Some of the materials used in my tutorials may become unavailable at any given point in time. Some stores that sell tubes, scrapkits may close. Some artist change stores or close their websites. Scrapkit designers may stop selling their supplies/kits or change stores. I am not responsible for suppling this items to anyone who follows my tutorials. I will not share my supplies, however if you ask, I could help you in locating the artist or designer. Email me with any questions to lovelyn8tvdesigns@gmail.com.


Hi! I'm so glad you found your way to my sig tag tutorial website. I will try to add new tutorials when I can. I am on several Creative Teams so I will use Pay-to-Use (PTU) kits, however I will also use any Free-to-Use (FTU) kits that I find. 

If you have a FTU kit that you'd like for me to write a tutorial with, please send me an email with the information. Do not send me direct download links if you are not the kit designer, just point me to the designer blog. The only thing I would have as my tutorial TOU is you can send my send my text links to groups for teaching purposes and please do not copy my tutorials only to pass them off as your own.

You can find me at the several different websites by clicking the image links below.


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