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About The Writings

Writing 1 The Twelve Booklets

More than 10,000 one-line sayings that, in format and content, follow The 7 Names and The 12 Components of Life. They are inspired by the closeness on the spiritual level of the One I AM and are specifically meant for each human person living now on our planet.

Writing 2 Lessons

147 Questions, answers and 'comments', all relevant to the content of The 12 Booklets - Writing 1. Also here, the ultimate author is the same. Everyone is addressed.

Writing 3 The Seven Names and the Creation Narrative

These 840 and XLII short paragraphs deal with the nature and impact of the seven 'appearances', 'names', 'faces', of the One Who Is All. The 12 Components of Life serve as the format. The 'Speaker' is the Spirit of life's Totality, merging with the writer's (P.N.'s) spirit. The Narrative at the end deals specifically with the origin of evil.

Writing 4 Visits into The Real Reality

This Writing is a report of the 'journeys' the writer could make to another human dimension. Described is what he saw, heard, experienced and learned on that spiritual level.

Writing 5 Appearances and Reactions

With as context The 12 Components of Life (second round), the One Who Is All revealed Her-/Himself and spoke to the writer. All seven Names are successively presented. Also, the personal feelings and reactions of the writer are reported.

Writing 6 Reflection

The 12 Components of Life (first round). In a very personal way, the writer reflects, mostly in verse form, on the new insights he gained.

Writing 7 Story and Conversations

Inspired by the publications of Dr. Peter. D. Francuch, (see Epilogue), this is a new Creation story, partly as analogy. The dialogue between the writer and the I AM takes place in the intimate setting of the writer's home.

Writing 8 Would Jesus evict the Tenants of His Father's store?

The 12 Components of Life (third round). A fictional story of what could have happened if Jesus was confronted with a domestic problem. On every page is a related insight-giving comment from the I AM.

Writing 9 The 10 Rules for 'Prayer'

Ten 'given' rules, guidelines and conditions for proper, direct communication with the One Only. Each of The 7 Names is applied to the 12 components of life. The Author is the I AM Him-/Herself.

Writing 10 The Old and the New 'Prayer'

Under the heading of The 12 Components of Life, the so-called 'Lord's Prayer' is compared with the 'Affirmation' that is based on the content and message of this Website.

Writing 11 Journeys

These journeys to The Real Reality precede the visits described in Writing 4. More so than those, the reported events came with varied mythological images.

Writing 12 Wisdom's of The Week

Without a direct connection with the core-message of the Website, this Writing consists of 200 'Wisdom's' posted on Facebook. At some point, new ones may be added.

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