July 23, 2017

posted Jul 23, 2017, 8:25 AM by GCHS Band


  • BAND CAMP IS COMPLETE!  The ENTIRE SHOW is on the field!  The kids did a fantastic job over the last 2 weeks at camp!  This year and last year have probably been the two hottest band camps in my 12 years at GC and the kids handled the heat like troopers!  Thanks to any parent who helped out in any way with meals for the staff.  The meals were greatly appreciated by each of the staff members.  I have taught many camps throughout the years and me and the entire staff our spoiled at GC and I appreciate all that you do!
  • Thanks to Mrs. Beth Watts and other for all the wonderful band camp pictures that can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/groups/273967556115889/287453084767336/?notif_t=group_activity.  She and others will continue to post pictures to this site through out the marching season so check back regularly.  If you have pictures that you have taken please post to this site as well so that we can use them for our end of the year memory book/video presentation at the band banquet.
  • One of the worst things the kids can do over this week off is to do nothing with the music/drill that we worked on during camp!  THEY MUST PRACTICE!  If they're on vacation at least take their music/dot book with them to review so they don't forget everything that we did during camp. The potential for this show with this group of kids is endless but they MUST PRACTICE in order to get better each time they step on the field.
  • Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence for hosting the NYC Paint Party this past Friday night.  Anyone is welcome to host a NY Trip Fundraiser as long as each student has the opportunity to participate the attached school district form is filled out, turned into me, and approved by the proper administration.  The approval process usually takes a few weeks so plan ahead and get your forms turned in to me in advance of the planned fundraiser.  The fundraiser can NOT be advertised until AFTER it is approved.
  • The band room will be open this week (Wednesday through next Tuesday) from 8 until 3 for anyone who wants to come and practice.
  • The school's freshmen orientation will take place NEXT MONDAY NIGHT!  You should be getting information from the school concerning the meeting place and the time.
  • We will have a post-camp rehearsal NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT from 6-9 pm.  Attendance is MANDATORY!
  • School starts 1/2 day on Wednesday, August 2nd from 7:55-11:30.  We will NOT play on this day so students do NOT have to bring his/her instrument on Wednesday.
  • Regular after school rehearsal schedule will begin the next Thursday (August 3rd) with full band rehearsal (3-5).  Sectional rehearsals will begin the following week (week of the 7th) with guard/percussion/trumpet sectionals being on that Monday (guard 3-5, trumpets 3:15-4:30, and percussion 5-8) and then all other hornline sectionals on Tuesday from 5-6.  After school rehearsals are figured into the student's grade for the nine weeks and in the high school, band counts toward your student's GPA so never take the band grade for granted.  Unexcused absences/tardies will cause a student's grade to drop which will then in turn affect their GPA which will then in turn affect scholarship opportunities down the road.  2 unexcused absences will cause a student to loose his/her spot in the Fall 2017 show.  Check the band handbook as to what is deemed excused/unexcused.  Students MUST attend rehearsals (excused or unexcused) in order to march at performances!  Make sure you make every effort to make sure that your student is at EVERY rehearsal.  Make all non-emergent appointments on non-rehearsal days.  
  • THE INITIAL DEPOSIT ($175) FOR THE NYC TRIP IS DUE THURSDAY, AUGUST 3RD TO THOMAS TOURS!  If your student, your family, or anyone you know wants to go on this trip they MUST have their deposit ($175) to Thomas Tours by this date to secure your spot on this trip!  All payments MUST go DIRECTLY TO THOMAS TOURS AND NOT ME!  Contact Thomas Tours directly with any questions.
  • Your student should have received a shirt/merchandise order form this past week at camp.  All orders + money are due NO LATER THAN Thursday, August 3rd.  DO NOT include your student's free theme shirt or the polo that your student ordered during camp on your order form or you will be charged for it!  This form is for additional merchandise for your child or merchandise for your friends, family, etc.  I highly suggest that each student orders AT LEAST one additional theme shirt as it will part of the student's uniform on both Friday night game and Saturday competitions.  A form is attached to this email for those who did not get one from their student this past week.
  • All percussion fees ($100) or shirt sponsors must be turned in by Friday, August 4th!
  • All guard members should have paid at least $60 toward their guard fee at this time.  Additional amounts for shoes ($33), make-up, and other accessories will be due in August as we approach our first performance.
  • Polos ($15) and shoes ($36) have been ordered and MUST be paid for in advance BEFORE a student will receive his/her polo/shoes.  Polos will be worn the first time on August 17th.  Shoes will not be worn until the first of September so make plans now to get these items paid for BEFORE your student needs them.
  • Unless payment arrangements were made the $125 band fee payment is considered and debt and should be taken care of ASAP!  The next fee payment of $30 is due on or before September 1st!
  • LAST CALL FOR TRAILER SPONSORS!  Sponsorships are $50 and remain on the back of the trailer for the entire year.  Send in your form and your money BEFORE the August 18th deadline!
  • Our annual Preview Night will be held on August 17th in the stadium!  The time is still TBD until the middle school football teams decides on a start time for their game that.  Right now we are thinking that their game will start around 5-5:30 and our Preview Night Show will begin 7-7:30 with the meal before starting at 6-6:30 in the cafeteria.  This is your first opportunity to see the Fall 2017 production:  "In Pursuit of..." which includes a hamburger/hot dog dinner.  Tickets will go on sale ~2 weeks before the show for $5/each so go ahead and start inviting friends & family to this great event.  Dodge has stopped their Dodge Booster Drive Fundraiser so that's an additional $3000 that we will have to make up in additional fundraisers so please do your part to meet the goals set forth for each of our fundraisers.
  • ALL PERFORMANCES ARE MANDATORY!  Check the band calendar for dates.  Times will be given closer to each event.  A student will fail band for the nine weeks if he/she misses a public performance for an unexcused reason.  Check the handbook for an explanation or what is deemed excused or unexcused.

Other Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, August 7th - 1st memorization test over the Intro/Opener.  Students MUST memorize the Intro/Opener from beginning to end with a passing grade in order to march at the Preview Show on the 17th!  Memorization grades are worth 1/3 of a student's grade for the nine weeks!
  • Monday, August 14th - Memorization Test over the Ballad/Drum Break.  Students MUST memorize the Ballad/Drum Break from beginning to end with a passing grade in order to march at the Preview Show on the 17th!
  • Monday, August 14th - Band Booster Meeting - 7:00 pm - Band Room
  • Friday, August 18th - 1st Football Game @ Tipton Rosemont.  The band will NOT travel to this game.