Frosted Grapes


Serves 12 as a snack

Two large egg whites (or 4 tablespoons liquid egg whites)

1 lb / 453 gr seedless grapes

1 cup sugar (I used organic white cane sugar)*

Use coconut sugar to make them paleo


Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

Thoroughly wash grapes, pat them dry, and cut into small (or single) clusters.

Place egg whites in a shallow bowl and beat with a fork until frothy (they should run off the whisk in a thin stream.)  Place sugar in another shallow bowl.

Dip each grape (or grape clusters) into the egg, shaking off excess. Next dip the grapes in the sugar, turning to lightly coat. Gently shake off excess sugar and place on the lined baking sheet. Repeat with remaining clusters.

Let grapes dry, uncovered, at room temperature, about 2 hours.

Frosted grapes can be made 2 days ahead and kept, uncovered, in a cool dry place (do not refrigerate).