Phillip Thomas George Michael, Electrical Engineer

Phillip Thomas George Michael, Mercantile Marine. Died, aged 38, as a result of enemy action on 10 October 1918 in the Irish Sea.

He is not formally included at a war casualty by the CWGC as he was not on duty at the time and was travelling as a passenger.

He was born at Holyhead the son of Robert and Arabella Anne Michael (nee Evans) and the husband of Elizabeth A Michael (nee Tyrell) of 51 Newry Street, Holyhead. They married at Holyhead in 1911 and had 4 children - Maud L M Michael (b.1912), Herbert E Michael (b.1914), Arabella A Michael (b.1916) and Richard Rees Michael (b.1918). His father originated from Holyhead and was a Ship's Steward. His mother came from Carmarthen. In 1881 the family lived at 42 Newry Street, Holyhead. They both died within two weeks of each other in March 1902.He completed an Engineering Apprenticeship with the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company (CDSPCo.) at Holyhead and became a Junior Engineer on SS Ramazan. He later served 4 years on the Williams Thomas & Company (Liverpool) ship SS King before returning to Holyhead and the CDSPCo. His brother Robert William Michael, 2nd/3rd Engineer, survived the sinking.

There is no record of him receiving any service medals.

He is buried at Maeshyfryd Cemetery, Holyhead. Grave location 2.1546.