Baseball Cake

Baseball Cake

decorative pieces:

  • fondant or gum paste
  • brown food coloring
  • black and red edible markers


  • 2 or 3 layers of cake, any flavor, baked and cooled
  • small amount of cake baked in a 4 or 6-inch pan (for the softball on top)
  • white/vanilla buttercream
  • orange, blue and red food coloring (or colors of your choice - I used blue and orange because the birthday boy loves the Mets)



Make the decorations a few days in advance, so they have time to dry and harden.  I used gum paste, but fondant will work equally well.  These could also be placed on top of cupcakes.

  1. For the bats, roll a small amount of brown gum paste between your hands to form a cylinder, then use your fingers to shape the narrow end of the bat.  After it dries, use a black edible marker to smudge a few streaks on the bat for the wood grain.
  2. For the softballs, roll small amounts of white fondant into balls.  Use the red edible marker to draw on the stitching.
  3. For the gloves, here are the instructions I used for shaping the glove.  While they piped chocolate on for their stitching, though, I just drew the stitching onto mine with a black edible marker.

Assembling the Cake:

  1. Stack the cakes and frost with a smooth layer of buttercream.  To make the cake softball in the middle, I took the extra bit of cake I baked in a small pan and carved it into the shape of a softball, set it on top, and frosted it.
  2. Tint a small amount of the buttercream blue, and use a round tip to pipe the vertical stripes from the base of the cake to the top edge.  Pipe a border around the base of the baseball.
  3. Tint a small amount of the buttercream orange, and pipe a decorative border around the bottom and top edges of the cake.
  4. Tint a small amount of the buttercream red, and pipe the stitching onto the baseball.
  5. Decorate with your fondant/gum paste creations!


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