what else was on? (1993-...)

What else was on...?


Against Fox´s second Season of "Melrose Place", airing at 9 PM on Wednesday nights, there were...

- ABC´s "Home Improvement", and new sitcoms "Grace Under Fire" and controversial "Ellen" (initially titled "These Friends of Mine", but changed its name to avoid being confused with "Friends"; in the photo above, Ellen DeGeneres between co-stars Clea Lewis and Joely Fisher)

- CBS´ "In the Heat of the Night"

- NBC´s Tom Brokaw & Katie Couric News Show


Against Fox´s third Season of "Melrose Place", airing now at 8 PM on Monday nights, there were...

- ABC´s "Coach", brief sitcom "Blue Skies", and "A Whole New Ballgame" (produced by the same team and starring part of the same cast, plus Corbin Bernsen as the leading man)

- CBS´ hit show "The Nanny" (in the photo below, its colorful cast), and "Dave´s World"

- NBC´s "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" (which launched Will Smith´s career), "Blossom" (with Mayim Bialik´s first major role), and "In the House" (starring "Fame" famous Debbie Allen)

- NEW! UPN´s "Star Trek Voyager"

Fox began to air the "Melrose Place" spinoff "Models Inc." at 9 PM on Wednesday nights (only in Fall), against...

- ABC´s long-running sitcoms "Roseanne" and "Ellen"

- CBS´ also successful "angelic" drama "Touched By An Angel" (guest-starring most of the cast of "Dallas" and "Knots Landing" at one point or another of its 9-year run)

- NBC put a reality show called "Dateline Wednesday" in this slot

- NEW! The WB´s sitcom "Unhappily Ever After", and another sitcom that spoofed the "Melrose Place"-style shows, "Muscle" (with a pre-"Lost" Nestor Carbonell)

...But its low ratings lead Fox to re-schedule "Models Inc." right after its mother series, at 9 PM on Monday nights (in Winter), against...

- ABC´s movie (!)

- CBS´ "blond block" with Candice Bergen starring in "Murphy Brown" and Cybill Shepherd in "Cybill" (in the photo above, with co-star Christine Baranski, seen more recently on "The Good Wife"), plus the last episodes of "Love & War"

- NBC´s movie (!!)

- UPN´s sitcoms "Pig Sty" and "Platypus Man"

...But the series was cancelled anyway, maybe for its intrinsec hollowness, maybe for belonging to a dated genre only revisited then by "MP" successfully.


Against Fox´s fourth Season of "Melrose Place", airing at 8 PM on Monday nights, there were...

- ABC´s actioner "The Marshal", drama "Second Noah" (starring James Marsden in one of his early major roles), and also movies

- CBS´ "The Nanny", new sitcom "Can´t Hurry Love" (with former "Falcon Crest" guest star Mariska Hargitay, who went on to play the female lead in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"), and short-lived "Almost Perfect"

- NBC´s "The Fresh Prince..." (Will Smith in the photo above), "In the House", and family sitcom "Brotherly Love" (with the ex-"Knots Landing" guest star Melinda Culea)

- UPN´s "Star Trek Voyager"


Against Fox´s fifth Season of "Melrose Place", airing at 8 PM on Monday nights, there were...

- ABC´s TV adaptation of the movie "Dangerous Minds", and adventure "Spy Game"

- CBS´ sitcoms "Cosby", "Pearl" (starring the former "Cheers" actress Rhea Perlman, along with Lucy Liu in one of her early roles), "Ink" (this one with Ted Danson himself as the lead!), and the most fortunate of the quartet (9 seasons!), "Everybody Loves Raymond"

- NBC´s brief comedies "The Jeff Foxworthy Show", and "Mr. Rhodes"

- UPN´s "In the House", and "Malcolm & Eddie"

- The WB´s long-running family drama "Seventh Heaven" (which launched Jessica Biel´s career, below with the rest of the younger cast)


Against Fox´s sixth Season of "Melrose Place", airing at 8 PM on Monday nights, there were...

- ABC´s SciFi show "Timecop", "America´s Funniest Home Videos", and short-lived soap "Push"

- CBS´ "Cosby", and "Everybody Loves Raymond"

- NCB´s Brooke Shields-starrer "Suddenly Susan" (main cast in the photo above) and brief "Fired Up"

- UPN´s "In the House", and "Malcolm & Eddie"

- The WB´s "Seventh Heaven"


Against Fox´s seventh (and last) Season of "Melrose Place", airing at 8 PM on Monday nights, there were...

- ABC´s Football Games, and "20/20"

- CBS´ "Cosby", and "The King of Queens"

- NCB´s "Suddenly Susan", and sitcoms "Conrad Bloom" and "Caroline in the City" (starring Lea Thompson, in the photo above with her co-stars)

- UPN´s brief "Guys Like Us" and "DiResta", replaced by "Malcolm & Eddie", and adult cartoons "Dilbert", and "Home Movies"

- The WB´s "Seventh Heaven"


Against NBC´s first (and last!) Season of Aaron Spelling´s "Titans", starring Victoria Principal, and aired first at 8 PM on Wednesday nights, there were...

