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little birdie

Tutorial done in PSPX2.
Must having some working knowledge of the program.
Bear-able FTU scrapkit by Designer Scraps.
Tube by Designer Scraps, included in the kit.
mask84 by weescotlass. download [here].


open a new 600px by 600px image.

copy/paste frame02 onto working canvas.

open paper1, copy and paste below the frame.

using your pick tool, toggle it close to the frame like below:

using the magic wand tool, click inside the frame.

expand selection by 10 and invert.

hit delete on the paper layer.

select none.

open the tree from the kit and resize it to 50%.

copy/paste it above the frame.

position it to the left and add a drop shadow.

duplicate it and move the duplicate below the frame.

using your rectangle selection tool, make the following selection.

open paper6, copy/paste it to the bottom of the canvas.

resize it so it fits inside the 600px b 600px canvas.

apply the mask with default settings.

right click on your layer properties to merge mask group.

now copy/paste the bear, place to your liking.

I resized the bird by 50%, place it on a tree branch.

add any text that you like.

when you're all done, copy special > copy merged.
paste as a new image and use your magic wand tool to select outside the tag.
invert selection and crop to selection.
that will get rid of any extra space that you don't need.

now you're done!

thanks for trying my tutorial! =)