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April 17, 2021

Church Gatherings

There has been much “to do” over church-held services going on during this “pandemic”.  Now, as everyone knows, I have no sympathy for the Christian churches, but their problems will become our problem soon enough.  I would like to tell everyone to calm down!  Yahuwah and His Son are everywhere we go, every step of the way.  If we cannot get to a church service or any other spiritual gathering, it is ok.  Yahuwah is with us even when praying from a closet.  We do not have to gather in groups to reveal our righteousness to others; Yahuwah knows us inside out, and it is for Him to judge our righteousness.  Now is the perfect time for Bereans to search and prove all things for ourselves.  There are many things we do not know yet.  So, turn this pandemic into a blessing and get closer to Yahuwah.  Yahuwah Bless.

April 15, 2021

Confirmation of DNA Altering

Last week I sent out a video produced by the FOY concerning the Mark of the Beast and how any future, globally mandated vaccine would prove to be the perfect delivery system for the MOB.  I only had one negative comment.  Well folks, here is the proof that such DNA altering methods are really out there.  Of course, they stress it is only to treat and permanently remove certain health conditions.  Well, we certainly wouldn’t expect them to announce that they are implanting the MOB into the vaccine now, would we?

Read on:

Can the mRNA vaccines change DNA? (msn.com)

April 4, 2021

Chinese Christians Being Tortured and Brainwashed

Chinese Christians Held in Secretive Brainwashing Camps: Sources (breitbart.com)


Despite my views on Christianity, I do not condone their torture and brainwashing.  This report is absolutely disgusting.  Chinese Christians are being imprisoned, tortured, brainwashed and “disappeared” just for practicing their faith. 

Apparently, the Chinese have two state sponsored Christian religions (Chinese Catholic and Protestant) that have communist elements built into them.  They are banned from hanging crosses or other religious symbols on the walls in their homes, and instead, are forced to hang pictures of the “glorious” communist leaders in their place. 

As bad as this situation is, once the Globalist gain control over the world, the treatment of Christians is going to get even worse.  Any One World government is definitely going to be Communist.  We already have the European Union in place (the first model of the NWO) where they have a neutered parliament and a Commission of 30 unelected officials who call all the shots.  This group (of course) is made up of rich businessmen and bankers. 

As we read in most newspapers every day, the war against religion has already begun, and is about to get much worse.  The Covid-19 hoax is already responsible for church services being banned.  Soon they will be raiding private homes where it is suspected service is going on.  One by one, all our rights and freedoms are being stripped away.  Once under the total control of a One World Government, there will only be one government-controlled religion – that of Moloch worship.  Every year the Global Elite gather at Bohemian Grove for their annual get together.  Standing at the site is a giant statue of an owl (all seeing/all knowing) which is one of the symbols for Moloch worship.   This will be the state-sponsored religion of the New World Order.  All other forms of religion will be stamped out.  This is when the great silencing of the Word will occur. 

Even True Believers will be persecuted.  We will be forced to practice our faith in absolute secrecy.  Our phones will be tapped, our computers monitored.  We will be forced to communicate the old-fashioned way, by word of mouth only.  And, of course, we will also have to keep our activities from friends and relatives, as they will feel they are doing their civic duty in turning us in.  If we think things are bad right now, they are about to get much, much worse.  Yahuwah Bless.

The Easter Charade

Friday, April 2, 2021

11:18 PM

Well, it is that time of year again, when the Christian world celebrates the pagan high-day, known as Easter.  If actually following the scriptures, they should know that our Messiah died on Passover day at 3:00 in the afternoon.  Now, I know that they do read the Bible, so why can they not accept what the words say?  My guess is that Yahuwah has blinded them to seeing the truth because of some fault of some sort.  There may be numerous faults we can guess at, but I would think they all come under one general heading, they are children of disobedience.   Their churches are merely a place for social gatherings, not for ones who are seeking any truth.  They are condemned already; by the very words that they are reading and they can see it not.  And the number of them is absolutely mind-boggling.


