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February 21
The Cherokee-language printing press arrived in Georgia on Thursday, February 21, 1828 and was immediately put to use. The lead type for typesetting was based on Sequoyah’s syllabary.
The General Council of the Cherokee Nation had purchased the press.  It was stolen from the nation during the turmoil in Georgia before the Trail of Tears Removal and has never been located since.

note:  The first known actual printing of a Bible portion in Cherokee appeared in the Missionary Herald of December, 1827. 

September 26
The Cherokee Advocate was the first newspaper in Indian Territory, and was printed in both the Cherokee and English languages. The first issue was published on Thursday, September 26, 1844 on a press purchased in Boston by funds from the Missionaries [Specifically, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM)]. The newspaper ended operations on March 3, 1906 when the USA was terminating the Cherokee Nation and they seized the press and sold it.  The Typeset was sent to the Smithsonian where it was preserved.  Recently, the press and the typeset were returned to the CNO and are in the museum in Oklahoma.

Other Celebrations of Note:

Cherokee Bible Day is Celebrated on the Sunday Closest to September 18 (Cherokee Bible Day is September 18).

Fiscal Year End for Cherokee Bible Society is December 31st.

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