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Sgt. Petrowicz (Petro) shares high-fives with eager kiddos from Petsworth elementary. Photo by Ms. Carrie Martin.

GHS resource officer made the 250 mile, three-day journey, to honor officers lost in the line of duty.

Students discuss legends and lore of Gloucester's favorite substitute.

Youtube superstar under fire after makeup guru exposed sexual misconduct in 46 minute video.

Now that Phase Three is concluded, what does the future hold for Marvel's iconic heroes?

What are the positions of the top three democrats vying to be president in 2020?

Lady Dukes huddle before destroying their Menchville opponents. Photo by Paula Dye.

The Lady Dukes tennis team advances to the group 5A East quarterfinals playing Menchville on Wednesday, May 15th.

Detective Ethan Miller tackles a new mystery: is "Detective Pikachu" worth your money?

After twenty years, a classic gaming franchise has finally come to life on Hollywood’s big screen.

The Lady Dukes convene in a pre-game huddle. Photo by Lifetouch.

Lady Dukes face Phoebus twice in one week and send them home both times with massive Ls for the books.

Freshman Zachariah Brown shows off his Met Gala style, which as one onlooker observes, looks like "garbage." Photo by Lainey Blanks.

A look at all the celebrity "fashions" on display at the annual event.

SCA campaign posters have sprung up around GHS as election day draws nearer. Photo by Summer Smith.

Candidates Across Classes Campaign For SCA Leadership Positions

Two-week conflict finally comes to an end.

Local Facebook group a breeding ground for confirmation bias.

Votes provides first salary update since 2005.

Report implicates humans in the looming extinction of numerous lifeforms.

Aw Snap. Junior Karley Ross uses her makeshift infinity gauntlet to channel her inner Thanos. Photo by Lainey Blanks.

Marvel's new movie is a love letter to fans.

Junior Violet Kagey poses by her artwork. Photo by Lilly Robinson.

Fine arts students use venue to show off their creative stripes.

Junior Farren Winter (Maria) and Sophomore Devonte Garcia (Captain Von Trapp) get married in the famous musical. Photo by Andrew Castaneda.

Gloucester High School Makes The Sound of Music Our Own

GHS Senior won first place for the Hampton Roads Business Communication Competition at Norfolk State University

Parent files lawsuit against Gloucester County School System after child is left on school bus

Juniors celebrate their penultimate year with trademark Jostens bling.

Endgame Debuts

Any follower of the MCU is in for a nearly flawless experience.

Audiences are every bit as enthusiastic as the ticket sales suggest.

How ten years was enough time to grow.

Sophomore Kurt Carter tests puts on "beer goggles" to simulate the dangers of drunk driving with Sophomore Leighann Harper. Harper stated, "The driving simulation taught kids in our generation to avoid being distracted while driving."

Students take part in a drunk driving simulation for the Driver’s Education classes at GHS.


Move follows the first time in over 200 years in which a member the Japanese royal family has officially stepped down.

Senior Josh Shackelford advances on the competition. Photo by Amber Howle.

Shakelford, Baker, and others deliver predictably strong performances.

President Maithripala Sirisena at a speech (Photo Credits: Mr. Sudath Silva)

Continued government infighting causes even more chaos.

New security guard Mr. Calvin Johnson welcome students into the hallways. Photo by Karley Ross.

New resource officer, security guard, and others begin their tenure at Gloucester High School

The team's distinction remains after two challenging wins against Warwick

Vero Beach rap artist YNW Melly, born Jamell Demons, could face capital punishment in murder trial.

Mathews Circuit Court Judge sentences Miranda Dawn Gilbert to 15 years after scalding one year old Brayden Blenaru to death earlier last year.

Future student athletes show off their respective colleges. Photo by Ms. Kristie Hunter.

Annual ceremony recognizes students competing at the collegiate level.

Release follows years of heated speculation.

Landmark's burning attributed to faulty restoration work

Extreme weather results in destruction, delays

Lady Dukes rally up after their big win. Photo by Celeste Barber.

Lady Dukes dominate Menchville 17-2, while Boy's Dukes end with nail biting 8-7 with double overtime.

Beta Club members Hunter Emanus, Kayleigh Brown, Lucas Goodrich, Kaitlyn Chaffin, and Sarah Wicker hand out spirited beads for Monday's event.

The Rest of the year kickstarted by GHS BETA Division morale project

California music festival unleashes new surprises and a lot of fun in the valley

Community determined to observe tradition despite forecasted April showers.

What Palpatine’s Return Could Mean for newest sequel

Third Baseman Jordan Roane stays on his toes to recive the incoming play. Photo from Jordan Roane.

Our boys delivered an intense "L" to the visiting opposition

Junior Austin Kent shouts "Shazam" to awaken his inner superhero. Photo by Karley Ross.

New DC's movie's superheroes are not super-serious, and that's a good thing.

