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so very naughty

Tutorial done in PSPX2.
Must having some working knowledge of the program.
Behind Blue Eyes PTU kit by Pink Princess Scraps, purchase HERE.
Scraps-N-Crap Exclusive Tube by Barbara Jensen, purchase HERE
Template by me, download HERE.


with all the files ready to go, let's get started!
open my template and delete the copyright info layer.

add a new raster layer above the Circle2 template layer.
on the Circle2 layer, select all/float/defloat.
open paper7 from the kit and copy.
paste into selection on the new raster layer.
select none and hide the Circle2 template layer.

repeat the steps with Rectangle template layer and paper3.
once your hide the template layer, duplicate the paper3 rectangle.
apply a cutout with the following settings:
V - 0
H - 0
O - 100%
B - 100.00
shadow color - #000000
fill interior - unchecked

now change the blend mode of the cutout to soft light.

now repeat all the steps with the following layers, papers and cutout settings:
Oval and paper4 - V - 0, H - 0, O - 100%, B - 100.00, shadow color - #000000
Oval Border and paper5 - no cutout
Strips and paper10 - no cutout
Strip2 and paper3 - V - 0, H - 0, O - 100%, B - 30.00, shadow color - #000000
Circle1 and paper3 - V - 0, H - 0, O - 100%, B - 100.00, shadow color - #000000
Strip1 and paper3 - V - 0, H - 0, O - 100%, B - 30.00, shadow color - #000000
NAUGHTY and paper2 - no cutout
SO VERY and paper9 - no cutout

now change the blend mode for all cutout layers to overlay.

now if you want to put the name text the same way I did it,
use a dark paper to write the text.
add a slight drop shadow with 60% opacity.
now change the blend mode of the text to overlay.
you can switch to hard light or soft light to darken or lighten the effect.

now that all the basics are done, add any elements, text and tubes.
don't forget to add artist credit and license info.

when you're all done, copy special > copy merged. 
paste as a new image and use your magic wand tool to select outside the tag. 
invert selection and crop to selection. 
that will get rid of any extra space that you don't need.

thanks for trying my tutorial! =)