Current Roster

  • Irvin
    is the leader, founder, teacher, and choreographer of the Dancing Death Eaters. Known as the Dark Lord of the Dance, he rules them with an iron fist...or so people are led to believe!  He has thirteen years of ballroom dancing under his belt, and now shares those skills with the other Death Eaters.
    Irvin is the only one of the dancers to participate in all thirteen of the Death Eaters' dances, a fact that he occasionally laments during run-throughs.  He has (obviously) been with the troupe since its inception in November 2009.  Irvin's strengths lie in his ballroom dancing expertise, his intimate familiarity with the choreography, and his ability and willingness to lift people (at great risk to both the people and himself!).  He has cosplayed many characters in the course of his Death Eater duties, with the regular ones being Bellatrix Lestrange, Remus Lupin, and Draco Malfoy.  The most uncomfortable was definitely Albus Dumbledore, considering the fake beard necessary for the character.

  • Mary
    is Irvin's right-hand Death Eater. She is the only member of the original Dancing Death Eaters left. She is the truest Slytherin of the bunch, and proud!  We'd all like to think that her sarcasm and caustic remarks are really hiding a heart of gold.  Her strengths are her familiarity with the DDEs' style after many years of loyal service, as well as some ballet experience from her past (which can be seen in her graceful spins and high kicks).
    Mary has participated in nine of the Death Eaters' thirteen dances, more than any other current member.  Among the highlights are Stronger Than Imperio, If You Didn't Come to Party, and Spells and Scars.  Her solo dance with Irvin is the dramatic Hey Dark Wizard, where her skills really shine.  Because the Dark Lord enjoys tormenting her, she most frequently cosplays Gryffindors like Molly Weasley and Hermione Granger, filling her with self-loathing.  But she disappears into the characters; when she donned a Madam Pomfrey outfit, she deceitfully appeared the very epitome of a kind and caring nurse.

  • Sheila
    is the only Death Eater left from the second generation, having joined in April 2011..  She is the eldest Death Eater, but makes up for lost time with boundless enthusiasm, and through her hard work has learned a lot of dances.  Among her strengths are her impressive dedication to mastering dances, and her experience with salsa dancing from extra classes she used to take.  She doesn't really cosplay much in her line of evil service, but with her black hair and wardrobe, she's not a far cry from Bellatrix.  She also appears as a very flashy and glamorous Madam Rosmerta in Dear J.K. Rowling.
    Sheila has participated in eight of the DDEs' thirteen dances.   The first dance she did, and probably the one that highlights her best, is Art of Parseltongue - leading to her nickname, "Mistress of Parseltongue."  Among other highlights are her roles in Oliver Wood, Stronger Than Imperio, and she's recently taken over the lead role in If You Didn't Come to Party.  

  • Katy is the mysterious new Death Eater, who acts suspiciously Hermione-ish for a Death Eater, and will be making her debut soon.