July 7, 2017

posted Jul 7, 2017, 11:38 AM by GCHS Band


  • Thanks to each student who showed up for the rehearsal and both parades this week!  A lot of compliments from community members were sent our way!  Thanks to each of the parents that helped out with water or chaperoning at the parade!

·         Thanks to everyone who volunteered and worked at the Firework Stand this year!  We had a GREAT year for our stand!  We couldn't run the stand without your help.  A BIG BIG THANK YOU to Kim Todd and Donnie Cox for spending practically the last week and a half at the stand and making sure all of you were there to work when you were supposed to!!!

·         Thanks to Shane Sims, Dwayne Eddlemon, and their crew Friday night-Saturday morning that helped at the park with the Boston Butts.  You guys pre-sold 98 butts.  The cooking crew cooked 140.  Thanks to Rhonda and Andie and all of their crew for manning the tent on Saturday.  We were sold out of BBQ by 11:00 that morning!!! 

·         Thanks to the color guard members and parents for manning the ice cream stand at the street dance last Friday night!

·         I hope everyone is enjoying their peaches!  It usually takes a few days for them to become fully ripe but by now they should be tasting really good! Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Todd for having everything organized so that we could get them to you guys as soon as we did!  Also thanks to all the students who came up on Thursday and Friday to help.  This time is worth 2 community service hours for the students.

·         The field is lined so that means Band Camp starts MONDAY!!!

·         Guard & Front Ensemble will have camp each day from 8:00-4:30 with lunch from 11:30-1:00.  Due to Tico’s work schedule, the battery will rehearse on Monday and Tuesday ONLY 11am-7pm with their lunch being from 2:30-4:00.  They will resume regular schedule on Wednesday.  Remember that students can pack a lunch and eat in the gym or they may leave campus and get something to eat.  Directors & staff will be on campus the entire time.  No student will be allowed to ride with another student unless they have your permission!  Guard and Batter will be outside Wednesday-Friday from 8-11:30 and should be inside the rest of the time.

·         All Hornline members (everyone else) will start Fundamentals Camp on Wednesday from 8-11:30.  We will meet in the band room and immediately head to the field and be outside until 11:30.

·         Things to remember for camp:

    • Get plenty of sleep the night before.  Your body will need it!
    • Eat breakfast the morning of (THIS IS A MUST!).  Probably want to stay away from milk and real greasy foods.
    • SUNSCREEN!  SUNSCREEN!  SUNSCREEN!  Reapply every 2-3 hours!
    • Water or Gatorade to rehydrate with during breaks!  We will take a 10 minute break every 30-45 minutes so plan accordingly.  We will have emergency water and Gatorade for those that run out.
    • Loose cool clothing!  Try and stay away from dark colors that absorb the sun.
    • Towel - We will do back stretches on the wet grass each morning so be sure that you have a towel or your back will get wet!
    • TENNIS SHOES!  Anyone not wearing the proper shoes will be sent home.
    • Snacks to snack on during the breaks (i.e grapes, oranges, crackers, etc.)
    • Pencil!
    • Instrument
    • Music
    • Drill Notebook (Optional but HIGHLY recommended!) with a string to tie it around neck - Students will not need this until Friday!
    • Last but not least  A GOOD ATTITUDE!  We have a lot of work to get done in 2 short weeks and we need EVERYONE'S 110% each day!
  • Don't forget forms if they were not turned in during the June rehearsals!  A health form MUST be turned in BEFORE a student will be allowed to participate in camp!
  • Fees are DUE!  $125 (band fee) due the first day of camp (10th for percussion and guard; 17th for hornline members), $60 guard fee is due before guard will receive their gloves, $100 percussion fee or 5 shirt sponsors are due by August 4th!  Please take care of these in a timely manner.  If you are financially strapped and can only pay a portion of the fee SOME IS BETTER THAN NONE but please communicate this to me so I can budget accordingly!  We have to pay the staff at the end of camp and we need your fees to do this so please take care of these as soon as possible.
  • Trailer Sponsors are due in early August!  They are only $50 and your name is on the truck for the entire year.  
  • Band Booster Meeting - THIS MONDAY (10th) -7:00 pm – Band Room.  Come be a part as we start planning for the upcoming fall season!
  • Drum Corps International (DCI) Show – UT Martin – 8:00 pm – see attached flyer.  This is “marching music’s major league” and a great opportunity for our students to see in essence the NFL in the marching band world perform just minutes from your house!
  • I spoke with our athletic director (Chris Lownsdale) about the band's travel to away games for the fall and as of now we will plan to travel to travel to only the South Fulton and Trinity away football games.  All games are a MANDATORY public performance for your student.  Any student who misses a public performance for an unexcused reason will FAIL band for that nine weeks!

Upcoming Dates:

  • July 17-21 - Full Band Camp - 8am-DARK!  ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED BY EVERY BAND MEMBER!  If a student misses a day of band camp he/she MUST have a doctor's note or an alternate will take his/her spot on the field.  Lunch (11:30-1:00)/dinner (4:30-6:00) will be the student's responsibility each day.  They can pack a meal and eat it in the gym or they can ride with another student (WITH YOUR PERMISSION!) to get something to eat!
  • July 24-28 - NO REHEARSALS!  Enjoy the week off to rest and relax after camp!
  • Tuesday, August 1st – Rehearsal – 6-9 pm – Attendance is MANDATORY!
  • Wednesday, August 2nd - School Starts!
  • Thursday, August 3rd - Regular after school rehearsals begin!  Check the calendar on the website or the handbook as the when/where/how long these rehearsals take place.  All after school rehearsals are MANDATORY and are a part of your student's grade for the band class!
  • Thursday, August 3rd – The initial NYC Trip deposit of $175 is due to Thomas Tours in Nashville!  This payment MUST be made by ANYONE (not just band members) planning to go on the trip to reserve your spot on the trip.  All payments should be made DIRECTLY to Thomas Tours.  DO NOT SEND YOUR PAYMENTS TO THE SCHOOL!!!  Any questions, please contact Thomas Tours directly at 1-800-292-0470.