Former Death Eaters

  • Leeza
     was the youngest and tiniest of the Dancing Death Eaters when she joined at only eighteen years old. However, she proved to be a formidable Death Eater, and rose through the ranks to become the Dark Lady of the Dance, second in command only to Irvin.  She is the only member of the Death Eaters to be a former fangirl of the group.  She grew tremendously during her Death Eater tenure, coming out of her shell, and working through her incredible phobia of falling.
    Death Eater Tenure: November 2010 through November 2012.
    Leeza partook in eight of the Death Eaters' twelve dances, a number to rival Mary's and second only to Irvin.  Among the dances that highlighted her, where she was the female lead, are Stronger Than Imperio and Oliver Wood.  She memorably originated the role of Pansy Parkinson in If You Didn't Come to Party, a portrayal so iconic that it forever earned her the nickname "Hot Tranny Mess."  She also got to have a solo dance with Irvin before she departed, in the wildly comic Oh the Goblins and the Wizards Should Be Friends.
    Leeza returned, for one week in January 2013 at the behest of the Death Eaters, to play the starring role of Grindelwald opposite Irvin's Dumbledore in Dear J.K. Rowling, which marked her ninth dance.  She brought a spark of life to the week's proceedings, donning a wig and fake beard to truly become her character.  And indeed, the chemistry between Dumbledore and Grindelwald is sizzling in the music video.

  • Rosie is the youngest of the Death Eaters pasty and present, however, she also has the most dance experience.  Rosie competes on an international level in Irish dancing.  Her high flexibility and even higher kicks put the rest of the troupe to shame, and her ability to pick up choreography instantly and without effort proved a huge asset.  However, due to her youth and lack of public schooling, she had to be taught things like beckoning to guys - leading to the nickname "Beckoning Beauty."  
    Death Eater Tenure: June 2012 through March 2013.
    She participated in five dances - 
    Like a Death EaterDark Mark CallingDear J.K. Rowling (for which she cosplayed as Minerva McGonagall), and Oliver Wood, as well as taking over the solo-with-Irvin dance Dear Aunt Celestial (for which she cosplayed Tonks).

  • David was the first male Death Eater to join in two and a half years, so he is notable for that alone.  He had the least dance experience of his peers, but he overcome many challenges during his short tenure (including learning how to skip for Dark Mark Calling, a task that was disproportionately difficult for him).  This earned him the nickname "Scintillating Skipper," which upon being announced sent the Dark Lady into paroxysms of mirth.
    Death Eater Tenure: June 2012 through November 2012.
    He participated in three dances - Like a Death EaterDark Mark Calling, and Oliver Wood.  It is the latter that highlights him best, which is fitting for a member of the NY Badassilisks.

  • Julia
    was the host of the Dancing Death Eaters' lessons, and the best sport among the group. She went along with pretty much all of Irvin's hare-brained schemes.  She joined the Death Eaters at a crucial juncture in the group's history, right before the NYC Wrock Festival, quickly learning a dance to perform at the event and thereby beginning the second generation of Death Eaters.
    Death Eater Tenure: November 2010 through July 2011.
    Julia participated in four dances.  She was one of the girls in Like a Death Eater, and one of the boys in Art of Parseltongue (even doing the lifts!).  She received top billing in If You Didn't Come to Party, memorably originating the role of Astoria Greengrass, which led to her forever being nicknamed the "Leading Skank."  She also took on the role of Nymphadora Tonks in her solo with Irvin, Dear Aunt Celestial - a role she originated, then defined by throwing off her wig midway through the dance. 

  • Rebekah
    was the culinary member of the Dancing Death Eaters, and brought a lot to the table - literally - by bringing delicious baked goods to lessons. She and Julia are almost the same person.
    Death Eater Tenure: February 2011 through July 2011.
    She participated in three dances.  She got to be one of the lovely ladies in Like a Death Eater, and then danced with her beloved Julia in Art of Parseltongue.  But Rebekah will forever be remembered for her bizarre portrayal of Severus Snape in If You Didn't Come to Party - a role so iconic, that it got a solo picture on the DVD case, and earned her the nickname "Predatory Pedobear" after she pursued and terrified poor Leeza while in costume.

  • Annie
    was the only member of the Dancing Death Eaters not affiliated with
    TGTSNBN or the NY Badassilisks. She was a friend and classmate of Leeza's.  Shyer and more timid than most Death Eaters, she occasionally struggled to bring the extroverted roles to life, but always came through when needed.
    Death Eater Tenure: December 2010 through March 2011.
    Annie only ever did Like a Death Eater and If You Didn't Come to Party, which was definitely her highlight dance, where she originated the role of the incredibly inebriated Sybill Trelawney.  She had to be extensively coached in the art of acting intoxicated by older Death Eaters.

  • Saribel
    was the youngest Death Eater of the original group, and was the first one who had to contend with lots of lifts and tricks.
    Death Eater Tenure: November 2009 through July 2010.
    Saribel participated in the four original dances - Like a Death Eater, 99 Death Eaters, Death Eater Tango, and Spells and Scars.  She portrayed Lupin in Spells and Scars, and therefore got to not only die herself, but also indirectly cause Tonks's death (Tonks's downfall was tripping over Lupin).  She is best highlighted in Death Eater Tango, which is also her favorite dance.  She describes it as "very majestic."

  • Emma
    was a double-threat Death Eater, doubling as the lead singer of wizard rock band 
    Bella and le Strangers.  She holds the distinction of being Death Eater to suck up to Irvin the most... she really was Bellatrix personified! She was also the first major Death Eater to join after the group's inaugural performance at Evil Day 2.
    Death Eater Tenure: February 2010 through July 2010.
    Emma participated in the four original dances - Like a Death Eater, 99 Death Eaters, Death Eater Tango, and Spells and Scars.  The first one she learned, and the one that highlights her best, is 99 Death Eaters.  She played Fred Weasley in Spells and Scars, which is fitting since her secondary wizard rock band is called George's Left Ear.

  • Pam
    was the most charitable Death Eater, as the leader of the NYDA ("New York Dumbledore's Army," New York City's chapter of the
    Harry Potter Alliance), and is responsible for the good relationship the NYDA and the DDEs had.
    Death Eater Tenure: November 2009 through June 2010.
    Pam participated in the three first dances the Death Eaters did - Like a Death Eater, Death Eater Tango, and 99 Death Eaters.  The dance she had a lead role in, that best highlighted her dancing, was Like a Death Eater.