The Dancing Death Eaters (DDEs, as they're commonly referred to) are the first ever wizard dance troupe. Led by Irvin, they perform ballroom dance routines to wizard rock songs, chiefly about Death Eaters. Irvin can be contacted at "DarkLordofDance@gmail.com" and this is the official site of the Dancing Death Eaters. Here you can find the latest news about them, explore their history, and watch videos of their dancing.

The Dancing Death Eaters were active from 2009 to 2014, took a hiatus from 2014 to 2018, but now are back and better than ever! They organized three wizard rock concerts in NYC: Avada KedavRock! 2012, Avada KedavRock! 2014, and Avada KedavRock! 2019. Starting in 2013, Irvin has brought the dancing to the people through teaching Wizard Dance at Cons.

If you are interested, we are always recruiting! There is absolutely no dance experience necessary, and anyone over 18 is welcome. Just have a good sense of fun and no sense of shame, and you'll fit right in! Even if you can't come all the time, come whenever you can. Our lessons will be held regularly on Wednesday evenings every week, usually between 7:30 and 9 or something like that, in Midtown Manhattan. So email us if you want to join!

Swish and Flick's Like a Death Eater

Butterbeer Experience's Death Eater Tango

Draco and the Malfoys' 99 Death Eaters

Oliver Boyd's Spells and Scars

Celestial Warmbottom's Hey Dark Wizard

Celestial Warmbottom's Dear Aunt Celestial

Swish and Flick's If You Didn't Come to Party

Hawthorn and Holly's Art of Parseltongue

Malfoy Manor's Stronger Than Imperio

Blibbering Humdingers' Dark Mark Calling

Witherwings's Oliver Wood

Gringotts Girls' Oh, the Goblins and the Wizards Should Be Friends

Celestial Warmbottom's Dear J.K. Rowling

The Brothers Black's Don't Wanna Be a Death Eater

The Parselmouths' My Obsession

Ashley Trix's Rodolphus

"Mean Girls" Jingle Bell Rock

Latest Update: June 2020 Updates

Did we do something with our hair? Or maybe get our Dark Marks touched up? Nope, it's a new look for our website! Google Sites is forcing all their sites to update to the new interface... and while we miss our old color scheme, by and large it seems like a good look!

The biggest news: the music video for My Obsession is live on YouTube now! We're so incredibly proud of this one; it's many Death Eaters' favorite number in the repertoire.

The latest addition to our repertoire is a somewhat unorthodox one: the Jingle Bell Rock routine from "Mean Girls." We learned it as a holiday surprise from Irvin to the Death Eaters, but it ended up being so much fun that we performed it at Irvin's birthday party, and it appears to be a thing now.

Back in January, there was also a very momentous occasion in DDE history: the DDEs performed without Irvin for the first time! This had never happened in 10+ years. But the current troupe is of a caliber where Irvin trusted Julia, Sheila, and Scott to perform by themselves; by all accounts, they did a great job!

We were working on a difficult new DDE routine before coronavirus: it was murder on our bodies, but we were halfway done when rehearsals ground to a halt. We'll just have to pick it back up when the world returns to a semblance of normal.

For those of you stuck at home like us, Irvin filmed a video tutorial to our Rodolphus routine: this can be found at Alohomora's Patreon.

At long last, we finally have a proper Picture Gallery on this website! There, you can see highlights from the last two years of DDEs. Eventually, we'll go back through hard drives and do the same for the first era.

Lastly, there's been some tidying up and updating of our Current Roster and Former Death Eaters, a few Dance Videos added, etc.

(For less recent updates, please check the Latest News page because the new Google Sites is terrible with updates.)