves full time.”

So far, their website features several options for people looking for partners and/or friends that are not necessarily bound by VRChat in general, although the majority of its target audience consists of VR users.

However, even though VRLFP has a lot of potential to bring various groups of our community together, we also do not recommend checking out their Discord, as it tends to be extremely sexual in comparison to anything else we’ve seen so far, even including ArtsyVRC’s Twitter page that is known for its highly suggestive content.

On the other hand, if they focus on improving VRLFP without going into highly sexual details, it may become acceptable for any VR platform, even if another project replaces VRChat at some point in the future.

Picture of people from the party posted on vrlfp’s Instagram page.