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fashion in my blood

Tutorial done in PSPX2.
Must having some working knowledge of the program.
2013 Fashionista Exclusive PTU kit by Kizzed by Kelz, purchase HERE.
Tube is by Ismael Rac, purchase HERE
Template 379 by Divine Intentionz, download HERE.
Template Xtras by me, download HERE.
Mask15 by Vix, download HERE.
Filter - Xero "Soft Vignette"


with all the files open and ready to go, let's get started.
open the template and press SHIFT D.
close the original template.
on the duplicate template, delete the copyright info layer.
resize the canvas size to 750px by 650px.

now go down the layer palette to delete the following layers:
wordart back
Raster 2 Shadow 1

now we are going to work out way up from the bottom to the top layer.
open my xtras psd file and COPY the Blue Texture layer.
PASTE it as a new layer on top of the square layer in the working template.
on the square template layer, select all/float/defloat/invert selection.
hit delete on the blue texture layer.
select none and delete the square template layer.

now from the kit, open paper7.
copy and paste (C/P) as a new layer above the large circle template layer.
on the large circle template layer, select all/float/defloat/invert selection.
hit delete on the paper7.
select none and delete the large circle template layer.

repeat the previous step with the following template layers and papers:
square1 - Pink Texture paper from Xtras
square2 - paper6
large circle4 - paper8
large circle2 - paper12
large circle3 - paper9
small circle - paper7

dont add any drop shadows at this point, there are too many sections outside of the canvas view.
you will get random shadows here and there.
go down background layer and select all.
go to image > crop to selection.
that deletes all papers we don't see on the canvas.

now go to the blue texture square.
duplicate the blue texture layer and go to effects > 3D effects > cutout.
apply the cutout with the following settings:
V - 0
H - 0
O - 100%
B - 70.00
Shadow Color - #000000
Interior Color - unchecked
now change the blend mode of the cutout layer to overlay.
merge down one layer.

apply the same cutout step/settings to the following layers:
large circle/paper7
square1/pink texture
large circle2/paper12
small circle/paper7

now for the tube.
open the fashionista tube and fix the colors of the layers to your choosing.
copy merged and paste as a new layer on top of the large circle3/paper9 layer.
position her to your choosing.
here you can go up to effects > photo effects > black and white film with contrast and
brightness both set to 0.
(only if you want a greyscale tube, I didn't do this)
now change the blend mode of the tube to screen.
duplicate the circle3/paper9 layer.
on the duplicate, select all/float/defloat/invert selection.
hit delete on the tube layer.
select none and hide the duplicate circle layer.
go down to the background layer and select all.
go to image > crop to selection.

for the mask, add a new raster layer above the background layer and select all.
open and copy paper7 from the kit.
paste into selection on the new raster layer.
select none.
apply the mask with default settings.
its a little small so if you want to resize it, do so by 105%.
right click on the mask layer to merge the mask group.

now that all the basics are done, add any elements, text and tubes.
don't forget the wordart I included in the Xtras psd file.
don't forget to add artist credit and license info.
you are done if you don't want to animate.

duplicate the pink texture circle 3 times.
hide the top to layers.
in your color palette, set this color #18cdff as your foreground.
on the visible pink texture layers, apply the following settings with Soft Vignette:

now click on the 2nd pink texture layer and apply the settings again, only this time change
the REPEATS to 58.
do the same for the 3rd pink texture with the REPEATS at 68.

now hide the top 2 pink texture layers and copy merged the first pink texture layer.
open up animation shop and paste as new animation.
go back to psp and hide the first pink texture.
unhide the 2nd layer and copy merged.
go to animation shop and paste after current frame.
repeat with the 3rd pink texture layer.

now in animation shop, you should have 3 frames.
click on the first frame and select all (SHIFT A).
go up to animation > frame properties
set to 25.

now you can save.
the optimization wizard should pop up here.
click HERE to view the best settings to use.

now you can save it and you're done!
thanks for trying my tutorial! =)