Dance Videos

We have a comprehensive DVD of our 2009-2010 season - "Dastardly Dances" - that has over 75 minutes of footage including five live performances, five different dances, an epic music video for "Spells and Scars," and behind-the-scenes interviews.  It is available for $10 here.

We also have a second music video, this one for If You Didn't Come to Party.  This is on our second DVD, for the 2010-2011 season - "Fatal Fun."  While the music video is up on YouTube at the link, there are six individual character versions of the music video exclusive to the DVD.  There are also live performances of five (mostly new) different dances, along with a behind-the-scenes interview and blooper reel.  It is available for $15 here.

Our third music video is Dear J.K. Rowling, which is a new dance that has never been performed live.  The dance pays homage to all twelve of the preceding dances by having a significant move from each of them.  Try to figure out all twelve, and expect the "answer key" video on our upcoming third DVD!

But in the meantime, enjoy these YouTube videos of our live performances!  Please note that the links marked with a * include the wrock artist singing their song live.

            2009-2010 Season

            2010-2011 Season

            2011-2012 Season (live from Avada KedavRock! 2012)

A playlist of all the videos of their performances available online can be found here.  It also includes fun extra videos, like ceremonies giving Death Eaters their t-shirts.