What a slap in the face it is to Yahuwah.  By their actions, they place their own pagan messiah on Yahushua's throne.  I am only surprised That Yahuwah has not ended it already.  How enduring and much appreciated His patience is.  It is my hope and prayer that these individuals get a second chance following the second resurrection to repent. 


Following Yahushua's death, HaSatan moved right in with his legions of demons, deceiving the masses into believing the lie.  And to this day, their descendants love the lie.   But even though going through much persecution, the brave True Believers of that day never ceased preaching the Gospel to the world.  My mind lately has been on those Christians murdered in predominantly Muslim counties.   It is terrible that they were so devoted to the lie, that they gave their lives for the lie.  Perhaps they are the ones who, when they get to the "Pearly Gates" only hear Yahuwah judge them, "I never knew you!". And neither did they know or even attempt to seek Yahuwah, the Elohim of Israel.


This is something to consider at this time of year when we are bombarded by well-meaning neighbors and friends with "Happy Easter".  We are to be kind to all, so this is not a time bring them down from the emotional high they are on.  We can respect them without respecting their religious leanings.  It is up to Yahuwah to give sight to the blind, just as He did with each and every one of us.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful Last Day of Unleavened Bread and remember to thank Yahuwah for giving us sight.  Yahuwah Bless.

March 30, 2021

A Little Leaven Levels the Whole Lump


Never has the meaning of these words been clearer.  Over the last few decades, we have witnessed how the LGBTQ movement has opened the doors wide open, not only to Gays and Lesbians, but a host of other perversions as well.  They host grand parades in many cities and in Toronto, the city hosts an entire week dedicated to the LGBTQ movement.  And the sheeple say nothing.  Apparently, we are not allowed to freely think our own thoughts without some government official declaring us racists.  I hate to tell them, but the LGBTQ is not a race, they are a disgrace.

Clearly, we have a situation globally that parallels that society that occupied the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.   When such perversions become socially acceptable, Yahuwah has no choice but to act.  For us, declaring the truth is one of our chief responsibilities.  We are the modern-day Watchmen. What is it that Yahuwah expects of us?

Ezekiel 33:6 6But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone's life, that person's life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.'

Do we wish for such a curse befall us?  I certainly hope not.  No matter what society believes, we must be that Light of Yahuwah shinning through the darkness.  We must be the light that draws new Believers into Yahuwah’s flock.  Otherwise, we will be held accountable for their blood.  And to avoid such a curse, we must become more visible. 

I am as guilty as the next person of being reluctant to stick my head on the chopping block.  But that is what we have been called to do.  We must remember what Yahushua suffered for us, and we should not be ashamed to follow His straight path, no matter what the world says about us.  No matter where we are presently in our minds, Yahuwah expects more.  We can do much better.  Yahuwah Bless. 

March 27. 2021

Passover 2021

Happy Passover, everyone.  This is the most important time of the year for True Believers.  Yes, it celebrates Israel’s release from slavery in Egypt.  However, like all the Hebrew holy days, they are indicative of more than one historical event.  The Passover was also when our Messiah was crucified, effectively cancelling the Old Covenant. 

What most do not understand is that the cancelation of such a covenant requires the death of one or the other signees.  In this case it had to be either man or Elohim.  One of the main reasons Yahushua came was to cancel the OT Covenant and begin a New Covenant with man.  The term “New Covenant’ is also misleading.  It is really not much different from the first.  Not one of Yahuwah’s commandments changed.  The only thing that changed were the players involved and the opportunity for salvation.  Yahushua was by then a new creature – a finished product – fully Elohim, the same as the Father.  To gain salvation, He told His followers that they must become one, as He and the Father are one.  We must become the same perfect reflection of the Son, as He is of the Father.  In other words, we too must become reflections of the Father. 

This is what we should be dwelling on and attempting to achieve this Passover season.  This is a great time to practice being Elohim and giving glory to His remarkable plan for mankind.  Yahuwah Bless.