Principal Mr. Craig Reed congratulates Gloucester's two outstanding Teacher of the Year recipients, Ms. Jackie Outten and Ms. Kristen Heaney. Photo by Mr. Crowley.

Ms. Heaney and Ms. Outten both recognized, with Ms. Heaney receiving district-wide honor.

Brianna Fleming repaints classic beehive design celebrating the 350th anniversary of Gloucester.

Spring Break concluded with a treasured tradition continued since 1987.

As predicted, the Boy's Varsity soccer team has been enjoying a winning season.


Locally-owned ice cream parlor still a community favorite!

Senior Kaitlyn Chaffin advertises the event, promising to rock attendee's socks off. Photo by Celeste Barber.

Senior's SIRS project aims to provide the Homecoming dance experience many special needs students were forced to miss.

Attorney General Bar yet to release report.

Patriot Tight-End makes Instagram announcement ending prolific career.

New rules needed to happen, but are inconvenient nonetheless.

Traditional Mardi Gras festivities liven up March.

People say Junior Tiffany Jones, Mrs. Sturtz, and Mr. Crowley could be the "Us" dopplegangers for Sophomore Kellie Smith, Junior Celeste Barber, and Junior Tyler Langley. We don't see it.

Writer/ Director Jordan Peele's latest horror-thriller is a baffling masterpiece.

Juniors Olivia Rich and Kaylee Walls catch a breather at the Heritage Match before destroying their next opponents. Photo by Kaylee Walls.

While the Kecoughtan match was dampened by weather, the Heritage match handed our girls a strong win.

An assistant of Tanker Three from the Abington volunteer Fire and Rescue department rescues a snapping turtle from spreading brush fires. Photo by Abbingdon Fire and Rescue's public Facebook page.

Virginia put out by the brave members of the Abingdon Volunteer Fire and Rescue department.

The Lady Dukes celebrate a home-run hit by Kirsten Greene (second from left). Photo by Lifetouch.

Whopping 35-0 victory inspires hopes of another trip to regionals.

Theater teacher and GEA representative Mr. Clint Alexander stands confidently before the School Board and Board of Supervisors to argue on behalf of Dr. Clemons' proposed budget during the meeting's public comment phase.

Compensation for GHS support staff central focus of proposed Real Estate tax hike.

Director of Bands Mr. Sam Venable on his students' achievement: "Putting up with the hard work always pays off."

Annual good deed helps students show their appreciation for staff.

2017 crimes end in convictions for two of the three suspects.

Violence perpetrated by self-described "white nationalist."


Enter Sales Code 4758

Actresses Lori Laughlin, Felicity Huffman among those accused in $500 Billion lawsuit

Annual tradition raises awareness, appreciation for world languages.

Seniors Tucker Sharp, Charlie Poulson, Dane Martin, Victoria Klaus, and Bridget Motley celebrate their (rightly earned) admission to Virginia Tech. "It's not fair to the people who worked hard and are not as well off," Motley says of the admissions scandal plauging USC and others, "and they took spots from athletes who have worked hard for years" referring to Laughlin's fraudulent claims of rowing for her high school's Crew team. Photo by Hannah Beth Hogge.
Andrew Castaneda, Jesse Starcher, and Braxton Thomas try their best to figure out how books work

GHS partakes in annual movement to promote literacy.

Shazamm!: Sophomore Shakiah Harris channels her inner Captain Marvel to clock an unsuspecting Jala Outten (also a sophomore). Photo by Tiffany Jones.

Marvel's new...er...Marvel fills essential gaps in Marvel's ever-growing cinematic universe.

VFW Honoree Mr. Jim Eccleston stands guard in front of his Government class. Costumes and props have long been a part of Ecceleston's famously engaging teaching style. Photo by Karley Ross.

Gloucester's own Mr. Jim Eccleston honored by being named the Virginia Veterans of Foreign Wars’ High School Teacher of the Year for 2018.

Gloucester County Public Schools ask For $3.6 Million, Met with $820 Thousand.

Unearthed "Bubba the Love Sponge" recording reveals the incendiary remarks and divisive explanation.

All 157 passengers died on impact; the exact cause of crash is still being investigated

Students, parents urged to remain vigilant while perpetrator is at large

Celebrated game show host candidly addressed his health and future.

President Trump's former Lawyer Michael Cohen Testifying to Congress. (CNBC)

President Trump's lawyer testified before Congress in regards to crimes that may have been committed by the president.

Potential hoax still has parents, children worried about Dangerous online trends.

Junior Kaylee Walls, Junior Karley Ross, and and Sophomore Amber Howle look into the disturbing meme. Photo by Lainey Blanks.

A look back at the R&B singers turbulent career and legal history

Fatal Stroke claims the life of the "90210" and "Riverdale" star

A date-by-date look at the events (and alleged events) surrounding embattled "Empire" star Jussie Smollett