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ᏣᎳᎩ ᏧᎭᎨ ᏓᎪᏪᎵ ᎠᏎᎸᎯ The Cherokee Bible Project
Old Testament Books:
  • Genesis-- online  Genesis Resources ᎼᏏ ᎢᎬᏱᏱ Genesis Genesis 1 or pdf GENESIS CHEROKEE LANG.pdf
  • Exodus-- Online ᎼᏏ ᏔᎵᏁ Exodus EXODUS
  • ᎼᏏ ᏦᎢᏁ  Leviticus
  • ᏗᏎᏍᏗ Numbers-- 4th Book of Moses --- Translated Rev. A. N. Chamberlin
  • Deuteronomy ᎼᏏ ᎯᏍᎩᏁ
  • Judges-- 
  • Ruth ᎷᏏ Lusi -- 
  • 1 Samuel ᏌᎻ ᎢᎬᏱᏱ -- 
  • 2 Samuel ᏌᎻ ᏔᎵᏁ  -- 
  • 1 Kings ᎤᏂᎬᏫᏳᎯ ᎢᎬᏱᏱ  -- Translated by A. N. Chamberlin
  • 2 Kings ᎤᏂᎬᏫᏳᎯ ᏔᎵᏁ  -- Translated by A. N. Chamberlin
  • 1 Chronicles ᏕᎪᏪᎸ ᎢᎬᏱᏱ  -- 
  • 2 Chronicles ᏕᎪᏪᎸ ᏔᎵᏁ -- 
  • Ezra ᎡᏍᏩ -- 
  • Nehemiah ᏂᎮᎹᏯ -- 
  • Esther-- 
  • Job-- 
  • Psalms-- Psalms - ᏗᎧᏃᎩᏛ Dikanogidv in progress! 
  • Proverbs ᏕᎬᏍᎪᎸᏅᎢ -- Degvsgolvnvi Proverbs in progress! 
  • Ecclesiastes  ᏗᏕᏲᎲᏍᎩ Dideyohvsgi -- 
  • Song of Solomon ᏐᎵᎹᏅᏃ ᏗᎧᏃᎩᏛ-- 
  • Isaiah-- ᎢᏌᏯ Isaya Isaiah in progress! 
  • Jeremiah ᏤᎵᎹᏯ Tselimaya-- 
  • Lamentations ᏓᏂᏴᎨᏍᏗ -- 
  • The book of Daniel  --ᏓᏂᎵ Danili  Translated by Rev. A. N. Chamberlin
  • Hosea  ᎰᏏᎠ Hosea -- 
  • Joel ᏦᎢᎵ Tsoili -- 
  • Amos ᎡᎼᏏ -- 
  • Obadiah--ᎣᏊᏕᎠ Oquudea --in progress! 
  • Jonah-- PUBLISHED!  Jonah  proofreaders please! ᏦᎾ Tsona Jonah
  • Micah--ᎻᎦ [ᎻᎧᏯ] -- in progress! 
  • Nahum ᏁᎱᎻ Nehumi -- 
  • Habakkuk-- 
  • Zephaniah-- 
  • Haggai-- ᎮᎦᏱ Hegayi Haggai Haggai  
  • ᏤᎦᎳᏯ Tsegalaya Zechariah-- 
  • ᎹᎳᎦᎢ Malagai Malachi -- 

The Cherokee Bible Project is an effort to translate ALL the Scriptures AND to make these verses available under FAIR USE guidelines so that these Scriptures are available online on the internet to all who want to read them.

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