March 20, 2021 

When you look at the photos, it doesn’t look like much. I must hand it to the archeologist for the marvelous job they do of recognizing and interpreting these finds. I also find it interesting that many of these finds are buried quite deep under the surface.  Under a forest, fallen leaves and branches decay and turn into rich soil.  Under desert conditions, shifting sands accomplish the same purpose.   

Yahuwah really amazes me.  The way He covers every detail.  Everything works in unison and harmony, except for man, of course. Man must reinvent everything so he can boast and pound his chest declaring “I am god”.  And such being the case, there are many “gods” on this earth. They need not set their sights any further.   

This must not be the case with us.  We need to be focused on helping and teaching and nurturing, not on ourselves and any self-delusional self-image one might have of themselves.   Be not like the Pharisees and Sadducees. Be like Yahushua.  Yahuwah Bless. 

March 19, 2021

Oldest Hebrew Document

Oldest written document ever found in Jerusalem discovered -- ScienceDaily

Well, calling this find a document may be a bit of a stretch.  It is only approximately 2 cm square.  However, it contained enough information to conclude that it was a royal document and verified that Jerusalem was a major stronghold at the time (a fact that some historians refute).

Science is always attempting to disprove scriptural history.  However, the more things that archaeologists dig up, they continually prove the Scripture accurate.  The same people who claim we all come from monkeys, have made monkeys out of themselves.  I love when that happens. Yahuwah bless. 


March 17, 3031

Sweden joins Germany, France, and 15 other countries in suspending AstraZeneca's vaccine over possible side effects (msn.com)

Why would our Western nations claim that this vaccine is safe, while 17 nations are suspending its use?  I would definitely side with those 17 nations.  Obviously, they are not suspending any of the other vaccines (so far), so this cannot just be an anti-vax issue.  They have tested and have genuine concerns concerning the safety of this vaccine. 

Personally, I don’t trust any of them and have no plans on getting “the jab”.   Aside from the side effects, I worry about what else they may have put in the vaccine – like tracking chips.  The purposes of such chips roaming throughout our blood-delivery system have far reaching significance and will not be used merely to trace and track vaccine recipients.   There will be no place to hide. No “place of safety”.

I am amazed at how the prophesies of the Scriptures are coming to life before our eyes.  But, of course, the Scriptures warn us of many things, but few pay attention.  That’s because they seem a long way off and will be the problem of some other generation.  Well, we are that generation.  We must pay attention to scriptural prophecy if we are to survive this time of Tribulation.  The Great Yahuwah has provided us with an escape plan, and we had better heed it.  Yahuwah Bless 

Feb. 16, 2021 

Ye are Elohim 


According to Yahuwah's Law, we need 2 or more witnesses to verify anything.  There are 3 places I have found that tell us plain and simple, that we are to become elohim.  Yet, I often read or hear someone claiming that we are to become angels, not elohim.  Why would anyone want to be a mere angel when Yahuwah promises them that they are to become elohim.    


1 Cor. 63 - Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! 


If the angels are to face a judgment, the same as we are, they cannot have eternal life at this time.  If they did, what would be the purpose of a judgment? What else could be their reward? 


The following verses equate to 3 witnesses, including the Son of Elohim.  


26 -Then Elohim said, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness, to rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, and over all the earth itself and every creature that crawls upon it.” 

27 - So Elohim created man in His own imagein the image of Elohim He created him; male and female He created them. 

Psalm 82:6:- I have said, Ye are Elohim; and all of you are children of the most High. 

John 10:34 - Yahushua answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are Elohim?  


How can anyone believe we are only to become angels after reading these verses?  Yet, millions of Christians around the world believe exactly that.  Perhaps they should try reading the Scriptures for themselves rather than listening to their lying ministers.   


We were created to become elohim.  Yahuwah is bringing His Kingdom to this planet and it will become the training ground for all future elohim.  We are the sons of Elohim, and like any human son, we become like our human father – a human.  Being a son of Elohim means the same thing, we are going to become like our heavenly Father.  Like our Father we will be creators of life, not destroyers.  We will be responsible for bringing the entire universe to life.  With such an awesome destiny, why would anyone merely want to become an angel? 


