Irvin's Cosplay Gallery

Irvin is an avid cosplayer, and since 2008 has dressed up as over eighty different characters.  Half were from Harry Potter, which is what started Irvin's craze, but he has since expanded into Disney, theatre, other books, TV shows, and more.  Living in NYC affords copious opportunities for cosplay, such as Halloween (when Irvin does his best work) and the Mermaid Parade every June, not to mention Irvin's own themed birthday parties every February.

In the service of cosplay, Irvin has learned many valuable skills: sewing, ironing, hot gluing, and even tying a tie.  Take a look around, look at Irvin's different costumes, and while you're at it read a bit about the creation of said costume and the shenanigans that took place while in the costume.

See what Irvin gets up to when he's not in costume here!