Slogan: The Fun Store !

Chapter 11 is a Maine-based closeout chain that unofficially replaced the defunct Bob’s Discount chain. Bob’s Discount was a chain similar to Marden’s, with closeouts, surplus and odd lots. That chain was founded by Bob Dinan in 1991 and grew to eleven stores. Around 2004, stores count began to go down with closing of the South Paris, Windham, Rockland and Farmington locations. Then the Greene store was closed because it was too small. In 2005, company announced that new stores were on the way for Augusta and Waterville, better larger stores. Then, the company’s website went offline, stores were listed in the real estate market. In May, they announced the closing of the Skowhegan store. On June 9, 2005, the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filling was confirmed.

The Skowhegan store closed in July 2005. It has been re-opened by Dinan's son as a "Chapter 11 store". The Chapter 11 chain was named after the well-known Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The chain is very similar to Bob’s Discount with all kinds of merchandises. The sign on the stores reads: Buybacks - Job lot. The company benefits from "buy backs." If a case of merchandise sent to a major department chain is damaged, Dinan purchases the case for a much cheaper price. Chapter 11 carries much of the same merchandise as did Bob's, with one important difference. It's the same line, just better quality. In November 2005, Chapter 11 opened in the former Bob's Discount at the Skowhegan Village plaza. Chapter 11 is the operation of Bob's Discount founder's son, Bobby Dinan. The company also has a store in a former Shaw’s supermarket in Lewiston.

Recently Chapter 11 appears to be more focused on furniture. The company has 4 Chapter 11 Furniture stores.



Scarborough ME

Skowhegan ME

Belfast ME

Lewiston ME

Farmington ME

North Windham ME

Rockland ME

South Paris ME

Cranston RI

Greene ME


  • Portland, ME
  • Lewiston, ME
  • Skowhegan, ME
  • Waterville, ME
  • Saco, ME
  • Brewer, ME
  • Augusta, ME