August 13, 2017

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Rehearsal Schedule for the Week:

  • Monday - Guard Sectionals (3-5); Flute/Clarinet Sectional (3:15-4:30); Percussion Sectionals (5-8)
  • Tuesday - Full Band (3-5); all other Hornline Sectionals (5-6)
  • Thursday - Full Band (3-5); Preview Night Dinner (6-7:30); Preview Show @ ~7:30
  • Thanks to all those who got out and presold tickets for the Preview Show this Thursday!  Each person that you sold a ticket to will need to check in in the cafeteria between 6 and 7:30 on Thursday under your student's name.  Band students will eat right at 6.  We will order a little extra food but no one is guaranteed food unless they purchase an advanced ticket!
  • Thanks to all those who volunteered to work the concession stand for the middle school game on Thursday!  The band will receive all of the proceeds from the concessions of this game.  We hope this will make up for some of the money that we will have as a result of loosing the Dodge Booster Drive.
  • The 2nd memorization test for the semester will be TOMORROW over the ballad/drum break (measures I-T) during band class time!  All students will be expected to play the entire song from beginning to end MEMORIZED in order to perform at the Preview Show on Thursday!  The Part #1 Memorization grades have been posted in PowerSchool if you have access and students have seen their grades posted on the office window by their assigned number. 
  • Band Booster Meeting - TOMORROW NIGHT - 7:00 pm - Band Room - Come be a part as plan for this week and this fall!
  • We hope to have a FULL HOUSE on Thursday night to see the first public performance of our Fall 2017 Show:  "In Pursuit of..."!  Be sure and invite your friends, family, and neighbors to come out for preview night/dodge drive THIS THURSDAY NIGHT!  These kids have been working extremely hard and would love to have a sold out crowd for the performance on Thursday.  The middle school football game is starting at 5:30 so we are hoping to start the preview show at 7:30.  We will not start it any earlier than 7:30 but if the game is not over at 7:30 we will start as soon as the game is over.
  • Do you need extra money to help make your student's September payment for the NYC Trip?  This fundraiser could be one of the most lucrative trip fundraisers that we will have.  The fundraiser is getting trophy sponsors for our competition to be held at the end of the September.  The sponsorship form is attached to this email.  The quicker you get out and start asking folks the better chance that you are going to have someone say yes before everyone has been asked.  ANYONE (not just businesses) CAN SPONSOR TROPHIES!  For every 1st place trophy you get sponsored $25 will go toward your student's trip account, $15 for every 2nd place, and $10 for every third place.  If you get eight 1st place trophies sponsored then you will have your September payment taken care of without ANY money out of your pocket.  All forms and money are due no later than Friday, September 15th in order for the sponsors' names to appear in the program.  If you want the money to go toward your September payment, you need to have your forms + money in to the band office no later than Friday, September 1st so Rhonda can get a check mailed out to Thomas Tours by the payment deadline of September 5th.  Any sponsors received after the 1st will go towards your student's October trip payment.  
  • POLOS WILL BE IN THIS WEEK!  Be sure your student has paid his/her $15 in order to receive his/her polo for the preview show on Thursday!
  • The band will have regular rehearsal on Thursday (until 5:00).  Students will eat first at 6:00 in the cafeteria.  Remember each high school band student eats for FREE!  After the students eat they will have until 7 to cool off and change clothes.  We will then meet at 7 on the practice field for warm-up before the show starting at 7:30.  The attire for the evening will be polos (TUCKED IN), khaki shorts, and tennis shoes.  This will be the first performance grade for the students which is 33% of the student's grade for the nine weeks.  After everything is cleaned up students will be allowed to leave.
  • We will need plenty of hands to help on Thursday night at the Preview Show.  If you can help please contact Jennifer Lowrance at 
  • The first FB game is Friday night @ Tipton Rosemont.  Due to space at the facility and travel distance the band will NOT travel to this game.  Enjoy the Friday nigh off or travel to Covington to help cheer on the Pioneers!
  • Continue to pay for marching shoes ($36/band; $33/guard)!  These should be in by the end of the month and only those students who have paid for them will receive them!
  • The next band fee payment will be due by Friday, September 1st ($30).  Make every effort to pay this payment ON TIME so that the band can take care of all of its bills that are due on the 1st.
  • Our contest that we host at GC is a little over a month away on Saturday, September 30th!  The is a HUGE day for our band program and we WILL NEED your help on that Saturday so make plans to be on campus that day.  It takes EVERYONE to host our invitational.  If you have not signed up to help with the contest yet please contact Kim Todd at and she will get you plugged in somewhere.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Next Week will be regular rehearsal schedule.  See the website calendar for specific details.
  • Monday, August 21st - Memorization Test over the closer (measures T-end) during band class!
  • Friday, August 25th - FB vs. Lake County (Home) - We will meet in the band room at 6:00.  Attire will be the same as it is for this Thursday's Preview Show.
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Aug 13, 2017, 12:39 PM