SS Connemara

SS Connemara
was a 1,106-ton steam passenger/cargo ship built in 1897 by William Denny and Brothers, Dumbarton, Scotland for London & North Western Railway Company. On 3 November 1916 she sank in a severe gale following a collision with a 496 ton Collier, SS Retriever, which was also lost. The tragedy happened off Carlingford Bar, while voyaging from Greenore to Holyhead with passengers, general cargo and cattle. The Connemara sank quickly and all 32 crew and 54 passengers aboard the Connemara were lost. Of the 9 crew members of the Retriever, only one survived - James Boyle, Seaman of Summerhill, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.

A more detailed description of the tragedy can be found here.

Although the loss was not attributed to enemy action the town felt deeply enough for the local crew's names to be included on the Town War Memorial.

The builder's model of the SS Connemara is available for viewing at the Holyhead Maritime Museum

Holyhead crew members lost on the Connemara
Edward Cartwright, Coal Trimmer

Stanislaus M J Cooke, Under Steward

George Herbert Doeg, Commander

David Charles James Evans, Steward

Robert Evans, Quartermaster

William Francis Hambley, Steward (Galley Boy)

Michael Flaherty, Able Seaman

John Hughes, Luggage Guard

Joseph Hughes, Quartermaster

William Evan Hughes, 3rd Engineer

Hugh Jones, Chief  Engineer

John Robert Jones, Able Seaman

William Jones, Greaser

William Humphrey Jones, Deck Boy

George Owen, 2nd Engineer

George Stephen Owen, Quartermaster

Richard Owen, Fireman

William Owen, Cook

George Roberts, Leading Stoker

Owen Smith, Carpenter

John Williams, Seaman

Margaret Williams, Stewardess

Owen Thomas Williams, Fireman

Richard Williams, Fireman

William Prys Williams, Chief Officer

Isaac Woodall, Fireman