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stars and stripes

Tutorial done in PSPX2.
Must having some working knowledge of the program.
Stars & Stripes Forever PTU kit by Gemini Creationz, purchase HERE.
Tube is by Elias Chatzoudis, purchase HERE
Template411 by Missy, download HERE.


so with all the files ready to go, let's get started.
open the template and resize the canvas at 750px by 650x.

delete or hide the copyright layer.
merge the square2 layer with square.
now add a new raster layer above the square merged layer.
on the merged square layer, select all/float/defloat.
open paper10 from the kit and copy.
paste into selection on the new raster layer.
select none and hide the square merged layer.

repeat the steps with the following layers and papers:
center square and paper11
rectangle and paper9
frame back left and paper13
frame back right and paper12
rectangle left and paper12
rectangle right and paper13
circles and paper11

open the startag element to fit over the pink center star layer.
resize it by 40% to fit perfectly.

now for the tube.
use a closeup if you have it.
copy and paste (C/P) it at 100% as a new layer above the frame back left/paper13 layer.
position it to your liking. 
go up to effects > photo effects > black and white film.
apply with the following settings:
brightness - 0
clarify - 0
now change the blend mode to screen.
duplicate the tube and mirror it.
drag the duplicate above the frame back right/paper12 layer.
again, position it to your liking.

now use your magic wand to select the area outside the frame back left .
hit delete on the closeup tube on the left.
repeat the steps for the frame back right layer and the tube on the right.
now go down to the bottom/background layer and select all.
crop to selection.

now that all the basics are done, add any elements, text and tubes.
don't forget to add artist credit and license info.

when you're all done, copy special > copy merged. 
paste as a new image and use your magic wand tool to select outside the tag. 
invert selection and crop to selection. 
that will get rid of any extra space that you don't need.

thanks for trying my tutorial! =)