The San Diego S-Gaugers is a tax exempt 501(C)(3) association of model railroaders founded January 19, 2008, in San Diego, California, dedicated to a three-part mission: 

1. Promotion of S-Gauge model railroading 

2. Education about S-Gauge model railroading, about model railroading in general, and about railroading in general. 

3. Having fun in the process

To contact the club, email

Come on in!!!

We are open Tuesday and Saturday from noon to 6:00pm.

With county Covid -19 protocols relaxed, we do not require masks.

There is hand sanitizer for your use at the entrance. 

 Come in and see the changes that have been made recently; we never stop!

The circus has come to town!

You may have noticed the circus engine and two cars in the display case near the entrance. We've completed that train and it's now sitting in the passing siding on the S-curve.

And we purchased a reproduction set of the circus cutouts that Gilbert included in their 1950 Circus Set.

We have assembled about half of the cutouts and they will be on the S-curve until the new buildings are installed there.

We invite you to join us!  No space for a train layout at home? Come run your trains on the club layout, learn how to service or repair them, learn how to build and landscape a layout, and meet a bunch of interesting, knowledgeable people. Don't have any trains? That's okay; if you love trains, come join us anyway. For information about joining the club, go to the "About Us & Membership" page.

Got venmo?

We've entered the smartphone world!  You can now support us financially via venmo either in our clubhouse or here on our website.

Just scan the above code with your smartphone.

Got trains?

Got a box of old trains in the garage? Bring them in and see if they still run. We have a test track not only for S scale trains, but also for Sn3, HO, N, and O Scale trains.

Do you have childhood memories of American Flyer trains? Did you convert to HO or N due to space limitations? Are your eyes and hands finding smaller scales difficult to work with? Take another look at S Scale trains.

Are you looking to buy some trains?

Some of the trains and accessories donated to our club are offered for sale on a consignment basis at the Gilbert Gallery website.

Look for items for which the owner is shown as SDSG or simply SG.

In addition to S-Gauge trains, some HO and O Gauge trains are available, and a few N and Z scale items,

plus some decals and bulbs that can be used with any scale.

100% of the selling price (not including sales tax) comes back to the club to support our operations.

Like to see the trains run?

When we're closed, the trains still run. Just push the button outside the window and the trains on all three window layouts will run for about a minute.

John Constans' Sn3 Westside Lumber Layout

In August of 2012, we visited John Constans' Westside Lumber Sn3 Layout on an NMRA layout tour.

Little did we know that six years later, his widow would donate it to our club in his memory.

We have transported it to the side room of our clubhouse, reinforced it, and created a new mount for it.

We are making great progress in refurbishing it for public display.

Click the picture to learn more about it and our progress.

Our Latest Layout Tour Videos

The visitor's view:

And here's a video of the layout from the engineer's viewpoint:

The mail train pulls through Gilbert Town to deliver a bag of mail and pick up outgoing mail (video courtesy of Guido Hamacher).     

Come visit us in La Mesa's Grossmont Center.

 You can come in for a tour between noon and 6:00 PM on Saturdays and Tuesdays except for holidays.

We provide stepstools (AKA "Mom's back savers") so our shorter visitors can see the trains.

See below for directions to come visit us.

Our videos page has a lot more videos for you to watch.

As you enter, you are greeted by the girder bridge and military aircraft museum modules on the front of our big modular layout.

Click the picture below for a view of each of the modules in the layout.

To the right is the first of our three window layouts, Liberty Loop, named for our previous home in San Diego's Liberty Station shopping center.

We have named our railroad the Grossmont Central Railroad in honor of our current clubhouse hosts, Grossmont Center in La Mesa, and Raulf lettered the club's American Models Baldwin diesel locomotive for it.

Click the picture to see more pictures and the story of why and how the layout was built.

Click below for a video tour of Liberty Loop:

To your left is our second window layout. Depending on the time of year, you will see one of four seasonal layouts.

At Halloween, Christmas, and Easter we have a loop or track around a seasonal ceramic village.

Click the picture to see more pictures and the story of why and how the layout was built.

Because we have a buildings for only three seasons on the seasonal layout, Mark suggested that we build a classical

1950s American Flyer layout to display the roots of our S gauge history. Click the picture to see more pictures and a video of it.

We named it Streeterville in honor of Burdette Streeter who donated his collection to the club.

In the alcove window to your far right is the Lego Window Layout provided by the L-Scale Museum.

Over the years, Michael Todd, curator of the L-Gauge Museum, has brought in a variety of Lego creations, most recently Lego Train layouts, to enhance our clubhouse. To see more about each of them, click the picture or "The Lego Window Layouts" link in the sidebar menu at the left.

Here's a video of the Lego train on the Flintstones display in May of 2023.

If you happen to come by when we're not open, push the button outside the window and the trains on all three window layouts will run for about a minute.

Our Timesaver Game

The Timesaver is a game/puzzle created by John Allen and published in Model Railroader Magazine in 1972.

It comprises two identical mini-switching yards connected by a short track that holds only one car.

Each yard has five spurs each long enough for two or three freight cars and a run-around with space for one car on one side and two on the other. Each yard has a switch engine and five freight cars scattered around in the yard.

The objective is to move the cars around into some specified final position. The person who does it in the shortest time wins.

Alternatively, it can be played as a cooperative two-player game where the final position for some cars is in the other player's yard.

For more information and pictures of the Timesaver, click the picture or the "Timesaver" link in the sidebar menu at the left.

Member Projects

  Dale created some freight cars and work cars that are more interesting and realistic than those manufactured by Gilbert and other manufacturers, and many of the buildings on the layouts were built by club members.

Click the picture for a web page dedicated to member projects like this.

Meetings and Other Events

The club has monthly meetings, at 10:00AM to noon, generally on the third Tuesday of the month (see calendar of events below).

At the January meeting each year, we hold the election of officers and collection of annual dues.

At the club's June 2016 meeting, Wes Noel demonstrated the proper application of Bullfrog Snot to increase the traction of an engine's drive wheels so it can pull more cars.

Click the picture to see the video of this clinic.

More clinics will be added as we shoot videos of them.

Calendar of Events

September 26 10:00AM - noon Regular Monthly Meeting

October 17 10:00AM - noon Regular Monthly Meeting

October 28 noon - 4:00PM Lego Build Event

October 31 noon - 6:00PM Regular hours; Trick or Treat 3:00 to 5:00PM 

November 21 10:00AM - noon Regular Monthly Meeting

December 16 noon - 4:00PM Lego Build Event

December 19 10:00AM - noon Regular Monthly Meeting

January 16, 2024 10:00AM - noon Annual Meeting and election of officers 

How to Find Us

Grossmont Center is located in La Mesa, California, east of San Diego, just off Interstate 8.

You can see it from the freeway. Take the Grossmont Center exit and turn left (north).

Enter through the portico next to the Reading Cinemas, between Jamba Juice and Panda Express.

We're on the left, up the aisle next to Super Brows.

Our legal address is Suite 181, but we are Suite 304 on the Mall Map.

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