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Extra Credit

On Receiving Extra Credit for the Class:

If you attend a poetry reading, literary reading, or some kind of event related to literature AND you write a 300 words (or more) review of the event, I will give you extra credit for the class. To write a good review, you must:

1) Give your reader a sense of the event (remember that your reader was not there). Make the event come alive in some way.

2) Give a critique of the event. Was the event successful? If so, why? If not, why not? What suggestions would you have if the event were put on again in the future?

3) If the event is on-going, would you recommend it to fellow students? Why/why not? Provide details (website and/or phone number and/or address) so students can receive more information about it.

4) Post your review on the class conference site (and let me know it's there!).

Places to Go Hear Authors Read:

For a HUGE list of authors and readings in San Francisco, go to:

LitQuake's List: Writing Groups, Readings, and Bookstores in the Bay Area

Also, in Berkeley, try Diesel and Pegasus.

(in progress--please let me know if you have any suggestions!)