Welcome to CSM Wire

CSM Wire is a website devoted to the science-fiction MMORPG EVE Online and its player representative body, the Council of Stellar Management. Since the first CSM back in 2008, many have questioned the usefulness of the player body. Others have pointed to the non-disclosure agreement that members of the CSM sign as a reason that the full extent and impact of the CSM is not known to players. Those people then point to the minutes of the Winter and Summer summits that CCP and the CSM hold each year as the only windows into the effectiveness of the CSM.

But is that really true? Is the only way to judge the CSM based on the minutes of summits that are released weeks, sometimes months, later? Or is much of the information publicly available and just very hard to access? This website is an experiment to discover the true answer. Perhaps the issue isn't a lack of information, but just the desire to seek it out.