Somen Inari Sushi V2

1 large (31.74 oz) package frozen seasoned deep fried bean curd rectangles, thawed

10 oz somen noodles (dried)

2 blocks kamaboko, slivered

8 oz ocean salad

3 oz Tropics oriental dressing

Break somen noodles in half and cook as directed on package. Drain and cool. Drain aburage, pouring liquid over well drained somen noodles. Squeeze aburage pieces gently and add liquid to noodles. Add kamaboko, ocean salad, and dressing to noodles. Toss gently until kamaboko and ocean salad are distributed throughout. Carefully open aburage rectangles and fill with somen mixture. Chill until ready to serve. Makes about 55 aburage cups.