Zero Beat 05 2017

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Next meeting

Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

North East Police Precinct

6850 Appling Farms Pkwy

See the web page for a detailed map to the police precinct meeting place

Program for Next Meeting

Rick Kanschat has arranged for a speaker from Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to speak at the May 4, 2017 meeting. Maureen O’Connor, VP of Institutional Advancement, will be the guest speaker. Hope to see everybody showup!

FreeFest Updates

These are not final numbers!!! Not all receipts have been turned into Art Barnett.

Funds from ticket sales to date: $ 3,342.00

Checks made payable to LeBonheur: $ 340.00

Total ticket sales to date: $3,682.00

Funds from kitchen sales: deposited: $1,140.00

Funds from MARA equipment sales: $ 515.00

(There will be more to come on FreeFest related expenses from Art Barnett.)

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came together to make FreeFest a success!

Thanks especially to Tony Brignole, for his months of hard work putting FreeFest together. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes and bought tickets. Also appreciate your hard work to raise money for LeBonheur and to celebrate this great hobby of ours. Way to Go Hams!

Dennis Foster