May Yahuwah bless all my fellow elohim. 

Feb 3, 2021 


I was curious concerning restrictions on worship services, since so far, I have only heard of Christian churches being targeted.  What I learned from this article is that the same rules apply to all.  Yet all non-Christian facilities remain open and not one story about the police harassing any of them.  


Not that I support Christianity by any means but I do support freedom of thought and freedom of speech.  Plus I am sure we will be targeted right along with Christians, since the authorities will likely fail to understand the difference.  I hope everyone is ready for what is coming.  It is going to be a very rough ride.  Yahuwah Bless.  


Feb. 2, 2021 


This story is especially amusing.  However, it is sad that so many buy into such idiotic fantasies.  Of course, I believe there is a spiritual reason behind it all, since non-believers are always opposed to anything spiritual.  This leads to inventing physical answers to these spiritual realities.   


Have you ever pondered on just how blessed we are that Yahuwah has opened our eyes to the great folly of the human condition.  We are as the mustard seed, a tiny spec bobbing on the sea of moral ignorance.  But we would be no wiser if not for Yahuwah's spirit abiding in us.  So, let us do whatever it takes to feed and cause that spirit to grow and completely inhabit us.  Yahuwah Bless. 



Feb. 1, 2021 


Check out this report.  It is pretty amazing, especially considering that it took Noah 100 years to build his and this guy did it in 3 years (with the aid of modern-day tools, I am sure). Yahuwah Bless. 

Jan. 30, 2021 

Taking It on the Chin 


There is a song by Travis Tritt that I especially like called, "Growing Old don't Come Easy".  And it certainly does not.  We have to learn to slow down and make things easier on ourselves.   


I just turned 70 but my problems began shortly after turning 65.  I was suddenly besieged by heart problems, diabetes and arthritis.  Of course, none occurred suddenly.  They were slowly festering inside me for some time before I was diagnosed.  Then, last week (being careless) I fell at a friend's house, landed ribs first on his end table and ended up with multiple rib fractures.  And for me, sitting around trying not to move is especially frustrating.  It is even painful to type with my left hand.  


We all grow up and begin working.  Soon we are dreaming about our retirement and all the fantastic things we are going to be free to do.  Then, if we live long enough, we finally reach the supposed "Golden" day and we realize that our bodies are too worn out to accomplish those dreams.   


Our bodies do have an expiry date and a lifetime of abuse can definitely shorten the time we have here on Earth.  Of course, we must do more to lead healthy life styles.  However, we might also want to chase those dreams before getting too old.  None of us know when our end is coming.  Yahuwah Bless. 

Jan. 28, 2021 


Think what you want about Putin but I totally agree with his assessment of where the world is heading.  I have been wondering from the start if this pandemic would follow the same pattern as the 1918 pandemic.  It was followed by economic depression and global war.  Where the League of Nations failed, the UN plans to succeed. 


Global extinction is no longer a remote possibility but will be coming with a 100% guarantee.  However, we have another 100% guarantee from Yahushua, himself, that He will intervene before it comes to that. Praise Yahuwah's name.   


As difficult as it may get, we must focus on the spiritual more than ever before.  We must seek that oneness with Yahuwah and Yahushua with all earnestness.  We do not wish to end up like the virgins who did not fill their lamps with oil.  Yahuwah Bless. 

Jan. 23, 2021 

Yahuwah Always gives us an Out  


We are often faced with trials in this life.  The purpose of these trails is to test our righteousness and faith.  Therefore, they should not be regarded with distain but as a learning instrument with which we can grow closer to Elohim and closer to becoming Elohim.   


When these trials arise, we are usually faced with a number of options.  However, not all of these options reflect Yahuwah's spirit.   We are emotional beings who are sometimes blinded by those emotions and give into them, almost irrationally.  If we truly know Yahuwah, it is much easier to choose correctly and see the lesson Yahuwah is trying to teach us.  We all have our own personal journey and personal demons we encounter on the way.   


