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Also:   I have two new books almost ready to publish.  I am just doing the final editing now.  The title of one of the books is, "Who is the Messiah".  This will be a shock to those who claim that he always existed with the Father.  The other book is titled, "Who is the Beast and the False Profit".  So many are seeking to identify the coming Antichrist that they are bind to the fact that the Antichrist came and went 1700 years ago.  However, his legacy lives on via the state sanction religion which he created.  The Scriptures tell of the Antichrist that he will change the laws and the times.  That is exactly what Emperor Constantine did.  Therefore, the religion that he created (with the help of the Jews) is also Antichrist. 

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Oct. 2, 2018 - The Last Great Day

Oct. 20, 2018 - Is Homosexuality a Salvational Issue

Oct. 27, 2018 - The Power of the Spirit

Welcome to the official "In Search of YHVH" site.  My name is Gary Primo.  I live in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada.  I was called to serve Yahuwah 31 years ago and it has been a most interesting and educational journey ever since. 

The feature article of this site is "The Christian Counterfeit" (currently under re-construction and editing, preparing it for publishing).  This article reveals exactly how the Christian religion truly developed from an extension of Judaism to a clever makeover of the two predominant pagan religions of Rome, Mithraism and Sol Invictus.  

This article also shows how Daniel's dream about the fourth, world-ruling empire (Rome) would extend to the final coming of Yahushua to claim His kingdom.  According to the worldly view of history, the Roman Empire died in the 6th century.  However, my contention is that this was the deadly wound talked about concerning the beast in the Book of Revelation that was healed.  The healing took place almost immediately after the fall of Rome when the leaders of Rome disguised themselves as priests of the Roman Catholic Church and have been ruling from inside the walls of the Vatican ever since.  It reveals how the Vatican has waged war on all so-called "heretics" ever since using the military might of whichever nation was currently riding of the wave of global dominance at the time. At this time that global dominating power is the United States of America.  However, it has changed many times throughout the centuries and it may be on the verge of changing once more to the European Union.  It is also my belief that the Vatican heavily influenced the War of Independence and infiltrated the government of the United States since its inception, via the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

This article also demonstrates how the people of Yahuwah have been led astray over and over again throughout the course of history and that the separation of Judaism and Christianity is merely a case of history repeating itself - comparing it to the separation of the two nations of Judah and Israel after the death of Solomon.
The second most prominent article (or perhaps it should be the first) "Who Was/Is Yahushua" deals with the identity of the Son of Elohim and the two distinctly different glories common to each the Father and the Son.  The glory of the Father is that of being the Creator of all life and having always had the power of self-existence.  The glory of the Son is that he was the only seed that Yahuwah planted directly and having been endowed with all the power and wisdom of Yahuwah, went on to create the rest of the universe and all life in it.  Also, He was the first of all creation to complete the plan of Yahuwah and now is the only one besides the Father to possess the power of self-existence.  I know this to be a very controversial subject, due to the negative feedback from some people, but please try to give it an unbiased read and do your own study into the matter before sending any angry emails.     

I welcome all communication concerning my articles, both positive and negative.  I only ask that all such communications are kept on a civilized, intelligent level (no name calling or bashing) and be accompanied by your own personal studies into the various topics.  Don't tell me what so-and-so said from such and such a church or website.  I want to know what Yahuwah was revealed to you though your own personal studies.

I have a simple mindset when I study the Scriptures; one, that the Scriptures literally mean what they say and two, that there must be a harmonization of all scriptures on any given topic for it to make sense and have any ring of truth.  Any disharmony tells me that there is something wrong with any traditional interpretation. 
Also, I believe that most believers are getting too sidetracked in the small intricate details of truth and not focusing the main objective, or the big picture.  In John 17, Yahushua reiterates over and over that his desire for his followers is, that they become one with the Father as he was/is.  That is a much higher target that most realize or take seriously.  Many are learning one or two truths (such as the Sabbath and High Days or the Sacred Names) and laying down thinking that they now have everything they need to make it into the Kingdom.  Due to the fact that all societies on Earth are based on a satanic system we must never assume that we are beyond all deception.  The search for truth is a life-time quest from which we should never quit until the day we die. 
However, as important as knowing all truth is, our main focus should be becoming one with the Father as Yahushua was/is.  Can anyone today truthfully claim to possess that same oneness with the Father as Yahushua did?  I think not.  And, I am not making any such claim.  The biggest obstacle, as I see it, lies in all the emotion baggage we carry around with us.  Everyone, to greater and lesser degrees has such baggage.  We are brought into the world as totally trusting infants.  Yet, over the years certain events in our lives cause us to distrust.  We mentally and emotionally build psychological walls around our minds and hearts to protect us from those who cause us physical and emotional harm.  The height of these walls is dependent on how much emotion and physical trauma we have suffered in our lives.  These walls are tough to tear down again once they are in place. 

In most cases, people carry their natural sense of mistrust over into their relationship with Yahuwah and Yahushua.  We simply cannot help ourselves.  This is what Yahushua meant when he said we must become like little children - freely and openly trusting Yahuwah without any reservation.  This is the barrier before us all in becoming one with the Father and Yahushua.  When and if we are able to break through this barrier and we truly become one with the Father, all the signs that followed Yahushua will follow us as well - as they did the apostles. 

In the past whoever I have asked this question of, "why is Yahuwah not working with us as he did his apostles?" simply answered me "God does not work that way anymore." and that the apostles were different because they were eye witnesses to the life, death and resurrection of the Messiah.  Yet, Yahushua said that those who believe without such a witness would be even more blessed.  Therefore, my contention is that Yahuwah definitely does still work this way and that the problem lies with us, not the Father. 

It is my hope that we who are earnestly seeking the truth will put our minds and hearts together to uncover all truth and serve YHVH as He would have us serve Him - and that we will all do our part in presenting the truth of Yahuwah to an almost totally deceived world.  We must be like the "noble Berians" in not believing what any man teaches us, but search and prove all things on our own.  In the judgement we will be made to stand on our own two feet to face the Creator of the universe and we will NOT at that time be able to point the finger at any man or religion, saying this is what they taught us because Yahuwah will, at that time, say to us, "I never knew you."  Is that what any of us want to hear? 
Yahushua opened the door for us that allows us to freely approach the throne of the Father and learn directly from Him.  We have no need of a human teacher.  If we seek out the truth on our own, Yahuwah will reveal it to us.  We have an obligation to share any new truth we discover with our brothers and sisters of the faith.  Some of the truths we discover will not be readily accepted because so many people are locked into "set-in-stone' doctrines in which they feel comfortable and do not want to leave their comfort zone.  They think that their doctrines which they hold so near and dear are going to allow them to coast into the Kingdom doing the bare minimum of what Yahuwah expects of us.  That may well be so, but these people will then have to be satisfied with holding a much lower position in the Kingdom than those who put an all-out effort into uncovering all deception and discovering all truth.
It is my hope and desire to attract other avid truth seekers to join my cause and help with this venture.  It really is too big for one man alone to uncover all truth.  We must assume that EVERYTHING that we have been brought up to believe was based in one way or another on the deceptions of HaSatan.  We must remain focused on peeling back these deceptions layer by layer.  The more we peel away, the closer we will come to that oneness with Yahuwah that He desires us ALL to have. 

Yahuwah Bless
Gary Primo 

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