William Mathias, Chief Engineer

William Mathias, Chief Engineer, Mercantile Marine, RMS Leinster. Died at sea, aged 52, as a result of enemy action on 10 October 1918 in the Irish Sea.

Born at Holyhead, the son of John and Jane Mathias. His father was a Master Mariner, born at Beaumaris. He was the husband of Elizabeth Ann Mathias (nee Lewis) and brother-in-law of Lewis and William John Lewis. Married at Holyhead in 1899. In 1911 he was living at 33 Newry Street, Holyhead with his wife, then aged 41 and son Hector Mathias (10).

He served his apprenticeship with the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company at Holyhead and later at Lairds, Birkenhead. In 1890 he settled at Holyhead rejoining the CoDSPCo. In 1891 he was at Kingston Harbour as 3rd Engineer on the Leinster. He was Chief Engineer on RMS Connaught when she was lost in March 1917. Consequently as the junior Chief Engineer he reverted to Second Engineer but when the Leinster's Chief Engineer became ill he took up the the position of Acting Chief Engineer.

In his will he left £564 to his wife.

Awarded the Mercantile Medal and British War Medal

Commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial. He is also remembered on a family grave at Holyhead (Maeshyfryd) Burial Board Cemetery.