Hands of from Czech President Vaclav Klaus

Hands off from the Czech President - German human rights activist condemns diplomatical and pseudo-journalist excesses
(press declaration of the 15.10.2009)

At October, the 11th of 2009, the British Sunday Times has exposed, that the German and French diplomats have intervened towards the Czech government, inorder to reach either the start of an impeachment procedure against the Czech President Vaclav Klaus, or a change of Czech Constitution in order to to take away his veto right against laws consenting to international treaties like the Lisbon Treaty.
According to the Sunday Times, however, under the Czech constitution a president can be impeached only if he commits high treason against the countrys independence or its territorial integrity and democratic order.

Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing, a German human rights activist, who had filed a de-facto in large parts successful constitutional complaint (file number 2 BvR 1958/08, http://sites.google.com/site/buergerrechtemenschenrechte/lissabon-vertrag )  against the German law consenting to the Lisbon Treaty, comments:

"The Czech President is doing exactly the opposite of what would allow an impeachment procedure. With the refusal to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, he preserves the independence of Czechya, because art. 2 of prot. 26 on services of general interest would oblige Czechya, to commission nearly all sovereign tasks to private corporations. With the Lisbon Treaty, europe-wide acting
private corporations would subjugate the administration, most of the courts, the drafting of laws, and with erosion mechanism of art. 18 TFEU, even the national security (military, secret service, production of passports and banknotes) and law and order (police, jails). With this fast erosion mechanism, the organs especially of the small and medium-sized member states would be degraded to a facade. They would loose the control over the state, most of which would be run be private firms with private profit and power interests. Like the German company Arvato (www.arvatogov.de), which is already running the district administration at East Riding (Yorkshire, Great Britain), and which is interested to run much more municipal administrations all over Europe - possibly also at Prague. Behind Arvato stands the media giant Bertelsmann, which can strongly influence the public opinion. And the Bertelsmann Foundation is counselling countless politicians in Germany and Europe. Strangely enough, the above-mentioned diplomats are lobbying for their own privatization, possibly without knowing this.
The functional privatization of all EU member states, which the Lisbon Treaty would prescribe, would a change of the type of state toward the 'Gewährleistungsstaat' (guaranteeing state) - a mass experiment, the consent to which could only be achieved by giving massively incomplete information to the parliamentarians - a case of error or fraud (art. 48 resp. art. 49 Vienna Treaty Law Convention). Most of the theory the 'Gewährleistungsstaat' comes from German jurists and has found support, i. a., by the EU Commission, and by interested corporations."

At the 10.10.2009, an even worse incident has happened at Prague. Mrs. Christina Janssen, a journalist, who is working at the Prague studio of the public German radio ARD, has published a comment on the Czech President. In her comment, she has expliticitely warned, that he should not lean too far through the window, because he might fall. She has mentioned three historical
defenestrations in the history of Czechya, one of which had caused the Thirty Years' War. She has warned: "Was die Tschechen daraus lernen könnten, wäre vielleicht, die Fenster lieber geschlossen zu halten." ("What the Czechs possibly could learn from it, might be to keep the windows closed.")
Her comment ends with the words: "Die Fenster stehen offen - und Klaus lehnt sich weit hinaus. Aber es müsste ja nicht gleich wieder ein Fenstersturz werden: Er könnte einfach zurücktreten." ("The windows are open - and Klaus leans out far. But it does
not have to become another defenestration: He could simply resign.")

A clear threat, that the President of Czechya might be defenestrated - illustrated in violent phantasies of a German journalist.

The civic and human rights activist Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing comments: "Mrs. Janssen acts in this way, because President Vaclav Klaus refuses to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. She uses many expressions, which might be regarded as a disparagement of the Czech President. If someone in Germany disparages the German President, the result can be a jail sentence between three months and five years (§90 of the German criminal code), if the German the German President agrees to the criminal prosecution. She has called the Czech President a 'populist', a 'nationalist', and an 'egomaniac'. She regards him as "angezählt" (as having been given the count). She supposes, that the Czech President is leading a war in his mind against the EU and the EU Reform Treaty. She states, that Czechya is regarded as the 'Tollhaus Europas' (madhouse of Europe), just because the President refuses to sign the Lisbon Treaty.

The text of Mrs. Janssen contains many violations of the human dignity (art.
1 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR). This is especially grave, because it is directed against an elected President of a sovereign state, so that it might also touch the dignity of the Czech people, and shows a large amount of disrespect to the human right to vote (art. 25 UN Civil Pact).
Further, Mrs. Janssen's text disregards the human right of the Czech people to self-determination (art. 1 UN Civil Pact, art. 1 UN Social Pact), because he has been elected into office, and she belongs the German people, not to the Czech people.
The violent words in Mrs. Janssen's text show a grave lack of consciousness with regard to the human right to safety (art. 9 par. 1 UN Civil Pact).
The freedom of speech certainly contains the right to tell one's opinion about Presidents of other states, but it has limits, where the human rights and the reputation of other persons are at stake (ar. 19 par. 3 lit. a UN Civil Pact).

The aggressive formulations in Mrs. Janssen's text look rather like intelligence service - like than news media - like. The ARD should, with respect to the international understandig (art. 9 par. 2 Basic Law (German constitution)), consider dismissing Mr. Janssen soon and should consider an excuse towards the President of Czechya."

The human rights activist concludes with a further legal consideration: "I do not see a sound legal basis for the above-mentioned interventions of German diplomats and of a German journalist. Czechya is a sovereign state (art. 2 par. 1 UN Charter). The German Constitutional Court has, in the first Lisbon judgement prohibited the supranationalization (no. 255 + 342 of the
judgement) of the common foreign and safety policy of the EU, so that the rank of the CSFP stays below the national constitutions of the member states and below the UN Charter. So also the CSFP can contain no sufficient legal basis to overrule sovereignty of a state."

Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing, Thorner Str. 7, 42283 Wuppertal (Germany)
human rights activist under the protection of UN resolution 53/144