GUEST STARS, TODAY 2 (in works)

MOLLY HAGAN (young ELLIE in THE EARLY YEARS) in a recnt photo. MONTE MARKHAM played UE ELLEN´s old flame CLINT in Season 3. MORGAN BRITTANY portrayed wicked KATHERINE WENTWORTH in 5 different Seasons. MORGAN FAIRCHILD (here in a recent episode of CHUCK) played first JENNA WADE in episode 8 of DALLAS. PADRAIC, PATRICK DUFFY´s oldest son, had a bit in the last season of the series.

PETER HORTON (LUCY´s dealer WAYNE, in 2 episodes). PRISCILLA POINTER played for 2 Seasons PAM´s mother REBECCA WENTWORTH. PRISCILLA PRESLEY (who was JENNA WADE for 5 years) in a current pic. SASHA MITCHELL (J.R.´s secret son JAMES, during the last 2 Seasons). SHEREE J. WILSON (APRIL STEVENS, J.R.´s lover and BOBBY´s wife) in 2010.

Two real day-time divas: SUSAN FLANNERY (J.R.´s P.R. LESLIE STEWART in S. 3), still the main star in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, and SUSAN LUCCI (who played terrorist SHEILA / HILLARY in the last Season), aka Erica in ALL MY CHILDREN. TALIA BALSAM (here as MONA STERLING in MAD MEN) played RITA BRIGGS in episode 10 of DALLAS. TED SHACKELFORD (GARY in DALLAS and KL) has been a regular in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for five years and appeared in 3 episodes of TNT´s DALLAS. TINA LOUISE (here in 2008) played J.R.´s secretary JULIE GREY in Season 1 of DALLAS. TRACY SCOGGINS was the call-girl DIANE in DALLAS and lawyer ANITA SMITHFIELD in the sequels, as well as MONICA in THE COLBYS.

All the pics in these pages belong to the 1990-2011 period. This section is a tribute to those supporting actors who still remain in the fans´ memory. They all are either acting or retired from the professional activity, though keep making public appearances. Let´s toast to the DALLAS cast!

We thank BILLY NOLAN for his kind collaboration.

Todas las fotos de estas páginas pertenecen al periodo comprendido entre 1990 y 2014. Este apartado es un tributo a aquellos secundarios que siguen en el recuerdo de los fans. Todos ellos, o bien continúan actuando, o bien se han retirado ya, aunque no abandonan las apariciones públicas. ¡Un brindis por los secundarios de DALLAS!

Agradecemos la amable colaboración de BILLY NOLAN.

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