Do not fear them.  Challenge and  conquer them quickly.  Seek Elohim first and then weigh your options.  Look for the lesson and learn from it.  Yahuwah bless. 

Jan. 20, 2021 

The Problem with Mars 

I found this story in one of the news sources I read every morning.  It reveals a strange and very interesting fact about the soil on Mars and the trouble the probe sent there had in penetrating it. 



To a lay person (like me) the language used to explain this phenomenon may be confusing but basically boils down to this.  They were not able to bore more than 30 centimeters into the soil.  Somehow the soil would clump up and prevent the probe from going any further.   


Now, I have always assumed that all planets are basically constructed the same, using similar material.  This shows us that we should not assume anything.  And, of course, this brings a host of questions to the forefront.  The first one that popped into my mind was, "Did Yahuwah make the other planets like this to discourage man from farming these planets for their natural resources?"   


During one probe, the soil actually pushed it right back out of the hole, which really shocked the scientists.  This info prompted a second question, "What would happen if one tried to plant a seed in the soil.  Would it push the seed out too."  Would that mean that these planets are really deader than dead.   


This makes the fact that we even exist in such a universe a miracle.  How could it be that of all the billions of planets out there, earth is so different.  If this is not proof of a supernatural Elohim, I don't know what is (other than a personal appearance.) 


If Earth was like Mars, before life here began, how could any form of life ever have begun on its own?  I can only compare it to an unfertilized egg.  Without such fertilization it rots and dies.  Only the life-giving spirit of Yahuwah can fertilize these planets.    


What did the scientist do?  They gave up and recalled the probe and are bring it home, likely with soil samples. And, of course, they would never attribute of this to any Almighty Elohim.   Yahuwah Bless. 

Jan. 16, 2021 

Where is Our Faith 


Matt. 17:20 - He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain. 


Mk.16:17 - And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my ... they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues ... new tongues; And these signs shall follow them that believe; 


I believe all of us have likely pondered the question, "Why are the signs and miracles that followed the Apostles are not following us?" Today's Christian religion lies to everyone claiming that their god doesn't work that way anymore.  But, that is a cop-out.  Their god (Constantine) never worked that way in the first place. 


The scriptures above answer the question, but apparently, no one believes it. So, how does one acquire more faith?  Faith proceeds from the heart, not the brain.  It does not involve intelligence and wisdom. The closest human emotion I can compare it to it "love".  When one marries another, they are entering the arena of faith.  One has love for their partner and promises to be faithful.  Is that not what we do when we give our hearts to Yahuwah?   


There is more than one way to be a harlot.  Following any pagan ideology equates to adultery.  Looking for loopholes after signing the contract does not work.  It voids the contract and one is right back where they started.  As for our hopes of salvation – gone! 


We demonstrate our faith by our works.  Could this be the clue to gaining more faith?   Do we need to get out more and DO more?  There are already plenty out there talking the talk but not walking the walk.  We are definitely Laodicean in attitude and in dire need of an attitude adjustment.   


Faith and works go hand in hand.  And by works, I am talking good works – something that costs you nothing except for a little time.  Volunteer and be a light in your community.  Do not keep the truth bottled up in a closet.  Let it out!  Yahuwah bless. 


Welcome to the official "In Search of YHVH" site.  My name is Gary Primo.  I live in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada.  I was called to serve Yahuwah 39 years ago and it has been a most interesting and educational journey ever since.  The purpose of this site is to explore and reveal the way in which the Adversary has led man astray since the Garden of Eden.  His deceptions spread out encompassing the world and influencing all aspects of our lives.  At the root of the problem is our believing that we are already fully elohim, just as the serpent told Eve. Nowhere is this mindset more apparent than at the very top of the heap.  Since the days of king Nimrud, every empire has followed the same pattern of establishing one religious system to represent the empire.  Traditional Christianity (the RCC and all her harlot daughters) lend false claim that Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity.  In reality, Constantine created Christianity as a clever counterfeit to the ever growing Messianic movement.  It was pretty much a makeover of Constantine's favoured Mithraic worship system.  It bears resemblance to the truth in words but by their traditions it tells a completely different story.  

