Mailing List

Use the comments section here to sign up for our mailing list!  Give us your email, and if you like, the area in which you live.  We don't spam, Irvin or Leeza will only email you with important info like upcoming performances, new dance videos, and so forth.  That way you don't have to always be checking this site!

Alternatively, sign up for our "potential Death Eater" list, and you will be sent regular emails about our lessons in case you are able to come to one of them.  Just put "potential Death Eater" in your comment.

If you are interested in becoming a Death Eater for real, please email Irvin about it, and he will send you full info.  Should there be no response for over three days, it is likely the Internet swallowed your email, in which case you can comment here about that and we'll contact you.