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 Dear  people! Do not give up, your resistance against the Lisbon treaty. We are also friends of Europe, like you, I hope. But it should be a true democratic Europe. Do not be scared by the politicans in the other countries like our german president Horst Köhler and our chancler Angela Merkel, which hinder their people in their right to decide their future in a free referendum.
And look, what Barosso from the EU says to the parliament: "....you have to read the lisbon treaty .... many of you had not red it...." www.teameurope.info/node/747/
Content of this page:
---Link to newspage about the lisbon treaty
---Video: Volker Reusing: EU- Booty of combines
---Link to song from "Die Bandbreite": Scared of Sisbon Treaty, German text with english subtitel
English subpages 
---Sarah Luzia Hassel Reusing about the behaviour of EU- politicans against Vaclav Klaus 
---German Constitutional Court ignores anti-constitutional change of the type of state towards the "guaranteeing state"
---Advantages for Al Quaide from the Lisbon- Treaty?
News about the lisbon treaty:
http://www.currentconcerns.ch/ Weekly newspaper, made in swiss
www.teameurope.info  Federation of Organisation which critizise the lisbon treaty
 Volker Reusing about the Lisbon Treaty:


EU Beuteschema der Konzerne / EU - Booty of combines
David Wilkinson im Interview mit Volker Reusing zum Vertrag von Lissabon im Kontext zur Verfassung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland / English interview with Volker Reursing about the lisbon treaty and the new economical constitution, which will be made by this treaty and the danger of militarism 
German song with english subtitle: