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fairy love

Tutorial done in PSPX2.
Must having some working knowledge of the program.
Fairy Love PTU kit by Gemini Creationz. Purchase HERE.
Cookie tube is included in the kit.
Freeware Plugin Mura's Meister Copies


open a new image at 750px by 650px with a transparent background.
open frame01 from the kit, copy and paste (C/P) as a new layer.
add a drop shadow.

open the fern from the kit, resize by 80%. 
C/P it as a new layer above frame01.
apply the copies plugin with these settings:

resize the circle ferns by 80% and add a drop shadow.

open flower01 and flower02.
C/P both at 100% above the circle ferns.
flower01 should be below flower02.
add a drop shadow to both.

now open frame02 and resize it by 70%.
C/P as a new layer above flower02.
add a drop shadow.

now open the ribbon04 and resize by 70%.
C/P as a new layer above frame02.
add a drop shadow and drag it so it sits on the top part of frame02.

open fairy2 and resize by 80%.
C/P as a new layer above ribbon04.
duplicate the fairy.
still on the duplicate, float/defloat.
delete the duplicate and add a new raster layer the fairy.
add a drop shadow here.
now contract selection by 1 and hit delete.
select none and merge the drop shadow layer with the fairy.
this is so the fairy will maintain some transparency through her wings.

now that all the basics are done, add any elements, drop shadows, and text.
for the text, you can add it below the fairy layer and pull it to the bottom so it looks
like she's sitting on the text.
don't forget to add artist credit and license info.

when you're all done, copy special > copy merged. 
paste as a new image and use your magic wand tool to select outside the tag. 
invert selection and crop to selection. 
that will get rid of any extra space that you don't need.

thanks for trying my tutorial! =)