September 3, 2017

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 Rehearsal Schedule for the week:

  • Tuesday - Full Band (3-5); Hornline, Percussion, & Guard Sectionals (5-6) 
  • Thursday - Full Band (3-5)
  • Friday - FB @ South Fulton – 7:00 pm – We will meet at 4:30 for immediate departure.

  • I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Labor Day tomorrow!
  • Thanks for all those who got out and sold trophy sponsors for our upcoming competition and raised money for your NYC Trip payment!  I am attaching a list of each sponsor that we had received as of this Friday.  Rhonda will have the check in the mail to Thomas Tours on Monday for the amount indicated on the attached spreadsheet.  The ones from this year are highlighted in yellow.  The ones in white were sponsors last year and have not been contacted yet or have chosen not to renew this year.  You still have time if you want to contact one of the ones in white or if you have a new one not listed on the spreadsheet.  Any other sponsors must be turned in between now the 15th and they will applied towards your October NYC Trip payment.  Sponsorship form is also attached. 
  • The 2nd NYC Trip payment ($175) MUST be postmarked to Thomas Tours for EVERYONE going on the trip by THIS TUESDAY!  Any questions contact Thomas Tours at 1-800-292-0470.  Please include a payment slip from the trip packet in the envelope with your payment to ensure it gets credited toward the correct account.
  • Woodwinds will play off their “chromatics” warm-up MEMORIZED during sectionals on Tuesday!
  • We will begin selling Braided Bread on Tuesday.  This is a general fund fundraiser.  Each student will be asked to sell at least 6 loaves or get $30 in donations.  All orders + money are due no later than September 15th.  The bread will be delivered on October 10th.  
  • Friday night's game will be played at South Fulton @ 7:00.  The band will meet at 4:30 for immediate departure to the game.  Students will have a few minutes to eat at the concession stand once we arrive (students need between $5-10 to eat) and then begin changing into uniforms right after that.  Students will NOT get 3rd quarter off this week!  Read instructions below on how all away travel events will be handled.
  • PLEASE READ:  Since Friday is our first time to travel, here is the process by which we travel.  ALL STUDENTS MUST RIDE THE BUS TO EVERY FOOTBALL GAME/CONTEST!  After a game/contest you have the option to check your child out and take them with you but you MUST fill out a ride home form (attached to this email, there will be some on the band room table on Tuesday, or download a copy off of the band website under forms).  After a contest/game is over we will march/walk back to the buses to pack and load equipment.  ONLY AFTER EVERYTHING has been loaded you can begin to check out your child with his/her chaperone at his/her bus door.  Just because you are ready to leave your child will NOT be allowed to sign-out until EVERYTHING is loaded and I give the go ahead for chaperones to start allowing students to check-out.  At that point you will get your student along with you (the parent) and go to your child's bus and sign (physically sign) your child out with his/her chaperone.  REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY SIGN OUT YOUR CHILD IF YOU HAVE TURNED IN A RIDE HOME FORM!  If you take your child and you do not have a ride home form you forfeit your ability to check them out for the rest of year!  RIDE HOME FORMS ARE DUE (in my office on the 3rd filing cabinet in the grey plastic bin) NO LATER THAN THURSDAY @ 5:00 for FB games and FRIDAY @ 3:00 PM for contests!  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Your student may NOT be checked out by another child's parent unless you notate on your ride home that they are to be released to them AND that parent can show proof that they have the school board approved insurance to transport other people's children.  You can check your child out and then YOU can put them in a car with another parent but we can not release a student to another parent without the 2 above stated pieces of information.  Students who ride the bus back will be given a message by their bus chaperone(s) when we are 30 minutes away from the school so that they can call and let you know so that you can be at the school when we return.  Please pick your child up in a timely manner so the directors are not stuck at the school waiting on you to pick up your child.  The directors try our best to respect your time so please return the favor by being there in a timely fashion to pick up your child.  Once back at the school, students are allowed to ride with whomever you see fit.  They are not required to be checked out at this point.
  • Students will sign up for buses this week during band class.  Once a student is signed up for a bus he/she will stay on this bus for the ENTIRE marching season!
  • We travel to games/contests in a caravan (directors up front followed by buses/truck).  We are all in radio contact with each other so please do not get in between the caravan if at possible when we travel.  You are more than welcome to follow behind the last bus.
  • Friday night will be our first time wearing full uniform!  All students must have on a theme shirt under his/her uniform, have on shorts or something suitable for him/her to change into/out of his/her uniform in an open area, gloves, black socks (socks MUST not be ankle socks!), and CLEAN MTX marching shoes.  Mr. Agee/Mr. Mayhall will have gloves for sale this week for $3/pair.  Shoes are in and students who have paid for their shoes have received them.  Shoes are $36/pair.  They need to break them in this week before wearing them on Friday night and on Saturday.
  • We have our last Band Booster Meeting before our contest NEXT MONDAY NIGHT (11th) @ 7:00 pm in the band room!  We need EVERYONE'S HELP to pull this event off.  We need you at the meeting NEXT MONDAY NIGHT if at all possible.  If you are not able to attend the meeting due to prior commitments and would still like to help out with the contest please contact Kim Todd so we can get you plugged in and know that we can count on you!  Thanks in advance for your willingness to help!
  • ATTENTION SENIORS & SENIOR PARENTS:  The state scholarship application deadline is October 1st!  You do not have to be a music major to get some money to be in band in college!  Don’t miss this opportunity!  The scholarship application can found on our website under forms and practice tools and is attached to this email.
  • We will be pre-selling Boston Butts for anyone wanting BBQ prior to our competition.  Start asking folks that you know if they will need BBQ on September 30th.  This will not be a mandatory fundraiser but will be for anyone wanting some BBQ around that time.  Pick-up will take place the morning of our competition.  Order forms will be going out next week!
  • We will have another NYC trip fundraiser beginning at the end of this month selling Williams Sausage Patties!  This is a trip fundraiser ONLY!  All profits will go towards trip accounts on this fundraiser.
  • Many of you did not make your September band fee payment of $30 this past Friday.  Please take care of this payment ASAP so that they band can ensure that the booster organization can take care of our bills in a timely fashion.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, September 15th - FB @ Adamsville - 7:00 - The band will NOT travel to this game!
  • September 16th – Union City Contest – This contest is a prelims/finals event.  This contest is full with 20 bands competing in prelims and 10 of them advance to finals that evening.  The contest begins at 9:15 am.  Our prelims performance time is 12:45 with finals beginning at 7:00 if we make one of the top 10 spots.  Our meeting time will be released in next week's announcements.  This will be our first competition of the year.  I hope that many of you plan to attend and cheer on these kids!  Up-to-date contest information can be found at
GCHS Band,
Sep 3, 2017, 2:03 PM
GCHS Band,
Sep 3, 2017, 2:03 PM