Holyhead War Memorial

The Great War 1914-1918

Gwroniad Y Rhyfel Mawr 1914 - 1918

Heroes of the Great War 1914 - 1918

Cyfodwyd y Golofn hon gan drigolion Caergybi er cof am y rhai a fu farw dros ryddid cyfiawnder a gwareiodiad. Eu henwau a bery o genhedlaeth i genhedlaeth.

This Monument was erected by the inhabitants of Holyhead in memory of those who died for liberty righteousness and civilization. Their names shall endure throughout all generations.

The following is taken from the “Order of Service and Book of Remembrance” for the unveiling of the Memorial on 15th September 1923.

“The Memorial was designed and executed by Mr. L F Roslyn, RBS, of South Kensington London. Mr. Roslyn is a member of the Royal Society Of British Sculptors and has been entrusted with many important memorials and works throughout the country.

The monument is built of imperishable materials, Cornish granite and Bronze being used. The general scheme has been to produce a Memorial, which is simple yet dignified. It is well proportioned, with sufficient contrast between the bronze and granite to take away any appearance of bareness. The panels on either side are a tribute to the Navy and the Army, representing also “Freedom” and “Honour”. The bronze wreaths represent “Victory” and the swords symbolise “Sacrifice”.”

The site selected is in Victoria Square, the main entrance to the Town.

The Memorial also lists the names of those lost in the 1939 - 1945 World War and the 1982 Falklands conflict. Their details can be found HERE

~ Lest We Forget ~

Research on those commemorated on the memorial is continuing and additions will be made on a regular basis. I would be pleased to receive in any comment, correction or information regarding those listed here. I would also welcome contact from any relative or descendant of these Great War Heroes.

Please send any comments or contribution to my contact email address - brhillier@gmail.com. Thanks, Barry Hillier, Holyhead Maritime Museum.