My purpose not to turn anyone away from our Heavenly Father or his Son, but instead, to bring as many as I can out of the Satanic prison we find ourselves in and into the glorious light of the Creator.  In John 17, while in deep prayer to His Father, Yahushua prayed that the Father would make his followers one with Him as He (Yahushua) was one with Him.  And, Yahushua resemblance to the Father was Indeed as one and the same.  That is our true purpose, not to become mere angels or some other lesser being; we are to become fully elohim, in all power and glory that comes with that station.  Yahushua opened the door for all who believe to have an up close and personal relationship with the Father, without all the fancy window dressing, customs and traditions of traditional, government controlled religions.  A new empire is coming.  It will again create a universal system of worship to the Emperor's pleasing.

The feature e-book of this site is "The Christian Counterfeit, Constantine's One World Religion".  It is 100% free, as is everything on my site. Read, share, do whatever you like. This e-book reveals exactly how the Christian religion truly developed from an extension of Judaism to a clever makeover of the two predominant pagan religions of Rome, Mithraism and Sol Invictus.  

e-book also shows how Daniel's dream about the fourth, world-ruling empire (Rome) would continue to the final coming of Yahushua to claim His kingdom.  According to the worldly view of history, the Roman Empire died in the 6th century.  However, my contention is that this was the deadly wound talked about concerning the beast in the Book of Revelation that was healed.  The healing took place almost immediately after the fall of Rome when the leaders of Rome disguised themselves as priests of the Roman Catholic Church and have been ruling from inside the walls of the Vatican ever since.  It reveals how the Vatican has waged war on all so-called "heretics" ever since using the military might of whichever nation was currently riding of the wave of global dominance at the time. At this time that global dominating power is the United States of America.  However, it has changed many times throughout the centuries and it may be on the verge of changing once more to the European Union.  It is also my belief that the Vatican heavily influenced the War of Independence and infiltrated the government of the United States since its inception, via the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

e-book also demonstrates how the people of Yahuwah have been led astray over and over again throughout the course of history and that the separation of Judaism and Christianity is merely a case of history repeating itself - comparing it to the separation of the two nations of Judah and Israel after the death of Solomon.
The second most prominent e-book,  "Who Was/Is Yahushua" deals with the identity of the Son of Elohim and the two distinctly different glories common to each the Father and the Son.  The glory of the Father is that of being the Creator of all life and having always had the power of self-existence.  The glory of the Son is that he was the only "seed" that Yahuwah planted directly and having been endowed with all the power and wisdom of Yahuwah, went on to create the rest of the universe and all life in it.  Also, He was the first of all creation to complete the plan of Yahuwah and now is the only one besides the Father to possess the power of self-existent, eternal life.  I know this to be a very controversial subject and is bound to draw some negative feedback from some people, but please try to give it an unbiased read and do your own study into the matter before sending any angry emails.     

I welcome all communication concerning my articles, both positive and negative.  I only ask that all such communications are kept on a civilized, intelligent level (no name calling or bashing) and be accompanied by your own personal studies into the various topics.  Don't tell me what so-and-so said from such and such a church or website.  I want to know what Yahuwah has revealed to you though your own personal studies.

