October 8, 2017

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Rehearsal Schedule for the week:

  • Monday - Guard Sectionals (3-5); Full Brass Sectionals (3:15-4:30); Percussion Sectionals (5-8)
  • Tuesday - Full Band (3-5); Woodwinds will have sectionals (5-6)
  • Thursday - Full Band (3-5)
  • Friday - FB @ Trinity - 7:00 pm - We will meet at 5:00 for immediate departure to the game.
  • Saturday - Hornet Marching Invitational (SGC) - We will meet at 2:00 pm for rehearsal
  • I hope each of you enjoyed a nice time of rest and relaxation over Fall Break!
  • Thanks to all who were in Rutherford yesterday to cheer on the band during the Davy Crockett Parade!  I am often times asked why we march in these parades especially those that happen during our breaks such as this past weekend.  The reason is because the people who are at these parade are the people who support our band!  They are the ones who purchase items from you for fundraisers, sponsor trophies for the competition, etc.  This is our small way that we can give back to our communities that give so much to us!
  • Starting TOMORROW we begin the final stretch for the Fall 2017 Marching Season with 4 major competitions in a row ending with the final competition at the Division I State Championships on November 4th!  I hope that you will make every effort to come to as many of these final 4 competitions of the Fall 2017 Marching Season that you can make it to.  It really does make a difference in the performance quality when we have a stand full of our fans cheering on these great students.  They are working hard each day and getting better each rehearsal!
  • Band Booster Meeting - TOMORROW NIGHT - 7:00 pm - Band Room - Come be a part as we have post competition discussion along with details concerning the remaining part of this year's marching season.
  • Midterm Exams are THIS WEEK!  1st and 3rd block exams will take place on Thursday.  2nd and 4th block exams will take place on Friday.  Make sure your student is studying and preparing for his/her midterms.  They are worth a HUGE portion of their grade for this nine weeks.  Marching Band does NOT have a midterm exam.
  • We begin our annual Yankee Candle fundraiser TOMORROW!!!  In this magazine you will find yankee candles, popcorn, and wrapping paper (all in the same order magazine)!  Each student is asked to sell at least 6 items or get $30 in donations.  Orders + money are due no later than Friday, October 20th!  Delivery should be 2-4 weeks from the due date of the orders.  This is a general fund fundraiser.  All profits from this fundraiser will be used to support the general operation of the band budget which is over $70,000 for the 17-18 school year.  Please do your part to make this a successful fundraiser.  This fundraiser can also be ordered online!  Simply go to www.yankeecandlefundraising.com and enter the group number:  99923407 (you MUST enter this for the band to get credit) and then begin with the order process.  Feel free to share this information on social media with your friends and family!  Order forms will be handed out in class TOMORROW!
  • Friday night we have a FB game @ Trinity.  The game begins at 7:00!  We will meet for immediate departure at 5:00.  Students will need money to eat at concessions once we arrive.  They will have ~30-45 minutes to eat and get dressed and ready for warm-up.  Ride home for this game are due no later than THIS THURSDAY @ 5:00!!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • We will be back in competition in the Hornet Marching Invitational @ SGC THIS SATURDAY!  We perform at 7:30.  There are 13 bands in competition.  We will meet at 2:00 pm for rehearsal.  See attached itinerary for exact details along with an attached competition line-up (updated from the original one sent out on remind) for those who want to attend early to watch other bands perform.  Students will need money for one meal at concessions.  Ride home forms are due no later than THIS FRIDAY @ 3:00 pm!  NO EXCEPTIONS!  I hope that MANY of you will make the short drive to Medina to help cheer on the band!  Make plans to arrive early, sit together, and cheer on these great students for all of their hard work and dedication that they have been putting in over the last several weeks and months!  The competition blogspot is http://southgibsonband.blogspot.com/p/hornet-invitational.html which contains additional information concerning the competition.

Upcoming Dates:
  • Regular rehearsal schedule NEXT WEEK with clarinets having sectionals on Monday!
  • Friday, October 20th - This is the football team's open week.  Enjoy the night off!
  • Saturday, October 21st - Bandmaster's Championship - Memphis, TN - They have not released a schedule as of today.  As soon as I have a schedule and additional details I will pass those on to you guys.  The website for the contest is http://www.tigerbandalumni.com/bandmasters.htm.  Schedule (when released) and all pertinent information related to the competition can be found on this site.
GCHS Band,
Oct 8, 2017, 1:15 PM
GCHS Band,
Oct 8, 2017, 1:15 PM