- ABC´s contest "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"

- CBS´ short-lived sitcoms "Bette" (starring the Divine Bette Midler), and "Welcome to New York" (with the equally divine Christine Baranski)

- Fox´s hit comedy "Malcom in the Middle" (with the future "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston) and groundbreaking "Normal, Ohio" with John Goodman as one half of a gay couple

- UPN´s SciFi series "7 Days"

- The WB´s teenager drama "Dawson´s Creek" (which launched the careers of Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes, and, on a smaller scale, ironicly, the main star James Van Der Beek, the four of them in the photo below)

...And then on Monday nights, there were...

- ABC´s "20/20"

- CBS´ sitcoms "The King of Queens" and "Yes, Dear"

- Fox´s high school drama "Boston Public"

- UPN´s "Moesha" (a comedy ordered by CBS but eventually only aired by UPN) and "The Parkers"

- The WB´s "Seventh Heaven"


The CW´s failed attempt at repeating the (relative) success of the "90210" revival through an update of "Melrose Place" (with a new generation of characters and actors, and a few appearances from the old cast) finally premiered on September of 2009, at 9 PM on Tuesday nights, against the following competitors...

- ABC´s "Dancing with the Stars" in Fall, medical dramedy "Scrubs" and satirical comedy "Better Off Ted" in Winter, the last season of "Lost" in Spring, game show "Downfall" and reality "Shaq Vs." in Summer

- CBS´ spinoff "NCIS: Los Angeles" (starring Chris O´Donnell)

- Fox´s contest "So You Think You Can Dance" in Fall and Summer, and the junior year of hit musical show "Glee" (ensemble cast in photo above) in Winter/Spring

- NEW! MNT´s game "Deal or No Deal"

- NBC´s "The Biggest Loser" and singing contest "America´s Got Talent"


The strongest "classic" supersoap until TNT´s Dallas premiered, ABC´s "Revenge" was aired at 10 PM on Wednesday nights, against...

- CBS´ original "CSI" (starring William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger, both in the promo above)

- The CW´s "local programming"

- Fox´s "local programming"

- NBC´s successful procedural "Law & Order: SVU" and news show "Rock Center with Brian Williams"


Against ABC´s Second Season of "Revenge", now airing at 9 PM on Sunday nights, there were...

- CBS´ long-running hit drama "The Good Wife"

- Fox´s cartoon block "Family Guy" and "American Dad!"

- NBC´s Football games and reality show "The Apprentice"

TNT´s continuation of the mother of all soaps "Dallas" premiered on June 13, 2012, at 9 PM on Wednesday nights (formerly the "Revenge" night on ABC), had as network competitors...

- ABC´s reality "The Bachelorette"

- CBS´ sitcoms "2 Broke Girls" and "Mike & Molly"

- The CW´s dance reality "Breaking Pointe"

- Fox´s comedy block "New Girl" (starring actress-singer Zooey Deschanel) and "rom-com" "The Mindy Project"

- NBC´s adventure reality "Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls"

"Dallas"´s Second Season premiered on January 2013, at 9 PM on Monday nights, against...

- ABC´s reality "The Bachelor" and dance contest "Dancing with the Stars"

- CBS´ same shows as in First Season

- The CW´s "90210" update (with future TNT "Dallas" guest star AnnaLynne McCord) and the "Sex at the City" prequel "The Carrie Diaries"

- Fox´s short-lived drama "The Mob Doctor" and Kevin Bacon-starrer "The Following"

- NBC´s reality "The Biggest Loser" and talent contest "The Voice"


Against ABC´s Third Season of "Revenge", airing at 9 PM on Sunday nights, there were...

- CBS´ "The Good Wife"

- Fox´s "Family Guy" and "American Dad!". and later in the season the updated version of documentary "Cosmos"

- NBC´s Football games and Fantasy drama "Believe"

Against TNT´s Third (and last) Season of "Dallas", airing at 9 PM on Monday nights, the first half starting in February and the latest in Summer, there were...

- ABC´s "The Bachelor" and "Dancing with the Stars", and, in Summer, "The Bachelorette"

- CBS´ "Mike & Molly" and new comedy "Mom" (starring the "West Wing" multi-awarded Allison Janney)

- The CW´s Fantasy shows "The Tomorrow People" and, in Summer, "Beauty & the Beast" (starring former "Smallville" alum Kristin Kreuk)

- Fox´s "The Following" and, in Summer, miniseries "24: Live Another Day" (starring Kiefer Sutherland, in the promo above)

- NBC´s "The Voice"


Against ABC´s Fourth (and last) Season of "Revenge", airing at 10 PM on Sunday nights, there were...

- CBS´ "CSI" and short-lived buddy cop show "Battle Creek"

- Fox´s "local programming"

- NBC´s news show "Dateline" and brief drama "American Odyssey"

Fox´s new hip-hop supersoap "Empire" premiered on January 2015, airing at 9 PM on Wednesday night, against...

- ABC´s comedy block "Modern Family" (main cast in the photo above) and "Black-ish"

- CBS´ long-running procedural "Criminal Minds"

- The CW´s Fantasy shows "The 100" and "Supernatural"

- NBC´s sitcoms "Mr. Robinson" and "The Carmichael Show"


Against Fox´s "Empire", airing at 9 PM on Wednesday night, there were...

- ABC´s "Modern Family" and "Black-ish"

- CBS´ "Criminal Minds"

- The CW´s "Supernatural"

- NBC´s "Law & Order: SVU" (in the photo above the main cast, with Mariska Hargitay looking at the camera)

to be continued...next year


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