I have a simple mindset when I study the Scriptures; one, that the Scriptures literally mean what they say and two, that there must be a harmonization of all scriptures on any given topic for it to make sense and have any ring of truth.  Any disharmony tells me that there is something wrong with the traditional interpretation. 
Also, I believe that most believers are getting too sidetracked in the small intricate details of truth and not focusing the main objective, or the big picture.  In John 17, Yahushua reiterates over and over that his desire for His followers was, that they become "one" with the Father as He was/is.  That is a much higher target that most realize or take seriously.  Many are learning one or two truths (such as the Sabbath and High Days or the Sacred Names) and laying down thinking that they now have everything they need to make it into the Kingdom.  We must remember that due to the fact that man chose to obey HaSatan rather than Yahuwah, man also made him the god that they worship.  Constantine did the same with Christianity. Due to the fact that all societies on Earth are based on a satanic system we must never assume that we are beyond all deception.  The search for truth is a life-time quest from which we should never quit until the day we die. 
However, as important as knowing all truth is, our main focus should be becoming one with the Father as Yahushua was/is - writing his laws in our minds and in our hearts to the degree that any desire to sin no longer abides in us.  We need to be pure of mind and heart.  Can anyone today truthfully claim to possess that same oneness with the Father as Yahushua did?  I think not.  And, I am not making any such claim.  The biggest obstacle, as I see it, lies in all the emotion baggage we carry around with us.  Everyone, to greater and lesser degrees has such baggage.  We are brought into the world as totally trusting infants.  Yet, over the years certain events in our lives cause us to distrust.  We mentally and emotionally build psychological walls around our minds and hearts to protect us from those who cause (or may cause) us physical and emotional harm.  The height of these walls is dependent on how much emotional and physical trauma we have suffered in our lives.  These walls are tough to tear down again once they are in place.  We may even find ourselves projecting such emotions on totally undeserving individuals.  For example, an abused woman may develop a fear of all men.  

In most cases, people carry their natural sense of mistrust over into their relationship with Yahuwah and Yahushua.  We simply cannot help ourselves.  This is what Yahushua meant when he said we must become like little children - freely and openly trusting Yahuwah without any reservation.  We must strip ourselves bare and tear down those walls to have such a relationship with the Father as Yahushua had.  This is the barrier before us all in becoming one with the Father and Yahushua.  I believe it is also the barrier preventing us from awakening the full power of the spirit dwelling in us and working the marvelous works of Yahuwah.  When and if we are able to break through this barrier and we truly become one with the Father, all the signs that followed Yahushua will follow us as well - as they did the apostles. 

In the past whoever I have asked this question of, "why is Yahuwah not working with us as he did his apostles?" simply answered me "God does not work that way anymore." and that the apostles were different because they were eye witnesses to the life, death and resurrection of the Messiah.  Yet, Yahushua said that those who believe without such a witness would be even more blessed.  Therefore, my contention is that Yahuwah definitely does still work this way and that the problem lies with us, not the Father.  Can you picture thousands of True Believers openly doing the work of the apostles - or even greater works.  According to Yahushua, it is doable. 

It is my hope that we who are earnestly seeking the truth will put our minds and hearts together to uncover all truth and serve YHVH as He would have us serve Him - and that we will all do our part in presenting the truth of Yahuwah to an almost totally deceived world.  We must be like the "noble Berians" in not believing what any "man" teaches us, but search and prove all things on our own.  In the judgement we will be made to stand on our own two feet to face the Creator of the universe and we will NOT at that time be able to point the finger at any man or religion, saying this is what they taught us, because Yahuwah will, at that time, say to us, "I never knew you."  Is that what any of us want to hear? 
Yahushua opened the door for us that allows us to freely approach the throne of the Father and learn directly from Him.  We have no need of a human teacher.  If we seek out the truth on our own, Yahuwah will reveal it to us.  We have an obligation to share any new truth we discover with our brothers and sisters of the faith.  Some of the truths we discover will not be readily accepted because so many people are locked into "set-in-stone" doctrines in which they feel comfortable and do not want to leave their comfort zone.  They think that their doctrines, which they hold so near and dear, are going to allow them to coast into the Kingdom doing the bare minimum of what Yahuwah expects of us.  That may well be so, but these people will then have to be satisfied with holding a much lower position in the Kingdom than those who put an all-out effort into uncovering all deception and discovering all truth.
It is my hope and desire to attract other avid truth seekers to join my cause and help with this venture.  It really is too big for one man alone to uncover all truth.  We must assume that EVERYTHING we have been brought up to believe was based in one way or another on the deceptions of HaSatan.  We must remain focused on peeling back these deceptions layer by layer.  The more we peel away, the closer we will come to that oneness with Yahuwah that He desires us ALL to have. 

Yahuwah Bless
Gary Primo 

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