GUEST STARS, TODAY 1 (in works)

in alphabetical order (like always...):

AMY YASBECK (MARY ELIZABETH, JAMIE´s friend in 2 episodes of Season 9) in a recent picture. AUDREY LANDERS played regularly AFTON COOPER in Seasons 3 thru 6, and also in S. 11 & 12, and 2 episodes of TNT´s DALLAS. BARBARA LUNA played LEE ANN DE LA VEGA´s sister-in-law, CARMEN ESPERANZA, on Season 13. BARRY CORBIN (sheriff WASHBURN from BRADDOCK for 5 years). BETH TOUSSAINT (TRACY LAWTON, BOBBY´s girlfriend in Season 11).

COLLEEN CAMP played KRISTIN in 2 episodes of Season 1. CHRISTOPHER ATKINS (PETER RICHARDS in Season 6) recently. DALE MIDKIFF played young JOCK EWING in THE EARLY YEARS. DAVID ACKROYD (first GARY EWING in DALLAS). DAVID MARSHALL GRANT played DIGGER BARNES in the prequel and currently co-writes and co-produces "Brothers & Sisters".

DEBORAH RENNARD (J.R.´s secretary SLY) in 2008. DEBORAH SHELTON (MANDY WINGER in Seasons 7 thru 9) in her guest spot on TNT´s DALLAS episode "JR´s Masterpiece". EBORAH TRANELLI, here in her last cd´s cover, played BOBBY´s secretary for 10 and a half years. DIANE McBAIN (DEE DEE, SUE ELLEN´s friend in 2 episodes of Season 4) here in 2005. ERIC FARLOW (the baby who was CHRISTOPHER from 1 thru 3 years old) here in a 2007 photo.

EVA LARUE CALLAHAN (JAMES´s date, DEE DEE, in one episode of Season 13) in 2010. FREDRIC LEHNE (EDDIE CRONIN in Season 7) currently. GAYLE HUNNICUTT played JAMES´s mother VANESSA, during 3 Seasons. GREG EVIGAN guest-starred in episode 12 as BILLY, LUCY´s kidnapper. HUNTER VON LEER (B.D. CALHOUN in Season 9) a few years ago.

IAN McSHANE (here in a 2011 event) played DON LOCKWOOD, SUE ELLEN´s second husband. IRENA FERRIS (TAMMY, BOBBY´s bedmate in Season 10) in 2006. Academy-Award nominee IRMA P. HALL played the caterer for Barbecue 1 and also MARK´s maid in Season 7.JACK SCALIA (here in 2005) played SUE ELLEN´s lover, NICHOLAS PEARCE, during Season 10. JAMES CROMWELL played Detective KANE in Season 7.

A blond JANINE TURNER played one of LUCY´s friends in Season 3. J. EDDIE PECK (TOMMY, CARTER McKAY´s son in Seasons 11 and 12) has played a pivotal role in the show KYLE XY. JEFFREY BYRON (ROGER HURLEY, LUCY´s partner in crime in episode 2). JENILEE HARRISON played the EWING cousin JAMIE, during 3 Seasons. JOAN VAN ARK (here in 2010) became VAL EWING in 8 episodes of DALLAS and almost all KNOTS LANDING.

JOANNA CASSIDY played SALLY BULLOCK in 2 episodes of Season 3. JOHN BECK (MARK GRAISON in 3 Seasons of DALLAS) in a film dated 2005. A recent pic of JOHN LARROQUETTE (COLTON, LUCY´s divorce lawyer in Season 5). JOSHUA HARRIS (here in a 2009 pic) played CHRISTOPHER during the last 6 years of DALLAS. K CALLAN (AMY STEVENS, APRIL´s mother in Season 12).

KATE MULGREW played singer GARNET McGEE in episode 16. KATE VERNON (of the GALACTICA fame) appeared in one brief scene of Season 6 as one of PETER´s college mates. KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT played BUNNY HARVARD in 3 episodes filmed in VIENNA. KELLY ROWAN, who played KIRSTEN on THE O.C., appeared as DANA, JORI´s friend, in 3 episodes of the last Season. Ex-Bond girl KRYSTINA WAYBORN briefly played JACK´s girlfriend in Season 9.

LEIGH TAYLOR-YOUNG (here in 2006) was J.R.´s lover KIMBERLY CRYDER, in Season 10. LESLEY-ANNE DOWN (CLIFF´s P.R. STEPHANIE ROGERS, in Season 12) has been in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL for 8 years now. LOIS CHILES played HOLLY HARWOOD, JR´s partner in Season 5 and 3 episodes of 6. MARY CROSBY (KRISTIN SHEPARD during 1 and a half Seasons) at a recent Gala. MITCH PILEGGI (violent recluse MORRISSEY in 3 episodes of Seasons 12 and 13) played villain HARRIS RYLAND on TNT´s DALLAS. MITCH RYAN played the detective who investigated BOBBY´s shooting on Season 7.

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