July 15, 2017

posted Jul 15, 2017, 11:46 AM by GCHS Band


  • We have had a great first week of band camp!  The hornline/battery has learned the first 4 pages of drill for the show and spent a good deal of time learning marching fundamentals, technique and A LOT of new choreography.  The guard has learned almost all of the equipment work for the entire show!  The percussion section has played through the majority of the show music! 
  • Thanks to any parent who has helped with the staff meals this week!  It has been greatly appreciated!
  • You should have received video links on remind Friday afternoon with the basics choreography block along with the opening intro/opener choreography for your student to work on between now and Monday!
  • MONDAY starts our FULL WEEK OF BAND CAMP!  The schedule will be as follows:  (schedule is subject to change if it rains or heat index is too high) 
    • 8:00 - Meet in the band room to check roll and go over announcements - BE ON TIME!
    • 8:15 - Hornline, Guard, Battery - Stretch/Run (outside); Front Ensemble is inside for music rehearsal
    • 8:30 - Hornline, Guard, Battery -Marching Fundamentals/choreography (outside)
    • 9:00 - Hornline, Guard, Battery -Learn drill for the show (outside)
    • 11:30 - Lunch Break (either bring a lunch to eat in the gym or bring money to go get some lunch)
    • 1:00 - Sectionals/Full Band Music Rehearsal (Inside)
    • 4:30 - Dinner Break (same as lunch)
    • 6:00 - Ensemble time outside (marching & playing) - Everyone including front ensemble is outside for this rehearsal
    • 8:30-9:00 - Dismissal!
  • Friday we are scheduled until 5:00 but we will stop when we have the entire show on the field.  This should be around lunch time on Friday unless rain/heat keeps us in at any point next week.
  • You and your family and friends are more than welcome to come out to the practice field each night to hear the beginnings of the show as we start putting it together for the first time.  Bring your yard chairs out and enjoy a nice evening with the band family.  I think you will be amazed at how the show develops and improves between now and November!
  • Next week will definitely be a full week!!! IT'S GOING TO BE VERY HOT!!!  Students need a lot of rest each night, breakfast each morning, SUNSCREEEN, water/snacks for the field (THEY MUST HYDRATE!), money/food for both lunch/dinner breaks, cool clothing, tennis shoes, pencil, drill book (optional but HIGHLY recommended), music, instrument and most importantly A GREAT ATTITUDE!  These are ESSENTIAL materials for camp each day!   
  • All students should have paid their $125 band fee BY MONDAY unless payment arrangements have been made.  Please make every attempt to pay some or all of the $125 ASAP so that we can pay the band camp staff and our bills in a timely manner!  Students should receive a receipt for your payment within 1-2 days of your payment so ask your student for their receipt to keep for your records as sometimes we do make a mistake with so many kids paying at the same time.
  • Students will be ordering shoes, polos, and their FREE theme shirt tomorrow during their afternoon sectional rehearsal. 
  • All students need a band polo to be worn during the early (HOT!) part of the marching season.  These are $15/each and should be paid for when they come in.  Students MUST pay for his/her polo BEFORE he/she will receive it! 
  • All band students are expected to wear the same style/brand of marching shoe which is the black MTX brand marching shoe.  If your student does not have a pair to wear or a pair that fits they will need to order these on Monday when the drum majors come around during sectionals to get their order.  There are old shoes from years past in the uniform room for them to try on if there is a question about size.  Shoes are $36/pair (Guard - $33/pair – included in NEW girls guard fee).  Once again payment MUST be made BEFORE students will receive their shoes. 
  • All band students will receive 1 (one) THEME SHIRT for FREE as part of his/her uniform.  The drum majors will get their sizes for this shirt next week.  You will receive a separate order form to purchase extra shirts for your student/yourself/family/friends to order.  DO NOT INCLUDE THE FREE SHIRT ON THIS ORDER FORM OR YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY FOR THIS SHIRT!  Your student should have this order form to bring home to you at some point this week.  Money and orders for additional shirts/polos/hoodies will be due during one of the post-band camp rehearsals.  Check the order form for the due date.  It is highly recommended that you order at least order one additional theme shirt for your student to wear for Saturday contests after a Friday night football game.
  • Please remember trailor sponsors, guard fees, and percussion fees/shirt sponsors.  Take care of all of these items in a timely manner.  These are all in ADDITION to regular band fees.
  • This year we will once again on Monday's operate on a rotating sectional schedule for the hornline much like we did last year from 3:15-4:30.  On these Monday's one or two sections will have a sectional in the band room led by myself, Mr. Agee, or Mr. Mayhall.  If a section has a Monday sectional they will not have a sectional on Tuesday from 5-6.  If a section does not meet on Monday then they will have their regular section leader led sectional on Tuesday from 5 until 6.  I have attached the sectional schedule for the fall.  I have also added these dates to the calendar located on the website (http://gchsmarchingpioneers.org).
  • Don't forget about the Painting Party that will held on July 21st in Dyer to help your student raise money for the NYC Trip!  The more people who attend, the more money your student can raise for the trip.  For details or to sign-up to attend visit the facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1810927985600347/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%2222%22%2C%22feed_story_type%22%3A%2222%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D&pnref=story or contact Jennifer Lowrance with additional questions.

Upcoming Dates:

  • July 24-28 - NO REHEARSALS!  Enjoy the week off to rest and relax after camp!
  • Monday, July 31st - School's Freshmen Orientation – Time:  TBA!  More information from the school should be coming concerning this night.
  • Tuesday, August 1st - Post Camp Rehearsal - 6-9 pm - Attendance is MANDATORY!
  • Wednesday, August 2nd - School Starts! 
  • Thursday, August 3rd - Regular after school rehearsals begin!  Check the calendar on the website or the handbook as to the when/where/how long these rehearsals take place.  All after school rehearsals are MANDATORY and are a part of your student's grade for the band class!  Check the handbook for attendance policy as far as what's excused or not excused when a student misses a rehearsal.
  • Thursday, August 3rd - NYC TRIP DEPOSIT OF $175 IS DUE TO THOMAS TOURS!
  • Monday, August 7th - 1st memorization test over the opener.  Students MUST memorize the opener from beginning to end with a passing grade in order to march at Preview Night held on the 17th.
  • Monday, August 14th - Memorization test over Ballad/Drum Break!
  • Thursday, August 17th - Preview Night!  Time:  TBA (pending middle school football game) - Stadium - This is your first chance to see the Fall 2017 show.  Invite your friends and family out to this event!
  • Friday, August 18th - 1st Football game @ Tipton Rosemont - The band will NOT travel to this game!